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“CHUANG 2021” Mika’s Eyelash Is Longer Than His Hair

Mika Chuang 2021

Recently, “CHUANG 2021Mika, has attracted the attention of many netizens. Born in 1998, Mika, a Japanese-American contestant, has been learning instruments since he was a child, grew up in Hawaii, and later studied in Japan.


There he met like-minded friends and later combined into a group of which he was the leader. As the leader, he had a gorgeous voice, sang well, and dance to move people, giving the mentors a great visual impact on the stage.

Chuang 2021 MIKA

However, some netizens have found that Mika’s eyelashes are even longer than his hair! Perhaps the first time you hear such a saying will feel strange but look at the following picture you will not feel any problem.

Mika Chuang 2021

Mika did not always keep the short haircut, initially, he was wearing long hair, looks like we watch street teenagers on American drama. At that time Mika’s hair is still very trendy, is slightly curly, properly a pretty boy, the smile looks extra good.

At present, Mika’s popularity is very high, look forward to the day of his debut.

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