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CHUANG 2021“(Produce Camp 2021) is a variety show launched by Tencent Video. The program brings 90 trainees from different countries, agencies, and colleges, to form an international boy group. The show was aired on February 17, 2021.

On the night of April 24, 11 trainees successfully debuted and formed the boy group INTO1. They are Liu Yu, Santa, Rikimaru, Mika, Nine, Lin Mo, Bo Yuan, Zhang Jiayuan, Partick, AK Liu Zhang

Chuang Series Groups: Rocket Girls 101, R1SE, Bonbon Girls 303.

Similar Show: Youth With You 3

INTO1 Chuang 2021

INTO1 Members Profile

Official Account:
Youtube: 创造营 CHUANG2021
WeTV: Chuang 2021
Weibo: 腾讯视频创造营2021


Mentors | Cast

Deng Chao Deng Chao – PD
Nene Zheng Naixin Nene(Zheng Naixin) – Assistant

Contestants | Trainees

Ranked by CHUANG 2021 Elimination Rankings.

Chuang 2021 Liu Yu

Name: Liu Yu(刘宇)
Birthday: 2000-08-24
From: Hefei, Anhui
Height: 174cm
Weight: 48kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Fandom Name: Fish Ball
Agent: Bi Yo Bi Yo
Weibo: 创造营2021-刘宇
Ranking: 7-6-1-1-1-4-1-1-1
Preliminary Rating: A
He studies at the Beijing Dance Academy.
Liu Yu Profile

Chuang 2021 Santa

Name: Santa(赞多)
Birthday: 1998-03-11
From: Aichi, Japan
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Fandom Name: Taco
Agent: Avex Warps
Weibo: 创造营2021-赞多
Ins: santadance_
Ranking: 4-2-2-2-4-2-2-2-2
Preliminary Rating: A
Member of Warps Up.
Start learning dance since 3-years-old.
3 times House Dance World Champion.
He is relative with Oguri Shun.
Santa Profile

Chuang 2021 Rikimaru

Name: Rikimaru(力丸)
Birthday: 1993-11-02
From: Hyogo, Japan
Height: 171cm
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Avex Warps
Weibo: 创造营2021-力丸
Ranking: 8-8-4-3-3-3-4-4-3
Preliminary Rating: A
Member of Warps Up.
Good at dance.
He was the choreographer of S.M. Ent.
Rikimaru Profile

Chuang 2021 Mika

Name: Mika(米卡)
Birth Name: 桥爪ミカ
Birthday: 1999-12-21
From: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 176cm
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Fandom Name: Yi Mi
Fandom Color: Hawaii Green
Agent: Avex
Weibo: 创造营2021-米卡
Ins: int.mika
Ranking: 1-1-3-4-6-6-3-3-4
Preliminary Rating: F
He is half Japanese and half American.
Mika Profile

Chuang 2021 NINE

Name: NINE(高卿尘)
Birth Name: กรชิต บุญสถิต์ภักดี, Kornchid Boonsathitpakdee
Birthday: 1999-07-11
From: Thailand
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Agent: Insight Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-高卿尘
Ins: naninenai
Ranking: 13-15-15-16-14-14-8-7-5
Preliminary Rating: B
He is an actor, singer, and model.
Works:”2 Moons 2 The Series”.
Nine Profile

Chuang 2021 Lin Mo

Name: Lin Mo(林墨)
Birth Name: Huang Qilin(黄其淋)
Birthday: 2002-01-06
From: Chongqing
Height: 178cm
Weight: 50kg
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Fandom Name: Ice Cream
Fandom Color: Yellow
Agent: Original Painting Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-林墨
Ranking: 9-9-6-6-5-8-9-9-6
Preliminary Rating: A
He is a member of Yi An Musical
Teammate with R1SE – He Luoluo in Yi An.
Lin Mo Profile

Chuang 2021 Bo Yuan

Name: Bo Yuan(伯远)
Birthday: 1993-02-11
From: Guizhou, Guiyang
Height: 177cm
Weight: 65kg
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Agent: White Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-伯远
Ranking: 46-36-20-18-7-9-10-12-7
Preliminary Rating: A
Member of ZERO-G.
In 2018, he participated in “Youth With You”.
Bo Yuan Profile

Chuang 2021 Zhang Jiayuan

Name: Zhang Jiayuan(张嘉元)
Birthday: 2002-01-08
From: Yingkou, Liaoning
Height: 186cm
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Agent: Wajijiwa
Weibo: 创造营2021-张嘉元
Ranking: 3-7-7-7-10-10-11-11-8
Preliminary Rating: C
Like to play guitar, bass, composing.
In 2020, he participated in “The Coming One: Super Band”.
Zhang Jiayuan Profile

Chuang 2021 Patrick

Name: Patrick(尹浩宇)
Birth Name: ณัฐวรรธ์ ฟิงค์เลอร์
Nickname: Pat
English Name: Nattawat Finkler
Birthday: 2003-10-20
From: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Fandom Name: Patrick Star
Fandom Color: #EB9FA1
Agent: Insight Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-尹浩宇
Ins: patrick_pppat
Ranking: 21-12-12-9-8-7-5-5-9
Preliminary Rating: F
He is an actor.
He is half Thailand and half German.
Good at electronic piano.
Patrick Profile

Chuang 2021 Zhou Keyu

Name: Zhou Keyu(周柯宇)
Birth Name: Zhou Dannier(周丹尼尔)
Nickname: Liu Di
Birthday: 2002-05-17
From: Beijing
Height: 188cm
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Agent: Jay Walk New Joy
Weibo: 创造营2021-周柯宇
Ranking: 2-3-5-5-2-1-7-8-10
Preliminary Rating: F
Member of Best.
He is a Chinese-American.
He is a actor.
His first drama “Remember My Boy “ was aired on Feb.22.
Zhou Keyu Profile

Chuang 2021 Liu Zhang

Name: Liu Zhang(刘彰)
English Name: AK
Birthday: 1999-12-18
From: Zhuhai, Guangdong
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Fandom Name: Bullet
Fandom Color: #991218
Agent: W8VES
Weibo: 创造营2021-刘彰
Ranking: 20-13-16-13-18-15-13-13-11
Preliminary Rating: F
He is good at Rap.
In 2020, he participated “Rap for Youth”.
Liu Zhang Profile

Chuang 2021 Caelan

Name: Caelan(庆怜)
Birthday: 2001-04-12
From: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Agent: Avex
Weibo: 创造营2021-庆怜
Ins: caelanmoriarty
Ranking: 12-11-8-8-12-13-6-6-12
Preliminary Rating: B
Caelan Profile

Chuang 2021 Oscar

Name: Oscar(奥斯卡)
Birthday: 1998-07-30
From: Sichuan
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Fandom Name: ANSWER
Agent: Hot Idol
Weibo: 创造营2021-奥斯卡
Ranking: 10-10-10-11-11-5-17-17-13
Preliminary Rating: A
Oscar Profile

Chuang 2021 Gan Wangxing

Name: Gan Wangxing(甘望星)
Birthday: 2000-07-17
From: Hunan
Height: 183cm
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Agent: Yuxiao Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-甘望星
Ranking: 19-14-11-12-9-11-16-15-14
Preliminary Rating: C
Likes to play basketball and run.
Gan Wangxing

Chuang 2021 Hiroto

Name: Hiroto(井汲大翔)
Birthday: 2002-08-23
From: Osaka, Japan
Height: 169cm
Weight: 53kg
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: RBW
Weibo: 创造营2021-井汲大翔
Ranking: 29-29-18-17-15-12-14-14-15
Preliminary Rating: B
In 2019, he participated “produce 101 Japan”.

Chuang 2021 Zhang Xingte

Name: Zhang Xingte(张星特)
Birthday: 2003-02-11
From: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Weibo: 创造营2021-张星特
Ranking: 26-27-23-21-23-18-15-16-16
Preliminary Rating: B
Original Musicians.
Likes to play basketball.

Chuang 2021 Lelush

Name: Lelush(利路修)
Birthday: 1994-01-23
From: Russia
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Agent: King Holdings
Weibo: 创造营2021-利路修LELUSH
Ranking: 74-49-34-29-19-21-12-10-17
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Wu Yuheng

Name: Wu Yuheng(吴宇恒)
Nickname: Heng Heng
Birthday: 1996-09-11
From: Chengdu, Sichuan
Height: 181cm
Weight: 60kg
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Weibo: 创造营2021-吴宇恒
Ranking: 16-16-13-14-17-16-18-19-18
Preliminary Rating: C
In 2018, he participated in “The Coming One 2”.

Chuang 2021 Reng Yinpeng

Name: Reng Yinpeng(任胤蓬)
Birthday: 1999-09-12
From: Chongqing
Height: 184cm
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Agent: Wajijiwa
Weibo: 创造营2021-任胤蓬
Ranking: -205-5-9-10-13-17-20-22-19
Preliminary Rating: C
Specialized in cello
In 2020, he participated in “The Coming One: Super Band”.

Chuang 2021 Zhang Xinyao

Name: Zhang Xinyao(张欣尧)
Birthday: 1994-11-21
From: Chifeng, Inner Mongolia
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Joy Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-张欣尧
Ranking: 18-17-19-20-20-20-21-20-20
Preliminary Rating: C
Douyin(Tik Tok China)Short Video Artist.

Chuang 2021 Yu Gengyin

Name: Yu Gengyin(俞更寅)
Birthday: 1996-04-28
From: Shenzhen, Guangdong
Height: 181cm
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Agent: Yu Gengying Studio
Weibo: 创造营2021-俞更寅
Ranking: 25-28-24-22-16-22-23-23-21
Preliminary Rating: A
In 2015, he participated “Super Idol”.
Leader of SWIN-S.

Chuang 2021 Fu Sichao

Name: Fu Sichao(付思超)
Birthday: 1999-11-11
From: Beijing
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Wajijiwa
Weibo: 创造营2021-付思超
Ranking: 14-20-22-24-24-19-19-21-22
Preliminary Rating: C
He is a double bass player.
In 2020, he participated in “The Coming One: Super Band”.

Chuang 2021 Hu Yetao

Name: Hu Yetao(胡烨韬)
Birthday: 2000-09-22
From: Jiang Su
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Weibo: 创造营2021-胡烨韬
Ranking: 37-34-29-25-31-32-27-25-23
Preliminary Rating: A
He is beautiful in girl’s dress.

Chuang 2021 AMU

Name: AMU(羽生田挙武)
Birth Name: はにうだ・あむ
English Name: Haniuda Amu
Birthday: 1997-11-26
From: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 172cm
Weight: 56kg
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Agent: Tian Wang Xing
Weibo: 创造营2021-羽生田挙武Amu
Ranking: 40-32-26-27-30-24-24-24-24
Preliminary Rating: B
He was a member of ANTIME.

Chuang 2021 Xue Bayi

Name: Xue Bayi(薛八一)
Nickname: Xue Xue
Birthday: 1999-08-01
From: Taiyuan, Shanxi
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: CHUN FENG Hua Mian
Weibo: 创造营2021-薛八一
Ranking: 54-47-33-28-28-29-22-18-25
Preliminary Rating: C
Favorite food:Beef
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Border Collie

Chuang 2021 Jing Long

Name: Jing Long(井胧)
Birthday: 1997-07-07
From: Shenyang, Liaoning
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Weibo: 创造营2021-井胧
Ranking: 11-18-14-15-25-33-25-26
Preliminary Rating: B
One of the final 10 in the Shenyang sub-section of the “super boy 2017”.

Chuang 2021 Zeng Hanjiang

Name: Zeng Hanjiang(曾涵江)
Birthday: 2000-05-23
From: Sichuan
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Agent: Mu Jia Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-曾涵江
Ranking: 47-41-39-37-32-26-26-27
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Xie Xingyang

Name: Xie Xingyang(谢兴阳)
Birthday: 1999-07-22
From: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Height: 181cm
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Agent: Bad Water
Weibo: 创造营2021-谢兴阳
Ranking: 51-53-35-30-21-23-30-28
Preliminary Rating: F
He is an actor.
Works: Lovely Us(Liu Gaoxuyi),The Birth of The Drama King(Xiao Lin).

Chuang 2021 Wu Hai

Name: Wu Hai(吴海)
Birthday: 1997-11-17
From: Chongqing
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Fandom Color: Seai
Agent: Hippo Film
Weibo: 创造营2021-吴海
Ranking: 55-68-53-43-35-28-29-29
Preliminary Rating: B
He has dance for 8 years.
He used to be the dance teacher of tf family.
In 2018, he participated in “hot-blood dance crew”.
In 2019, he participated in “Street Dance of China Season Ⅱ”.

Chuang 2021 He Yifan

Name: He Yifan(何屹繁)
Birthday: 1998-08-22
From: Yibin,Sichuan
Height: 175cm
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: Hao Xin Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-何屹繁
Ranking: 22-26-27-31-26-25-28-30
Preliminary Rating: C
In 2015, he participated “Super Idol” became a member of the champion team B.SWAN.
In 2016, he participated in the second season of “Super Idol S2” and became one of the top seven members.
Member of SWIN-S(Cai Xukun Teammate).
In 2018, participated in Youku’s variety show “All For One”.
Can play piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, B-BOX.
Good at Rap.

Chuang 2021 Wei Ziyue

Name: Wei Ziyue(魏子越)
Birthday: 1998-08-25
From: Xiangyang, Hubei
Height: 182cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Agent: Hongyi Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-魏子越
Ranking: 41-38-42-46-34-27-31-31
Preliminary Rating: C
Likes to draw.
Can speak Korean.
In 2019, he participated in the “All For One” and Korean “Produce X 101”.

Chuang 2021 Zhang Teng

Name: Zhang Teng(张腾)
Birthday: 1999-07-22
From: Hebei
Height: 187cm
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Weibo: 创造营2021-张腾
Ranking: 28-23-25-26-22-30-32-32
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Rong Yao

Name: Rong Yao(荣耀)
From: Xinjiang
Weibo: 创造营2021-荣耀
Ranking: 48-37-37-40-29-31-33-33
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Gui Shangqi

Name: Gui Shangqi(贵尚奇)
Birthday: 1997-11-01
From: Sichuan
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Weibo: 创造营2021-贵尚奇
Ranking: 60-64-55-50-27-34
Preliminary Rating: F
Member of JULY LAB

Chuang 2021 Ichika

Name: Ichika(上原一翔)
Birthday: 1992-10-28
From: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 182cm
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Diwon Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-上原一翔
Ranking: 69-65-46-44-39-35
Preliminary Rating: B
Can speak Japanese, Korean, English, Chinese, and Filipino.
His mother is Korean and his father is Japanese.
He was a trainee in Korea.

Chuang 2021 Nuo Yan

Name: Nuo Yan(诺言)
Birth Name: Gou Guixin(郭桂鑫)
English Name: Sun
Birthday: 1999-12-03
From: Shantou, Guangdong
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Agent: EstarPro Club
Weibo: 创造营2021-诺言
Ranking: 30-33-36-39-42-36
Preliminary Rating: C
E-sports professional players for Arena Of Valor.
2019 KPL Pro League Spring Tournament Overall Champion.
2019 World Championship Cup Overall Champion.

Chuang 2021 Luo Yan

Name: Luo Yan(罗言)
Birthday: 2003-03-21
From: Chongqing
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Agent: JYP China
Weibo: 创造营2021-罗言
Ranking: 65-69-51-38-44-37
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Eisho

Name: Eisho(佐藤永翔)
Birthday: 2003-11-04
From: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 176cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Weibo: 创造营2021-佐藤永翔
Ranking: 61-62-49-49-41-38
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Ye Haoran

Name: Ye Haoran(叶皓然)
Birthday: 1999-08-14
From: Zhejiang
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: Chen Xiao Xi Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-叶皓然
Ranking: 34-40-41-36-38-39
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Han Peiquan

Name: Han Peiquan(韩佩泉)
Nickname: Han Meijuan
English Name: Amir
Birthday: 2000-02-27
From: Heilongjiang
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Weibo: 创造营2021-韩佩泉
Ranking: 27-21-17-19-33-40
Preliminary Rating: A
He is a singer and short video creators.

Chuang 2021 Lu Dinghao

Name: Lu Dinghao(陆定昊)
Birthday: 1995-07-27
From: Shanghai
Height: 180cm
Weight: 58kg
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: Lu Dinghao Studio
Weibo: 创造营2021-陆定昊
Ranking: 23-24-30-33-40-41
Preliminary Rating: F
In 2018, he participated in “Idol Producer”.
He was a member of TANGRAM.
Has trained for 6 years.

Chuang 2021 Shao Mingming

Name: Shao Mingming(邵明明)
Birth Name: Shao Mingzhu
Birthday: 1997-10-25
From: Anhui
Height: 177cm
Weight: 55kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Xing Mang Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-邵明明
Ranking: 15-19-21-23-37-42
Preliminary Rating: C
Since he was a child, he loved to sing and dance.
When he was in junior high school, he started to learn the guzheng.

Chuang 2021 Li Luoer

Name: Li Luoer(李洛尔)
Birthday: 2001-12-19
From: Beijing
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Agent: Orange Image
Weibo: 创造营2021-李洛尔
Ranking: 45-30-32-35-36-43
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Yu Yang

Name: Yu Yang(于洋)
Birthday: 1999-09-19
From: Hebei
Height: 187cm
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Agent: Hot Idol
Weibo: 创造营2021-于洋
Ranking: 33-39-40-41-43-44
Preliminary Rating: A
Good at guitar and compose.

Chuang 2021 Wang Xiaochen

Name: Wang Xiaochen(王孝辰)
Birthday: 1998-01-07
From: Hubei
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Weibo: 创造营2021-王孝辰
Ranking: 56-60-50-52-45-45
Preliminary Rating: F
In 2019, he participated in “Produce Camp 2019”.

Chuang 2021 Qu Boyu

Name: Qu Boyu(屈柏宇)
Birthday: 2001-06-18
From: Sichuan
Height: 183cm
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Weibo: 创造营2021-屈柏宇
Ranking: 67-42-47-54-46-46
Preliminary Rating: F
Label: yescamp
In 2020, he participated in “We Are Young.”

Chuang 2021 Jiang Dunhao

Name: Jiang Dunhao(蒋敦豪)
Birthday: 1995-05-21
From: Xinjiang
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Agent: Hai Xi Chuan Mei
Weibo: 创造营2021-蒋敦豪
Ranking: 42-44-56-53-47-47
Preliminary Rating: F
He is a singer.
In 2016, he won in the “Sing!China” national finals.

Chuang 2021 Dai Shaodong

Name: Dai Shaodong(代少冬)
Birthday: 1997-12-30
From: Liaoning
Height: 185cm
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Fandom Name: Winter Melon Tea
Agent: SDT Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-代少冬
Ranking: 32-31-31-34-48-48
Preliminary Rating: B
In 2019, he participated in “Produce Camp 2019”.

Chuang 2021 Huang Kun

Name: Huang Kun(黄鲲)
Birthday: 1995-12-10
From: Fujian
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Weibo: 创造营2021-黄鲲
Ranking: 49-56-43-42-50-49
Preliminary Rating: C
In 2017, he participated in “The Coming One”.

Chuang 2021 Lai Lai

Name: Lai Lai(一之濑飞鸟)
Birthday: 1995-07-21
From: Yokohama, Japan
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Agent: Sound Nova
Weibo: 创造营2021-一之濑飞鸟 ​
Ranking: 24-25-28-32-49-50
Preliminary Rating: F
He is an uploader in
Single: “Summer Breeze”.

Chuang 2021 He Zhenyu

Name: He Zhenyu(何圳煜)
Birthday: 1999-12-15
From: Hong Kong
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Weibo: 创造营2021-何圳煜
Ranking: 36-45-44-47-51-51
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Xu Shaolan

Name: Xu Shaolan(徐绍岚)
From: Chongqing
Agent: Qi Gu Culture
Weibo: 创造营2021-徐绍岚
Ranking: 64-54-48-48-53-52
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 He Yijun

Name: He Yijun(何懿峻)
Birthday: 2000-11-06
From: Zhejiang
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Jay Walk New Joy
Weibo: 创造营2021-何懿峻
Ranking: 83-84-68-55-52-53
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Zhang Zhang

Name: Zhang Zhang(张璋)
Birthday: 1999-08-02
From: Anhui
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: Hot Idol
Weibo: 创造营2021-张璋
Ranking: 44-50-59-51-54-54
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Fan Zhener

Name: Fan Zhener(范臻尔)
Birthday: 1996-11-06
From: Shandong
Height: 187cm
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Weibo: 创造营2021-范臻尔
Ranking: 17-22-38-45-55-55
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 David

Name: David(大卫)
Birth Name: Давид Колосов, David Kolosov
Birthday: 1993-01-09
From: Russia
Height: 182cm
Weight: 65kg
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Weibo: 创造营2021-大卫
Ranking: 50-51-58-56
Preliminary Rating: C
He can speak Russian, Chinese, Japanese, English

Chuang 2021 Li Zekun

Name: Li Zekun(李泽坤)
English Name: Tyler
Birthday: 2001-11-28
From: Shandong
Height: 183cm
Weight: 58kg
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Weibo: 创造营2021-李泽坤
Ranking: 59-67-60-57
Preliminary Rating: F
Member of JULY LAB
Love photography.
Good at guitar and rap.

Chuang 2021 Lin Yuxiu

Name: Lin Yuxiu(林煜修)
Birthday: 1999-10-26
From: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 177cm
Weight: 61kg
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: L.TAO Entertainment
Weibo: 创造营2021-林煜修
Ranking: 38-35-45-58
Preliminary Rating: F
His boos is Huang Zitao.
In 2019, he participated in “All For One”.

Chuang 2021 Li Jiahao

Name: Li Jiahao(李家豪)
English Name: Jeremiah
Birthday: 1996-12-20
From: Chongqing
Height: 183cm
Weight: 74kg
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Weibo: 创造营2021-李家豪
Ranking: 58-88-61-59
Preliminary Rating: C
Leader of JULY LAB

Chuang 2021 YUYA

Name: YUYA(都筑雄哉)
Birthday: 1999-09-06
From: Nagoya, Japan
Height: 175cm
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Weibo: 创造营2021-都筑雄哉
Ranking: 68-72-57-60
Preliminary Rating: C
He is good at break dance.

Chuang 2021 Liu Tanghui

Name: Liu Tanghui(刘唐辉)
Birthday: 2000-07-20
From: Chongqing
Height: 178cm
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Fandom Name: Tang Zai
Fandom Color: Spark Color
Weibo: 创造营2021-刘唐辉
Ranking: 79-79-62-61
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Yi Han

Name: Yi Han(怿涵)
Birth Name: Zhang Shuhan(张书涵)
English Name: Bonnie Han
Birthday: 2002-08-20
From: Beijing
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: Original Painting Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-怿涵
Ranking: 43-48-52-62
Preliminary Rating: C
In 2019, he joined Yi An Midle School.

Chuang 2021 YUU

Name: YUU(喜内优心)
Birthday: 2001-04-25
From: Chiba, Japan
Height: 175cm
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Agent: King Artists
Weibo: 创造营2021-喜内優心Yuu
Ranking: 71-69-64-63
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Li Jiaxiang

Name: Li Jiaxiang(李嘉祥)
Birthday: 1997-02-17
From: Liaoning
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Agent: Meng Yu Mei Ji
Weibo: 创造营2021-李嘉祥
Ranking: 35-43-54-64
Preliminary Rating: A

Chuang 2021 Lai Yaoxiang

Name: Lai Yaoxiang(赖耀翔)
Birthday: 1997-05-14
From: Taiwan
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Weibo: 创造营2021-赖耀翔
Ranking: 90-76-70-65
Preliminary Rating: F
Good at rap and guitar.

Chuang 2021 Cao Zuo

Name: Cao Zuo(曹左)
From: Chongqing
Agent: Hot Idol
Weibo: 创造营2021-曹左
Ranking: 31-46-63-66
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Ling Xiao

Name: Ling Xiao(凌箫)
From: Xinjiang
Weibo: 创造营2021-凌箫
Ranking: 53-58-66-67
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Li Peiyang

Name: Li Peiyang(李沛洋)
Birthday: 1997-07-05
From: Zhengzhou, Henan
Height: 185cm
Weight: 58kg
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Agent: Jiashang Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-李沛洋
Ranking: 76-55-67-68
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Li Zhengting

Name: Li Zhengting(李政庭)
Birthday: 2001-01-01
From: Chongqing
Height: 180cm
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Agent: STF
Weibo: 创造营2021-李政庭
Ranking: 63-61-65-69
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Shingo

Name: Shingo(门胁慎刚)
Birthday: 1994-07-08
From: nan
From: Osaka, Japan
Height: 178cm
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Agent: Heshe Ent.
Weibo: 创造营2021-门胁慎刚
Ranking: 73-73-71-70
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Lin Dow

Name: Lin Dow(林豆)
Birthday: 1996-12-06
From: Kanagawa, Japan
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Agent: Esee Model
Weibo: 创造营2021-林豆
Ranking: 52-57-69-71
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 RYO

Name: RYO(原部凌)
From: Fogang, Japan
Weibo: 创造营2021-原部凌
Ranking: 72-71-73-72
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Chen Junjie

Name: Chen Junjie(陈俊洁)
Birthday: 2000-11-08
From: Xinjiang
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Agent: Jiashang Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-陈俊洁
Ranking: 70-75-74-73
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Xiao Lihuan

Name: Xiao Lihuan(肖力桓)
Nickname: Xiao Hengzi, Xiao Hanhan
Birthday: 1999-08-23
From: Sichuan
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Fandom Name: Xiang Xin Li(Centripetal Force)
Agent: Polar Bear Culture
Weibo: 创造营2021-肖力桓
Ranking: 78-80-86-74
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Liu Yandongji

Name: Liu Yandongji(刘严冬季)
Birthday: 2020-02-15
From: Chengdu, Sichuan
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Agent: Hot Idol
Weibo: 创造营2021-刘严冬季
Ranking: 39-52-72-75
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Zheng Mingxin

Name: Zheng Mingxin(郑明鑫)
Birthday: 2003-02-06
From: Henan
Height: 188cm
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Agent: Jiashang Media
Weibo: 创造营2021-郑明鑫
Ranking: 77-78-76-76
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Liu Cong

Name: Liu Cong(刘聪)
Birthday: 2001-09-29
From: Guangdong
Height: 185cm
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Weibo: 创造营2021-刘聪
Ranking: 75-63-75-77
Preliminary Rating: C
In 2020, he participated in “We Are Young”.

Chuang 2021 Keiya

Name: Keiya(田口馨也)
Birthday: 2003-01-20
From: Gunma, Japan
Height: 169cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Agent: RBW
Weibo: 创造营2021-田口馨也
Ranking: 87-85-79-78
Preliminary Rating: F
In 2019, he participated in “Produec 101 Japan”.

Chuang 2021 Gu Liulin

Name: Gu Liulin(谷柳霖)
Birthday: 2000-04-05
From: Henan
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Weibo: 创造营2021-谷柳霖
Ranking: 57-70-77-79
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Wei Yujie

Name: Wei Yujie(韦语节)
Birthday: 2002-08-01
From: Chongqing
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Agent: BGcode
Weibo: 创造营2021-韦语节
Ranking: 84-86-85-80
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Andy

Name: Andy(安迪)
From: Ukraine
Agent: Super Sound
Weibo: 创造营2021-安迪
Ranking: 82-81-80-81
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Akezhuli

Name: Akezhuli(阿克朱力)
Nickname: A Bu
Birthday: 2002-02-23
From: Xinjiang
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Fandom Color: Orange
Weibo: 创造营2021-阿克朱力
Ranking: 62-74-78-82
Preliminary Rating: F
Good at Rap.
Likes to play basketball.

Chuang 2021 Qian Zhengyu

Name: Qian Zhengyu(钱政宇)
Birthday: 2002-10-07
From: Heilongjiang
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Agent: Jay Walk New Joy
Weibo: 创造营2021-钱政宇
Ranking: 80-82-81-83
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Luke

Name: Luke(卢克)
From: Seattle, USA
Weibo: 创造营2021-卢克
Ranking: 90-88-82-84
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Chen Ruifeng

Name: Chen Ruifeng(陈瑞丰)
From: Chongqing
Weibo: 创造营2021-陈瑞丰
Ranking: 81-83-83-85
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Li Tailong

Name: Li Tailong(李泰龙)
English Name: Tai
Birthday: 2000-04-12
From: Henan
Height: 178cm
Weight: 58kg
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Fandom Name: Tai Fei Tang
Fandom Color: Red
Weibo: 创造营2021-李泰龙
Ranking: 66-77-84-86
Preliminary Rating: C

Chuang 2021 Jumpei

Name: Jumpei(隅田隼平)
From: Tokyo, Japan
Agent: RBW
Weibo: 创造营2021-隅田隼平
Ranking: 89-87-87-87
Preliminary Rating: F

Chuang 2021 Xu Shengzi

Name: Xu Shengzi(徐圣兹)
Birthday: 1999-03-05
From: Zhejiang
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Agent: Jay Walk New Joy
Weibo: 创造营2021-徐圣兹
Ranking: 85-89-88-88
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Wang Zehao

Name: Wang Zehao(王泽浩)
From: Changsha, Hunan
Agent: Xiang Xingli Culture
Weibo: 创造营2021-王泽浩
Ranking: 86-88-89-89
Preliminary Rating: B

Chuang 2021 Kazuma

Name: Kazuma(和马)
Birth Name: ミッチェル和馬
English Name: Kazuma Mitchell
Birthday: 2000-05-15
From: New York, USA
Height: 183cm
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Agent: Avex
Weibo: 创造营2021-和马
Ins: kazumamitchell
Ranking: 6-4
Preliminary Rating: C
He is half Japanese and half American.
He is a singer and model.
Good at guitar and saxophone.
Likes to Ski.
He has quit the show due to family reasons.

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  1. I’m sorry but my kinda salty abt the fact the Caelan, Oscar, Bayi, and Hu Yetao didn’t debut.

  2. Cheering for you, Rikimaru. Love the way you perform and your personality too. So cool!

  3. The world-class asset of China in Chuang is ZHOU KEYU. He is so articulate, versatile and talented! He has a warm personality and great potential to place this new c-pop Idols into the spotlight! C-netz should give him another chance to make you proud globally!

  4. I really don’t like chuang 2021 cause it not like wow in chuang in made me wow but in chuang 2021 there is no wow

  5. Nine Was so good in dancing and singing with a visual look.. Nine deserves to debut

  6. Zhou keyu jaeyooooooooo!!!!✊✊✊❤❤❤❤fighting!!!!!

  7. Beyond happy Zhou Keyu ranks #1. He deserves it. He’s the perfect center! ❤️

  8. Please support Nine so he can be part of the team. He really really deserve it.

  9. It is a short story. If you are into AG books you will definitely love it

  10. I feel super bad for contestants like Bo Yuan, Yu Gen Yin and He Yi Fan, who all have competed in idol survival shows and debuted before. Yu Gen Yin and He Yi Fan are even ex-teammates with Cai Xu Kun, who won 1st in Idol Producer and is super popular right now. Bo Yuan also competed in Idol Producer, but didn’t debut and is probably even the oldest contestant on Chuang 2021. If they don’t debut this time, they probably won’t even have ever have a chance debut in a successful/popular boy group. This just makes me think of how harsh the idol industry is.

  11. Founder’s voting is really unfair hehe. So many survival show I watched before Chuang 2021 but I’m still not used to it haha. Imagine, the one I’m stanning until now is on the top 70 something but he’s super talented. (I’m still bitter until now because of the elimination last Saturday). I hope you will never experience what I’m feeling right now. Fighting!

  12. Hu Yetao is really underrated ..
    he even cut his hair .. i hope it wasn’t because of the pressure of outside’s voices

    1. yeah, I felt super bad when I saw that today. It might have been because of his low rankings last time. Hopefully, he can climb higher!

    2. Agreed. He should use his uniqueness as a plus and not conform and soften his edges. I hoped that when he was cutting his hair he would have hoped for a even edgier look. A bit like Amber. Maybe long at the front, push to one side, and short at the back. Something futur-punk like. It would have suit him so well. He IS very talented and rafreshingly different. Anyway, I am keeping voting for him ?

  13. #Hu Yetao
    #Zhou Keyu
    #Yu Yang
    #Li Jiaxiang or Lin mo

  14. I think there were a wrong info for the trainees : Andy and Shingo .. i dont’t think they both participated in 2020 We are young … but i think Liu Cong was

  15. Here to support my top favorites Patrick, NINE, Daniel Zhou, Rikimaru, Hiroto, Liu Yu, Lin Mo, Wu Yuheng, and Yu Gengyin all the way from Texas. 3 things I am looking for in an idol is Great/Kind Personality, Visuals, and Talent. If they meet 2 of the 3 criteria, then I am happy. If they meet all 3, then they are Golden Idols. The 8 I have chosen with the exception to Lin Mo (sorry Lin Mo!) are Golden Idols to me. Lin Mo’s performances really surprised me and he seems to be a lot of fun to be around. He also knows when to be serious and when to play around and that’s important as an Idol. Patrick is like my little baby brother and I hope others will take care of him during his time in Chuang. He is the maknae (youngest member) of the show. Hiroto is the fake maknae who is mature and cute. Just my opinion. 😉

  16. Updated version:

    Chuang 2021
    My top picks are (not in order) Santa, Liu Yu, Rikimaru, Nine, Patrick, Mika, Zhou Keyu, Oscar, Lin Mo, Caelan, Kazuma, Hu Yetao, Jing Long.

    I really like Santa dancing and everything and he is really handsome. He looked really good in his first performance in Chuang 2021.

    Rikimaru really impressed me by the fact that he is a choreographer. It’s really interesting. He has so many talents. Him and his outfit in ‘Lit’ tho, absolutely beautiful.

    I feel really bad for them, they weren’t the MVP in ‘Lit’

    Liu Yu, my god do I even have to say. He is absolutely beautiful. I actually found his in 2018 in some famous Douyin compilation. (“so that’s why i found him really familiar”). Anyways He is absolutely a beauty. He is literally so pretty, i can’t?✨??. Very beautiful. And your dancing is very eye-catching. Can I just say…His arms…wow. But him it ‘Lit’ I’m proud that he can really switch styles. He looks really good. Also his ending in Lit, AMAZING.

    Nine, omg nine you’re so pretty and cute and I love everything about you. His chinese is so cute. Also Patrick wah~ their all so pretty I really love their voices and dancing. Their Chinese, my god they have only been learning for 3 months and their Chinese is better than mine. They’re all perfect. Also do all Thai people speak Chinese like this? This cute?

    Mika, wow Mika idk what but when i first heard you my heart melted. Idk what is with your voice but I fell in love with it. Also your dancing, your improving I love to see how much you’re improving. Don’t work too hard. I know it’s hard.

    Zhou Keyu,
    O my god, you are really the definition of perfect. You’re amazing. I love your voice. U really caught my attention. You are so pretty/handsome with glasses and without. Glasses really suit you but I would like to see your eyes. Your eyes are so beautiful. Very Visually catching. Also Idk why but he gives me Mark Lee and Johnny Suh vibes from NCT. Also Boyfriend Material,,,,,haha-

    At first I didn’t really like Oscar’s attitude towards people. But I feel like I’m starting to like him. His voice is really ear-catching. I love your raps and your vocals in the first performance (Radio) is absolutely beautiful. I really liked the song/performance out of all the stages. (Not to offence anyone just stating my opinion)

    Lin Mo,
    Wah- he is so funny. But not just funny he is really talented as well. Also relatable af. He is also really handsome. I think he is a type of friend that you can be around and not feel bad.

    I really liked his rap in the first ep. I can really say he really stands out (in a good way) to me. Also in his first performance (Radio) when he started singing I was like “Oh my god, wow”. His vocal skills and rapping skills are amazing. He is also really handsome.

    Wow really he is really talented. I like everything about him (i’m speechless). I was really surprised when he said he was in Harvard University. Also he can also play so many instruments (guitar, flute, and saxophone).

    Hu Yetao,
    For some reason I don’t really like his hair style, not the fact it’s just the cut. Also I didn’t really like how he said that “people like me, having long hair can also debut” or something like that I don’t really remember. But he is really talented and really pretty and cute. But I ended up falling- oops.

    Jing Long, He is so pretty and I love his voice. He
    is really talented. I fell in love with how he sings. He is really handsome as well. I was really surprised at how young he was and he already produces music. He is really just perfect.

    I realized how I literally included all the members that came to Chuang 2021 from INTERSECTION. I mean what can I say they’re absolutely perfect.

    They are all very talented btw this isn’t in order. Of Course I also liked the other trainees. They’re all really talented but these are my tops. And please don’t judge me this is just my opinion. Thank you for reading 🙂


      I don’t know if I should be happy if Liu Yu is 1st/center because I feel really worried, since of the curse. Lets just hope he breaks the curse. Also Idk if i should hate the fact that Gan Wangxing is on the top 11. I don’t exactly hate him but i don’t think he has the right standards of being a member of a boy group since he can’t dance or sing. But I know he’s handsome, funny and stuff. I just don’t think I would like him to debut. Unless he improves in a lighting speed. Which I don’t think is going to happen in the span of 2 weeks. But I can be wrong. Btw, Zhou Keyu’s ranking keeps dropping?


      1. Zhou keyu’s rankings are dropping bc he was caught vaping in the dorms and a lot of people are unstanning now.

        1. I really don’t know how to say this without being offensive, just from what I’ve seen but why is Lelush so high up when he doesn’t even want to participate in the show anymore? I know it’s too much to ask but I really hope people are actually thinking about things like these when voting.

          1. Lelush is only high because of the fact the he says that he wants to leave, Honestly if he accidentally get in the team…I just can’t i’m sorry…

          2. I think Lelush deserves to debut in top 11. I dont think people vote him because he wants to go out from the show. He is actually a good person. Although he wants to go home. But still I think he performed well in all performances. He did his best for others. He respect others dreams and I dont think because he is not friendly with others he doesnt have the right to debut. His singing I like it very much and he is not bad in dancing either. If he wants to go home it is not bad either. He worked hard for others. As because he requested his fans not to vote for him. Fans respected him and they dont vote for him in finals. Audience like him thats why they respected his thoughts thats why he cant debut. But we dont regret to vote for him.

        2. I know why he’s dropping but seriously he is a grown adult let him make his own choices. I’m not saying smoking is good i’m just saying he is a grown adult let him do what he wants with his life…even though I know some are bad.

          1. Yetao keeps dropping it’s really sad, he is really talented (although i never really hear him sang/rapped), Xue Bayi is really underrated i believe he deserves better. Liu Zhang is really talented even though he done some things back then i believe he changed. Lin Mo is both really talented and funny. When he sang ‘Light’ his voice was really nice to listen to. It was so pretty?. Zeng Hanjiang is really talented but no one really votes for him. Both Patrick and Nine are really talented i really like their voices and their dancing is really good as well. Liu Yu is a really talented dancer he may not be the best singer but he is really good. He really suits the center position (don’t attack me this is my opinion). He really brought the team together in the second performance. I think he deserves to debut. Santa, he is really talented at dancing. I was really impressed by the fact that he won 1st in the contest. Riki is really talented, I’ve seen so much already. I was really shocked how he choreographed many SM Entertainment choreos. SM is really well known for it’s really hard choreos. I am really curious on what else he can do. Oscar really has that attitude. He is really talented and well liked by many people. At first i didn’t really liked him for because of his attitude. I think his attitude really suits him, he is really himself, he is really honest. (why do i feel like Oscar is really soft inside?). Zhang Xingte’s voice is really really pretty. When he sang Unbreakable Love I really really surprised on how beautiful his voice is. I know he is really working hard on his dancing. I feel like he would really make a great vocalist. Mika’s voice is so pretty?? When i first heard his voice I was…uhh how do i say this? his voice really touched? me? (i don’t really know how to say this…)

    3. Kinda salty abt the fact the Caelan, Oscar, Bayi, and Hu Yetao didn’t debut.

  17. Very good.Some little children behind pc said that i dont have talent :)))But most of them dont have high skills and they didn’t train long time.Except Rikimaru,Santa,Bo Yuan and etc.This is my opinion.This is normal if you not agree with me ;)If my words somebody make hurt then Im sorry.Im sorry ok? Before all this i wanted to delete my comment but i couldn’t do it..I don’t know how delete comments on this site.

  18. Does anyone know out of the 11 that will be debuted, how many spots will actually be for international trainees?

    1. Before the show was aired, the program planned to split into two tracks, giving three spots to international trainees, and then there was a fourth spot for Chinese and international trainees who get higher votes. But because of netizens’ opposition, there is currently no quota limit.

      1. No quota limit? Meaning as many international trainees as long as they are in the top 11?

          1. Vote for your favorite trainees and the 11 contestants with the highest number of votes in the final will debut as a group. There are four rounds of voting, the votes will be cleared every round. From the first round to the third round, some trainees will be knock out.

  19. Yes beautiful face but not has talent.he will debut im sure for idol group this is good reason

  20. You messed up a lot of profiles, look carefully.
    Especially Andy from Ukraine, and there is a Chinese name

  21. like #Liu Yu , he is not only good in traditional dances but also modern one , saw him dance in Douyin , he can also sing ~

  22. hey guys, I am planning on to make a chuang 2021 insta groupchat. If you would like to be apart of it pls dm me on insta @yukiqiuu and I will add you in.

  23. I hope that everyone doesn’t vote based on their looks but more on there talent. Also yes, there are times that not everyone is perfect in every way. I hope you can support them and become better. through this journey, I think that they will be able to learn and become better and improved. Not everyone is the best in everything. We should not doubt anyone just because they are not talented as you. but anyways… my vote goes ZHOU KEYU. I think that he still has a lot more spaces to improve and he will work hard to show off his skills.
    I also really like
    – Oscar
    – Lin Mo
    – Mika
    – Santa
    – Rikimaru
    – Nine
    they are also really good but def. can improve to become better

  24. Honestly my only problem with the white trainees is that basically none of them have any proper idol training. If you’re trained to be an idol then you’re trained to be an idol. All of the other foreign trainees seem to have idol training. There’s a difference between training in dance or singing and training as an idol. You should have trained for a certain amount of time before applying to a show like this. This applies for all the other trainees too. And we can’t deny that the white trainees were picked to get attention for the show. Everything Tencent has been doing this year is to compete with Youth With You and get attention. I have no doubt the trainees are talented but I honestly don’t think they are IDOL talented.

    1. I somewhat agree, Tencent, prob seeing the amount of attention youth with you 2 got last year wanted to compete and the whole inviting white people to the show for money but, I don’t think it’s exactly about idol training. Some of them might have idol training but be worse than some without it. Like some of the first stages had some people who trained as idols but not only is their dance bad, their vocal was terrible too. also, many people who aren’t that great improve a lot during these shows from intensive practice. That’s a good thing, it’s satisfying to see people improving and that’s part of the reason this even qualifies as a survival show, each of them has to demonstrate how far they are willing to go to become a true idol.

  25. NINE, here is all my heart for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. I agree about the white trainees. I think any race can be a part of this but some of them just aren’t handsome enough… I like Luke a lot though, and David is fluent and already established. It seems Caelen is full white? Or is he half Japanese? He seems like a white kid who grew up in Tokyo, but he isn’t using Japanese, I don’t know…

  27. Goodluck Patrick, we love you. keep fighting, Grab the center of stage. SUSU NA KHAP :*

  28. But anyways, I am a little shocked they let people older than 25 join. Most of these shows do not give them chances. For ex: Santa is 32 or 33? And some other 27-28. I love that. I love this year they are being and accepting.

    1. …Santa is borned on March 11, 1998 so uhh he’s only 22 right now almost 23. and the trainees who are 25 (born in 1995) and older are Luke, Lailai, 陆定昊, 蒋敦豪. Borned in 1994, are 张欣尧, 门胁慎刚, 陈瑞丰, and 利路修. Trainees born in 1993, are 伯远, David Koloso, Rikimaru. Borned it 1992 is Uehara Ichika. Wow… I just realized how many trainees are over age 25…wow didn’t really realize till now.? I didn’t know Rikimaru was that old (not that old but still?) And I agree, I also really like this season how they were accepting trainees.

  29. Foreigners wouldn’t be allowed if they didn’t meet certain qualifications so how about mad people stfu and stop being rude about it. Also, just because certain trainees do not meet YOUR standards does not mean they are unqualified because again, they wouldn’t have been allowed to join if they didn’t mean the criteria. They have to go throigh extensive interviewing with producers and etc before being accepted on this show. So again, stop being mad and SHHHHH. It is actually that simple.

    1. To be honest they may all be talented individually but they need to be able to be talented in a group. From what I’ve seen there are certain trainees who just can’t do it. They also need to be able to both dance and sing and I think we all know there are some specific trainees who cannot dance at all.

    2. KAZUMA is the best . he can sing and talk very well eventhough he is not chinese people

  30. Dear other readers don’t forget WeTv is already an international site. Not only Asians watch there.

    Many People from Russia, Europe and USA watch the Dramas and Castingshows there. I am from Germany and a big fan from ZTAO and R1SE. And I think this Show will be really good. My Favorites are Patrick, Lin Yuxiu and Ichika.

    No.33 Patrick, is he placing an order? Why’s he got a whole menu of favourite foods ?

  32. Here to support our Thai princes Nine and Patrick! They’re both multi-talented and deserving of great things. ?

  33. Not a fan of the white trainees. David is the most popular one but i don’t think he’ll make it. No hate to them but they really just don’t have the looks for cpop.

    1. Agreed. Nothing against non-Asians in the Asian entertainment industry, but they have to fit the beauty standard like the other trainees.

    2. They don’t need to fit in, chinese audience like to see “exotic”, for them something new is something interesting. Sure, in the later parts of the show it will be fandom fights and who has more fans instead of who is more talented, but don’t rule them out because of their looks. So absurd lol.


    1. Many of them don’t speak Chinese but can manage a few broken sentences, which, to be completely fair, is really good considering their training in chinese.

    1. I really dislike Lelush because of his attitude. He doesn’t care at all and doesn’t want to even be on the show. It’s so unfair that he’s taking away an opportunity from a trainee who would really want to be on the show. He isn’t even taking it seriously, he can’t be bothered to do anything about his non-existent facial expressions, even after NingJing corrected him on it. Chinese fans are voting him to stay in the show longer to effectively torture him. If he ends up in the group I will be really upset because he’ll have taken a spot away from someone who actually wants and deserves it. Smh.

      1. Sorry that was not meant to be a reply but a comment in itself, apologies

      2. Lelush actually wants to leave the show but for some reason, the staff won’t let him leave so the only way for him to leave is when the show ends or for him to get eliminated but since people keep voting for him even tho he’s asked everyone to stop voting for him and to vote for someone who actually deserves it, there might be a chance that he actually makes it to top 11