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INTERSECTION Boy Band Comes To “CHUANG 2021”


Recently, the Tencent Video talent show “CHUANG 2021” is about to be aired.


Surprisingly, it is the International boy band season. Tencent has found a lot of International boy band members to participate in the show against “Youth With You 3“.

Avex Group’s mixed-race boy band INTERSECTION is also taking part in “CHUANG 2021”.

INTERSECTION is known as “Tokyo’s strongest Japanese-American boy band” due to their good appearance.

The band works in the same company as Ayumi Hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Alain, Koda Kumi, Otsuka Ai. They are a youthful group, each aged 19.

They have excellent language talent, can speak Japanese and English at the same time. So they sing not only English songs but also Japanese songs.

There are three members, 橋爪ミカ Mika Hashizume,ミッチェル和馬 Kazuma Mitchell,以及モリアティー慶怜 Caelan Moriarty, taking part in the show this time.


Mika, as the oldest brother and leader of INTERSECTION, grew up in nature in Hawaii until he was 16, with a personal goal of becoming a professional soccer player, being tanned.


Kazuma is a wealthy American who lived until the age of eight on New York’s Upper East, where “Gossip Girl” is set.

At 21 years old, he’s a super-achiever, a very good student, a champion at the Math Olympiad.

He is not only an excellent student but also has an outstanding appearance. So he always gives people a perfect impression. He speaks very softly and is a boy who loves to laugh.

Kazuma, who graduated from high school in 2018, was admitted to Harvard University. He has been a star on stage while completing his studies.


Caelan is the youngest member of the band. He is 20 years old with an Irish-American father and a Japanese mother.

His creative ability is quit strong. He is in charge of writing songs in the band.


How do you think about them? Will you pick them?

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