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Court Battle – Yu Hewei, Karlina Zhang

Court Battle is a law drama directed by Lian Yiming, starring Yu Hewei, Zhang Jianing, Han Dong, Hu Jing, Wang Yaoqing, Lian Yiming, Du Yuan, Wang Qingxiang, and Wang Yichan.

The drama tells the story of prosecutor Gao Jian and assistant prosecutor Fu Xiaorou, who represent the team handling the case, fighting in court and arguing fiercely, as well as collecting evidence and reviewing the truth outside the courtroom, eventually breaking the chain of collusion between government and business in Jiangdong City and bringing the mastermind behind the case to justice.


Court Battle

English Title: Court Battle
Chinese Title: 决胜法庭
Genre: Crime, Law
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lian Yiming
Writer: He Yongli, Zhao Peng
Producer: Wu Yi, Li Guangsen, Chen Weizhong
Released Date: 2020-02-02
Broadcast Website: 爱奇艺



Gao Jian is a special prosecutor at the Jiangdong City Prosecutor's Office, whose strict and cautious character does not allow for the slightest flaw.

The joining of a new assistant, Fu Xiaorou, brings energy to the office, while an engineering corruption case involving Jiangdong's leading company, Jiangdong Group, ensues.

Gao Jian and the others fight with the chairman of Jiangdong Group, Tie Rongguang, to smash the conspiracy behind the chain of interests.

Tie Rongguang commits suicide in prison and his son Tie Li, although he had been close friends with Gao Jian and the others for many years, is unable to let go of his feelings and leaves Jiangdong.

There are still hints that the case prosecuted by Gao Jian is related to the Jiangdong Group.

In the midst of an illegal fund-raising case, Tie Li is found to be back, and he is doing his best to track down the real murderer who forced his father to die.

The battle between good and evil unfolds. In the end, the mastermind behind the case is brought to justice. Gao Jian resolutely chooses to uphold justice, while at the same time gaining a relationship.


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