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Glory of Special Forces – Yang Yang, Li Yitong

China Special Forces is a contemporary military drama directed by Xu Jizhou, starring Yang Yang, Li Yitong, Jiang Luxia, Meng Asai, Gao Xin, and Xie Jing.

The drama tells the story of Yan Poyue, a “soldier king” with outstanding skills, who is at odds with the group, but gradually integrates into the group under the harsh environment and difficult tasks, and grows up alongside the army engineer Ai Qianxue, the female soldier king Guo Xiaoxiao, and his comrade Xiao Yunjie. Eventually, he grows up to be an excellent armed police special operations member.


Glory of Special Forces

English Title: Glory of Special Forces
Chinese Title: 特战荣耀
Genre: Action, Military
Episodes: 45
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xu Jizhou
Writer: Feng Ji, Xu Jizhou
Product Company: Youhug Media , Xiron, YUEKAI Entertainment
Broadcasting website: YOUHUG(Youtube)
Release Date: April 5, 2022


Yang Yang Yang Yang as Yan Poyue
Li Yitong Li Yitong as Ai Qianxue
Jiang Luxia Jiang Luxia as Guo Xiaoxiao
Meng Asai Meng Asai as Xiao Yunjie


Born in a military family, Yan Poyue enlisted in a detachment of the armed forces in order to prove himself to his father at the time of the entrance exam.

During the training of new recruits, Yan Poyue’s training results were amazing, but he was not favored by the squadron leader Li Qiang and was assigned to the special operations squadron cooking class.

The cooking class had undiscovered talents, so Yan Poyue restrained himself and worked hard.

Due to his outstanding performance, Yan Poyue participated in the selection of the armed forces special operations team.

In order to achieve the heroic dream, Yan Poyue once focused on self and neglected the team.

The harsh environment and difficult task made him realize his inadequacy.

With the help of his comrades, he finally realized the importance of the team and the true meaning of the spirit of collectivism, understanding the good intentions of the old squadron leader Li Qiang, once the king of soldiers, who continued to sharpen himself.

In the test of life and death one after another, Yan Poyue continued to grow, became an excellent armed police special operations team member.

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