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BONBON GIRLS 303 Members Profile


BONBON GIRLS 303 (硬糖少女303) is a Chinese girl group formed by Tencent through the reality show “Chuang 2020” on Tencent Video. The group consists of seven members: Curley Gao, Zhao Yue, Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuoxuan, Nene, Liu Xiening, Zhang Yifan. They officially debuted on July 4, 2020.
They are under Wajijiwa Ent., and the group limited time is two years.


Official Account

Weibo: 硬糖少女303

BONBON GIRLS 303 Members

Curley Gao


Stage Name: Xilinnayi
Birth Name: Xilinnayi Gao(希林娜依·高)
English Name: Curley Gao
Nickname: Xi Lin
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: July 31, 1998
Place of Birth: China
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Fandom Name: Keli (Granule)
Fandom Color: #073198
Fanchant: xī shì zhēn bǎo zhàn chū xià, lín xià zhī fēng nǐ zuì sà(希世珍宝绽初夏,林下之风你最飒)
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-希林娜依高
Instagram: curlet_
Curley Gao Profile

Curley Gao Facts:
She ranked #1 in “Chuang 2020”.
She is under The Voice of Dream.
She studies at Berklee College of Music.
She studied in Singapore since she was nine years old.
She is half Uighur (Mom from Xinjiang) and half Han (Dad from Beijing).
She Participated in “Sing! China Season Ⅱ” and ranked #2 in Na Ying’s team in July 2017.
Her singles: “Make Myself Cry”(惹哭自己), “Yue Ye Yue Xing Zhe”(越夜越醒着), “Granule Season”(颗粒季), “Do You Think About Me”, “Don’t Lie To Me”(别对我说谎), “My Beautiful Xinjiang”(我美丽的新疆), “Night And Day”(夜昼).

Zhao Yue


Stage Name: Zhao Yue
Birth Name: Zhao Yue(赵粤)
English Name: Akira
Nicknames:Yue Bao, Hui Zhang, Yue Yue
Position: Lead Dancer
Birthday: April 29, 1995
Place of Birth: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: AB
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Fandom Name: Hong Sheng Hui(Red String Society)
Fandom Color: #FA0429
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-赵粤
Instagram: @akira_429

Zhao Yue Facts:
She ranked #2 in “Chuang 2020”.
She is under the Shanghai Star48 culture media group.
She is a member of SNH48 TEAM NII and 7SENSES.
She studied at Wuhan Sports University.
She acted in the movie “Balala the fairies: Princess Camellia”.
She acted in the TV Plays “Super!Soccer”, “Stairway to Stardom”, “JUDO HIGH”.
She likes to play the mobile game “Honor of Kings”(Arena of Alor).

Wang Yijin


Stage Name: Wang Yijin(王艺瑾)
Birth Name: Wang Yunxuan(王韵宣)
English Name: Rita
Nicknames: Xuanxuan
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthday: December 25, 1996
Place of Birth: Jinan, Shangdong, China
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 170cm
Weight: 45kg
Fandom Name: 500g(Half Kg)
Fandom Color: #84E2A8
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-王艺瑾

Wang Yijin Facts:
She ranked #3 in “Chuang 2020”.
She is Under Jiaxing Xinyue Media.
She studied at the Beijing Dance Academy.
She was a little host in “Sunshine Fast Lane”(阳光快车道) when she was 5 years old.
In 2016, she released her first single “Feng Hua Yuan Meng”(风华媛梦).
She acted as Liang Yunshu in the TV Plays “Shao Nian Pai”(少年派) and played in “Storm Eye” With Yang Mi.

Chen Zhuoxuan


Stage Name: Chen Zhuoxuan
Birth Name: Chen Zhuoxuan(陈卓璇)
Nickname: Tui Mei
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: August 13, 1997
Place of Birth: Guiyang, Guizhou, China
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type: O
Height: 168cm
Weight: 42kg
Fandom Name: Xuan Feng(Cyclone)
Fandom Color: #FFFFFF(Colorful White)
Fanchant: xuán shēng bú xī cháo mù qī xǔ (璇声不息 朝暮期许)
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-陈卓璇
Instagram: zhuoxuan_chan
Chen Zhuoxuan Profile

Chen Zhuoxuan Facts:
She ranked #4 in “Chuang 2020”.
She studies at SMU College of Foreign Languages.
In 2016, she participated in “Super Girl”, and ranked #15.
In 2017, She participated in “Sound of My Dream Season Ⅱ” and acted in the drama “Underground World”(云客江湖).
In 2019, She acted as A Jing in “The Untamed”(陈情令)
She sang the “The Untamed” OST “Gu Cheng”(孤城) with Sun Bolun.



Stage Name: Nene
Birth Name: พรนับพัน พรเพ็ญพิพัฒน์, Pornnappan Pornpenpipat
Chinese Name: Zheng Naixin(郑乃馨)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: June 25, 1997
Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Fandom Name: Neon
Fandom Color: #F98995
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-郑乃馨
Instagram: nenevader
Nene Zheng Naixin Profile

Nene Facts:
She ranked #5 in “Chuang 2020”.
She is under Huaying Yixing.
Her Thai agency is GMM Grammy.
She is an ethnic Chinese Thais.
She studied at the King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.
In 2015, She debuted with the Thai girl group “MilkShake” and released the singles “Share” and “JOH”.
She likes to play the guitar.
She acted in the movie “Lật mặt 3 – Ba chàng khuyết”.
She played in the TV Plays “ลองของ ซีรีส์”(Art of The Devil Series), “เพราะเราคู่กัน”(2Gether The Series), “NICE TO NEET UFO”(超级影后之初次做人), “คุณแม่วัยใส”(Teenage Mom the Series).

Liu Xiening


Stage Name: Liu Xiening
Birth Name: Liu Xiening(刘些宁)
English Name: Sally
Position: Main Dancer, Visual
Birthday: October 23, 1996
Place of Birth: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: O
Height: 166cm
Weight: 48KG
Fandom Name: Ning Meng(Lemon)
Fandom Color: #F7D879#BAB8D4
Weibo: 硬糖少女303-刘些宁

Liu Xiening Facts:
She ranked #6 in “Chuang 2020”.
She is under Hot Idol and JellyFish Entertainment.
She is a member of Gugudan.
She studied at Capitan Normal University and Beijing Contemporary Music Academy.
She acted as Li Huijun in “Hello Debate Opponent “.

Zhang Yifan


Stage Name: Zhang Yifan (张艺凡)
Birth Name: Zhang Zixuan(张子璇)
Position: Dancer, Youngest
Birthday: February 10, 2000
Place of Birth: Changchun, Jilin, China
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 175cm
Weight: 57kg
Fandom Name: Little Sweet Potato
Fandom Color: #CCA4E3
Weibo: 创造营2020-张艺凡

Zhang Yifan Facts:
She ranked #7 in “Chuang 2020”.
She is under Time Fengjun Entertainment.
She studied at the Beijing Dance Academy.
She is good at ballet.
She participated in the show “Dance Smash” in October 2019.
She acted as Hu Xiaodie in the movie “Better Days”.
She is junior to TFBOYS and TNT.

Album & EP

Released Date: Aug.11,2020
Label: Tencent
Type: EP
Genre: POP
Track List:
1. “You Are Everything To Me” (你最最最重要)
2. “Bonbon Girls”
3. “Must Win”(硬要赢)
4. 前方超A预警
5. “PLMM”
Bonbon Girls 303 is a candy made up of seven different personalities, with varying degrees of hardness and sweetness.

They kick over all the roadblocks, treat everything with a sweet heart, and compete with the world like a powerful bullet from the heart. Like all girls, they have their own little personality, they are in the “rebellious stage”, and they have the same confidence. It’s all these unique traits that give each of them a unique color, a unique sweetness. This is the BONBON GIRLS, which is hard but not too hard, sweet but not too sweet.


  1.  BonBon Girls (2020-8-11)
  2. You Are Everything To Me (你最最最重要) (2020-8-11)
  3. Must Win(硬要赢) (2020-8-11)
  4. 前方超A预警 (2020-8-11)
  5. PLMM (2020-8-11)
  6. Pull Me(拉我)(2020-11-27)

Variety Shows:

  • CHUANG 2020 (2020.5-2020.7)
  • Super Nova Games(超新星运动会)(2020.7)
  • We Are Blazing EP08(炙热的我们)(2020-7-23)
  • Youth Travel Season 2 EP10(青春环游记第二季)(2020-8-8)
  • The Coming One S4 EP08(明日之子)(2020-8-29)
  • Crossover Singer Season S5 Final(跨界歌王)(2020-10-1)
  • BON-US(2020-10-25)

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  1. Liu Xiening position should be main dancer. Even the mentors agree she’s a top dancer. She’s perfect main dancer for a girl group and she’s proven that so please don’t label her as just dancer. Also shouldn’t Chen Zhuoxuan be a main vocalist too.

  2. The votes of the final round in “Chuang 2020”
    Curley Gao: 251110993
    Zhao Yue: 180117595
    Wang Yijin: 147605682
    Chen Zhuoxuan: 145019245
    Nene: 125278972
    Liu Xiening: 93272515
    Zhang Yifan: 91588994
    Xu Yiyang: 91371084
    Zhu Zhuai: 33015682
    Lin Junyi: 23666433
    Sui Ruiqi: 18959017
    Liu Nian: 7624176
    Wang Ke: 7309785
    Liu Meng: 4928966
    Wu Yalu 2176608