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“CHUANG 2021” Final- Who Will Debut In A Central Role?

Who will be the winner in “CHUANG 2021” Final? The Top 25 finalists of “CHUANG 2021” have been revealed.


They are (in no particular order).

Chuang 2021 3rd Eliminatin Rankings

Lelush, Mika, Bo Yuan, Wu Yuheng, Yu Gengyin, Zhang Xingte, Fu Sichao, Lin Mo, Santa, Rikimro, Zhou Keyu, Patrick, Liu Yu, Nine, Oscar, Zhang Jiayuan, AK Liu Zhang, Hu Yetao, Gan Wangxing, Caelan, Ren Yinpeng, Amu, Hiroto, Xue Bayi, and Zhang Xinyao.

There are two major highlights for this Top 25 list.

Firstly, from the ranking of the top 25 trainees, three trainees are most likely to compete for the center position, namely Liu Yu, Santa, and Zhou Keyu. Both Liu Yu and Santa have been in the top circle since the early stages.

"CHUANG 2021" Final Liu Yu

Liu Yu has attracted a lot of fans with his national dance and good appearance. While his fans have been so strong that Liu Yu has been ranked high since the initial stage. He has even gotten first place several times.
One point that must be mentioned is that in the previous second elimination rankings Liu Yu’s ranking dropped more significantly, going from number one to number four.

In the latest ranking, he is back in first place again, so Liu Yu is the trainee with the highest probability of making his debut in the center position among the current top 25 trainees of “CHUANG 2021”.

"CHUANG 2021" Final Santa

Santa‘s dance strength is indeed strong, as he impressed too many viewers from his first stage. Each subsequent performance was more exciting than the last, making him a typical powerhouse.

Santa has been ranked very high, taking 2nd and 3rd place several times. So it is not ruled out that Santa will be able to make a counterattack in the grand final.

"CHUANG 2021" Final Zhou Keyu

Although Zhou Keyu is ranking in 8th place, he has a certain potential.

As previously mentioned, Liu Yu went from 1st to 4th in the second elimination ranking. And the trainee who replaced Liu Yu in 1st place at the time was Zhou Keyu. With Zhou Keyu’s appearance and strength, he could be a dark horse in the finals.

Another highlight was Lelush, who made it to the finals as many fans had hoped.


Lelush has been wanting to go home early since he took part in “CHUANG 2021”. He has no interest in the boy band or debuting. He came to the competition to help his friends as a translator.
For many viewers, it seems they saw the “difference” of the talent show. They voted for him, which led to the current situation.

So it’s very exciting to see if Lelush will make his debut on the final night of ‘CHUANG 2021’ and where he will end up.

The eight trainees who did not make it to the final of ‘CHUANG 2021 are Jing Long, Wei Ziyue, Zhang Teng, Wu Hai, Zeng Hanjiang, Rong Yao, He Yifan, and Xie Xingyang.

Although it is pity, it means a fresh start. As all the trainees who made it to the three public stages are very good.

Who are your top 11 candidates for the boy band? Feel free to leave your comments.

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  1. Liu Yu is a no no for me. To be a male idol, one should be handsome and manly to have that appeal but he has none of this traits. He can dance and sing, no doubt about it but there are many who can dance and sing better than him, even some of those eliminated are better. If you think he is good, then he is good but I think he is not, then he is not. The fans have different criteria for their idol and who they want to support and they are entitled to their choice. I was curious about him since he was first most times and I watched his performances over and over but still a no for me. His performances didn’t make me feel excited. Like I say, we all have different preferences. If u feel excited about it, you are free to support him but I don’t and therefore I can’t.

  2. my opinion obviously, but I’m still confused as to why Jiayuan is in the debut lineup. To top it all of Patrick drops out?! Literally what are people thinking? Also please stop voting for Lelush he just wanted to go to the finals. He doesn’t want to debut.

    1. my top 11 in no particular order are:
      Liu Yu
      Zhou Keyu
      Bo Yuan
      Lin Mo

  3. My top 11 candidates for Chuang 2021 are
    Zhou Keyu
    AK Liu Zhang
    Bo Yuan
    Lin Mo

    For goodness sake, pls leave out Liu Yu. He doesn’t have the stature for stardom. No height, no size and no look at all. He just has no appeal. I don’t know how he can get first so many times. There are many other candidates who can do better than him and has much much better appeal.

    1. I know right. When it comes to pop music and world class idols, your list truly makes sense. C-netz have to think carefully. When the group goes global, this list can be explosive!

      1. Yes, indeed, it can be explosive. It is an international boy band and, therefore, must have an international appeal. I am so glad that someone agrees with me.

    2. Since you say liuyu dont deserve it so we will work harder to vote and give donation. So that you will feel more bitter😂..

      1. I was being objective when I mentioned him because I don’t see the quality in him being an idol. There is no Ra Ra factor that makes me want to scream or get excited when I see him. That is my opinion. I am not saying this to make anyone bitter.

        1. Actually, I think he did! He might be balanced in sing and dance, but he has got visual, He attracts my attention every time I saw him, I might be biased but since pre few seasons whatever Chuang or YWY I find myself attracted to visual more so non of my pick get no1 just like Yu Yan, Liu Xiening, but right now I’m super happy that my pick become no1, don’t mention his height with me since as long as you are talent enough, than every thing is possible, and this might look like an I boy group, but most of the income still come from Chinese audiences, and Liu Yu has largest fanbases So you should pay no attention to him if you dont like him, or else careful that your pick might be the one drop in rank insted

    3. I actually think Liu Yu is one of the most important trainee to be part of the debut team. His traditional Chinese style is what will make the group unique on an international stage!

      It is also important that a new international group from China must retain Chinese culture and Chinese elements because otherwise if they try too much to be like American or kpop groups they will end up being irrelevant (imo).

      It’s time for China to have a strong international group that can promote Chinese culture on an international stage, and I think Liu Yu is the best to do that.

      1. Surely Liu Yu is good at traditional Chinese cultural dance. Then he should be in a chinese cultural dance group, not an international boy band. Imagine this group of potential candidates with Oscar or Liu Zhang or even Mika singing a traditional Chinese song and Santa or Rikamaru or Bo Yuan doing a fan dance. What a mess it will be! So Liu Yu should join a traditional cultural dance group to showcase his strength.

        1. I see your point, but I am not thinking Mika or Oscar dancing traditional Chinese dance haha This new international group must be modern and attractive on an international stage, while still having some Chinese traditional culture mixed into it.

          I think the goal isn’t to have a traditional Chinese group nor is it to have a completely international group. It’s about a balance between the two.

          Perhaps it could just be the hook where Liu Yu comes in with some more traditional dances while the rest of the song is more trendy. A lot of recent Chinese artists are doing this mix of traditional and modern styles (I am thinking Vava, Yixing, Lexie Liu etc) While their songs have very strong Chinese culture integrated into it, it is still very successful internationally. I think Tencent is trying to walk this path with this year’s group.

          Hence, why I think Liu Yu is ONE OF the most important trainee. I also agree that the group can not be successful with the other foreign trainees because then we will lose the “international” aspect of it.

          Liu Yu and his talent in traditional style and culture is really the final touch that will give the group its uniqueness on an international stage.

          1. Well, that’s not how I view him, especially when he flipped his jacket to show off his skinny arm, i almost rolled off my chair. Its just not charming, not sexy and appealing at all. That’s why i think he should just stick to traditional chinese cultural dance, all covered up in the traditional costume. That way, he looks good.

          2. Well, that’s not how I view him, especially when he flipped his jacket to show off his skinny arm, i almost rolled off my chair. Its just not charming, not sexy and appealing at all. That’s why i think he should just stick to traditional chinese cultural dance, all covered up in the traditional costume. That way, he looks good. The group will not comprise of just foreign artistes, maybe only half which is a good mix. There are Lin Mo, Zhou Ke Yu, Oscar, AK Liu Zhang. I think Yu Geng Yin are Hu Yetao are good too but sad that their rankings are hardly near the top 11.