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“CHUANG 2021” First Elimination Ranking Was Announced, Liu Yu #1, Patrick #9


After the initial stage test, the first public performance test, and the theme song test, on the night of March 20, “CHUANG 2021” announced its first elimination ranking.


This also means that the new A class of 11 was officially born, 35 students were unfortunately eliminated, and the remaining 55 students will enter the second stage of the competition.

Chuang 2021 first elimination ranking

The new list of top 11 was also officially formed, they are Liu Yu, Santa, Rikimaru, Mika, Zhou Keyu, Lin Mo, Zhang Jiayuan, Cealan, Patrick, Ren Yinpeng, and Oscar.

Throughout the ranking, the 11 trainees in the debut position have not changed much from the ranking of the list announced on March 11.

Liu Yu still occupies the C position, Oscar is ranked 11th, Rikimaru and Mika’s rankings swapped, Patrick entered the debut position, and dark horse Gan Wangxing fell out of the debut position by ranking 12th.


Most of the 35 trainees who were eliminated were marginal trainees. There are 3 of three of them, Li Jiaxiang, Lai Yaoxiang, and Yi Han, was a bit of a surprise, after all, they had all been excellent trainees in Class A.

The overall ranking of the middle circle trainees is not surprising, but they are still the most powerful contenders for the debut position, including Wu Yuheng, Jing Misty, Gao Qingduan, Bo Yuan, Zhang Xingte.

Liu Yu

Liu Yu is once again steadily occupied the debut position. The first stage, the first public performance, the theme song test, Liu Yu got A for every time.

Liu Yu said straight away that he wanted to break the curse that the theme song C will not debuted, and according to the current trend, Liu Yu is one step closer to his dream.


International strong trainees Santa, Rikimaru, and Mika continued to occupy the debut position. Patrick, who had an eye-catching performance in the theme song test, also rebounded from 12th place last time to 9th place.

From the previous season, Thai contestants such as MiMi, Sunnee and nene, have debuted successfully. This season, two excellent Thai contestants, Patrick and Nene, have performed well and are expected to get the final debut position.

Zhang Jiayuan

Ren Yinpong, Zhang Jiayuan, and Fu Sichao from Wajijiwa are also highly regarded, through the “The Coming One: Super Band” attracted large huge fans.

They also has a high popularity in the show, this time Zhang Jiayuan ranked 7th, and his goal is also to be the 7th place. Ren Yinpeng ranked 10th, slipping 1 place from the last time, and Fu Sichao ranked 24th, basically dropping out of the race for the debut position early.


Oscar, who had an amazing performance in the first stage, did not stand out in the public performance stage and the theme song test, but this did not affect his popularity, and this time he was stuck in 11th place, slipping 1 place from the last time.

The 11th place is a rather awkward position and the trainees behind him are trying to catch up with, so hopefully Oscar can withstand the pressure.

In addition to the top 11 trainees who deserve attention, the trainees in the middle should not be ignored. However, judging from the last two rankings, there is not much change in the middle circle, and many of the powerhouse trainees are not ranking high.

Bo Yuan

Bo Yuan is a recognized trainee with good strength, he bring surprises every time on the stage, but the popularity is just a little bit less.

This time, Boyuan is ranked 18th, which is an improvement from the 20th, but this ranking still does not match his ability. This is also the closest to the debut position, hope he can continue to reverse.

Wu Yuheng and Zhang Xingte are two trainees with good voices, but they have never broken through the debut position. Wu Yuheng ranked 14th this time, his strength is obvious to all, believe Wu Yuheng will rank higher.

Zhang Xingte

Zhang Xingte’s performance in the first stage and the theme song is very eye-catching , the voice is very catchy, but the popularity has never rushed up, this time ranked 21st, there is still a long distance from the debut position.

Hu Yetao

Hu Yetao who’s style is very distinctive, 3A trainee, his strength can not be doubted. But this time Hu YeTao ranked 25th, such a result is really difficult to debut. Hu Yetao said his goal is to be in the top 11.

Lai Yaoxiang

Lai Yaoxiang who was transparent in the first stage and the first public performance became the biggest dark horse in the theme song test.

He has promoted three levels in a row from class F to class A. To be able to have such an achievement originated from his hard training. He didn’t expect to be eliminated just after being promoted to Class A. It’s a kind of regret for many people.

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