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David Wang (Wang Yaoqing) Profile

David Wang

David Wang (Wang Yaoqing, 王耀庆) was born in Taiwan, China on July 15, 1974, and is an actor.

He made his debut in 1995 in the TV series 水晶花 and became popular in Taiwan in 1998 with his role in the TV series 太阳花.

His main works include Love Is Not Blind, Little Daddy, Obstetrician, Hi DuLaLa, To Be A Better Man, Little Daddy, Keep the Marriage as Jade, Perfect Couple, etc.


Basic Info

David Wang

Stage Name: David Wang
Chinese Name: Wang Yao Qing / 王耀庆
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: July 15, 1974
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 178cm (5’10”)
Weight: 72kg (158.4 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Weibo: 王耀庆工作室


  1. David Wang’s agent is Kingway Group.
  2. Education: he graduated from the Department of Video Communication, School of Mass Communication, Fu Jen Catholic University.
  3. He can speak English.
  4. David Wang’s wife is Guo Yanqing, his classmate.
  5. He has 2 son.


  • Simmer Down(Li Heng Ji)(2022)
  • Pride and Price(Xiang Ting Feng)(2022)
  • Perfect Couple(Lin Qing Kun)(2022)
  • Love Yourself(Lu Hao)(2020)
  • Dream Raider(Mo Qi Feng)(2020)
  • We Are All Alone(Yu Jiang)(2020)
  • Beautiful Reborn Flower(An Kai Lun)(2020)
  • Jian Ai Nan Nu(Xiao Ai’s Boyfriend)(2020)
  • Court Battle(Deng Kai Wen)(2020)
  • Find Yourself(Ye Lu Ming)(2020)
  • The Chinese Dream(Tai Le)(2019)
  • Orange Street Favorite Boys(Li Da Huo)(2019)
  • Scouring Marriage(Cheng Da Cheng)(2019)
  • Entrepreneurial Age(Li Huan Cheng)(2018)
  • Lost in 1949(Zhang Xiao Guang)(2018)
  • Best Arrangement(Yan Ruo Zhou)(2018)
  • Love is the Source of Joy(Zhang Hong Xing)(2017)
  • Fighting Time(Shen Zhi Zhe)(2017)
  • To Be A Better Man(Jiang Haokun)(2016)
  • Hi DuLaLa(Wang Wei)(2016)
  • Keep the Marriage as Jade(He Jian)(2016)
  • Junior Parents(Gao Jian)(2015)
  • The Last Emperor(Er Ma)(2015)
  • Obstetrician(Xiao Cheng)(2014)
  • 0.5 Diors(Guest Role)(2014)
  • Little Dy(Qin Le)(2013)
  • Fu Chen(Lu Fan)(2012)
  • Calling For Love(Lin He Long)(2010)
  • The Magicians of Love(Dan Ni Er)(2006)
  • Magic Dragon Pearl(Qiu Ruo Feng)(2005)
  • Man Han Quan Xi(Zhang dong Guan)(2004)
  • Top on the Forbidden City(Sheng Ge)(2004)
  • Sun Plant(Wang Zi Mi / Wang Zi Quan)(1998)


  • Soul Snatcher(Liu Dao Ran)(2020)
  • Project Gutenberg(Lee Wing Chit)(2018)
  • Wine War(Fong)(2017)
  • Fall In Love Like A Star(Chen Xuan)(2015)

TV Show

  • Star Chaser Season 2(2022)
  • Action!(2021)
  • Be With You Season 2(2021)
  • Masked Dancing King 2(2021)
  • The Irresistible 2(2021)
  • Ting Shuo Hen Hao Chi(2021)
  • Wonder Agency(2020)
  • The Irresistible(2020)
  • The Firsts in Life(2020)
  • The Sound: Season 3(2019)
  • Meeting You(2019)
  • Crossover Singer: Season 3(2018)
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