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Will you support Zhou Keyu in “CHUANG 2021”? – His work “Remember My Boy” was released.

Remember My Boy

CHUANG 2021” hasn’t even aired yet, but “Remember My Boy”, a drama starring Zhou Keyu, has been released.


Zhou Keyu also partipates in “CHUANG 2021”. When the show is still in the stage of promotion of the trainees in previous time. Zhou Keyu is quite impressive to viewers.

zhou keyu

On one hand, it’s because he has a good appearance. On the other hand, it’s because his supporting group is quite powerful.

He comes from Yang Mi‘s studio. He participates in the show with the strong support of the whole company. His boss is Yang Mi, while colleagues are hit stars, such as Dilraba, Zhang Binbin, and so on. His company takes him seriously.

CHUANG 2021 Trainee

In recent days, the drama”I Once Remembered That Guy”, which is a collaboration between Zhou Keyu and Zhu Linyu was revealed its airtime.

Although the two main actors are not very famous, they have a good appearance after all, so viewers are also more concerned about the drama.

zhou keyu

“CHUANG 2021 “will be broadcast on the 17th of February. And the drama is scheduled to start on the 22nd of February. Netizens are doubting that the drama is clout-chasing.

Perhaps the crew is also trying to raise the ratings and reputation of this drama rely on the popularity of Zhou Keyu. We wonder whether fans will follow this drama.

Zhou Keyu

However, as long as people like Zhou Keyu, they will definitely support him unconditionally. After all, many of the popular actors started their careers in small roles.

So it’s likely that Zhou Keyu will be able to receive more excellent work after he’s honed his skills, we should give him a chance to prove himself.

Will you support Zhou Keyu in “CHUANG 2021” and follow this drama?

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