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“CHUANG 2021” Zhou Keyu Was Shot Smoking Indoors, The Program Quickly Deleted The Clip

Zhou Keyu Chuang 2021

With the popularity of “CHUANG 2021“, many people are paying close attention to the show. However, every year some trainees will always appear some large and small accidents.


For this situation is really sad, because it is true that some people do not make big mistakes, only because they are in the showbiz and can not be forgiven, and finally failed to live up to their talent.

“CHUANG 2021” is no exception, the program has just started not long ago, unexpectedly another popular contestant because of negative news appeard on the Weibo Trend Topic.

Zhou Keyu Ranked 2nd

As one of the 14 A-Jia freshmen announced by Jaywalk Newjoy, Zhou Keyu had debuted as a member of the BEST and had a certain popularity. And this time Zhou Keyu’s performance is also very good in “CHUANG 2021”, he was ranked second in the newly released first round of likes ranking.

So according to the normal trend, there is a high probability that Zhou Ke Yu can enter the final debut position. But now that the news of he smoked indoor has suddenly come to light, the situation has changed subtly.

Zhou Keyu Somking

First of all, it must be stressed that although Zhou Keyu has been 18 years old, so smoking is not a big problem, what really triggered the netizens hot debate is the following two point: 1. indoor smoking. 2.easy to cause negative guidance to fans.

“CHUANG 2021” is clearly marked that smoking and drinking are not allowed, so at this point Zhou Keyu is in violation of the rules. Adults smoking may not be a big deal, whether to reduce stress or recreation is none of others business, but as an idol remember to avoid the camera.

Zhou Keyu Smoking1

The interesting thing is that when the controversy started, the program reacted very quickly, directly cut this clip. It’s a pity that in order to protect Zhou Keyu, the other contestants who were in the same camera at the time could only be sacrificed, leaving them with less of display for no reason.

In the end, no matter what, hope that Zhou Keyu and all trainees can take this as a warning, any lifestyle should be carried out without affecting the rest of others and without violating the relevant regulations.

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  1. First,Zhou Keyu did not smoke in the dorm. And the smoke which is from his mouth is simply the winter fog and we all know that he has a habit of taking his finger near his mouth or biting his nails ….so if we zoom the picture more he isn’t smoking….

  2. I don’t wanna defend bad behavior no matter how famous the person is or how much I like them but everyone is assuming the worst. Smoking indoors is forbidden there and he should get a punishment for violating that but that’s between the show and him. Also about the others I think if they truly had something against him VAPING (not smoking cigarettes) then he probably wouldn’t have done it. Also vaping is much less of a health hazard especially to others than cigarettes and there is a possibility that he brought liquid without nicotine with him to vape indoors.

  3. uh…I honestly think he made his choice to to smoke in the dorm but with the other trainees i don’t think that it would really be necessary to smoke in the dorms with the trainees in there like you should go outside but doing it in a dorm is not it you probably don’t have air condition or nothing just by smelling the smoke is really hard to breathe

    1. Yeah exactly, and the fact that is in a 12 person dorm, It would’ve been better for him to go outside in respect of others. Your right it’s his choice.

  4. I understand he’s an idol and yea he has a large fan base since he’s quite popular but as an 18 year old, he’s practically an adult and should be allowed to make his own choices. I would have been concerned if he was doing drugs or sexually assaulting someone, let alone smoking a CIGARETTE in the dorm. But no, it’s a vape, so many teenagers vape indoors and it’s really not a problem. Either way, I’m still supporting Daniel all the way. One action should not define him….Y’all really be taking it too far. ✨

  5. everyone is different, he’s old enough to make his own decision. Everyone is allowed to do what they want.

  6. I mean it’s completely his choice, his life. He’s old enough to make his own choices in life. We don’t get to chose. It’s his privacy. I know smoking is bad for his health. But I know he is going through a lot. I’ll still support him?

    1. Zhou Keyu I hope your okay. I know it’s really hard for you whatever your going through. I’ll still support you till the end.❤️ ZHOU KEYU FIGHTING!!!❤️ REMEMBER THERE ARE ALWAYS PEOPLE THEIR TO SUPPORT YOU❤️?