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The Dark Horse Of “CHUANG 2021” May Be Santa, Lin Mo, Zhou Keyu, And Oscar Entered Class A.


“CHUANG 2021” has been launched finally. Unlike the format of previous years, this season brings a brand new competition system.


In addition to the voting of the mentor group, there are 90 trainees voting for themselves. The trainees voted for each other, giving the decision to the teachers and the trainees together.

The brand new season of “CHUANG 2021” will end up with 11 trainees as a group, which maintains the usual boy group tradition of “CHUANG 2019”.

There are several strong trainees in the premiere of “Create Camp 2021”. Four of the most outstanding trainees are Lin Mo, Zhou Keyu, Oscar, and Santa.

Lin Mo

Lin Mo is teammates of He Luoluo, who previously debuted in second place in “CHUANG 2019”, and is from the idol group “Yi An Musical“, so he already has a certain popularity base.

Judging from his performance on the preliminary stage, his vocal and dance abilities are very good, and he has both popularity and strength, so we are sure he will be the main candidate for the debut.

Zhou Keyu

In contrast, Zhou Keyu is the kind of trainee who will attract the viewers at first glance, as he is particularly tall and good-looking.

His long hands and long feet did not affect his dancing performance at all, and his dancing ability was also very good, He danced to the music at every point in the first stage, making it very comfortable.


Oscar’s group was one of the standout acts in the first stage, and his rapping ability was even more impressive.

It is worth mentioning that Oscar had previously participated in a talent show and ranked 19th in the show, which is a moderate result. His stage performance in “CHUANG 2021” is undoubtedly very successful. We wonder if he can still keep it up in the subsequent competition.


Throughout the show, the most surprising trainee in the premiere of “CHUANG 2021” is definitely Santa, and it is no exaggeration that he is the biggest dark horse.

Santa is a former champion of a world-class dance competition and has choreographed for many artists in showbiz, so there is no doubt about his dancing ability.

His three dances on the preliminary stage were truly outstanding, and the amazement and applause of the mentors and trainees during his performance showed it all.

However, unfortunately, Santa became seriously unwell after the three dances in a row and lay down on the edge of the stage. We are wondering if it would have any effect on his subsequent performances.


In this episode, Lin Mo, Zhou Keyu and Oscar entered class A with their superb first performance.

The first episode of the show was full of situations, with a wide range of trainees. International trainees are stronger than domestic ones. And many crossover participants, such as game players and sports players.

Who makes it to Class A next?Let’s wait and see. And do not forget to support your favorite trainees.

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