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When Giants Battle – “CHUANG 2021” Santa PK Liu Yu


As soon as the preliminary rating of “CHUANG 2021” was released, it caused a heated discussion on the net.


Halfway through the first stage performance, the 48 trainees had prepared for the stage with their heart and soul, making people impressed.

Their performance had also made netizens look forward to the performance of the other trainees who have not yet appeared on stage.

As the first stage continues, the crossover trainees shocked the audience, unleashing their unlimited potential and youthful energy!

They are the talented former e-sports player Nuo Yan, the most handsome haunted house NPC Gan Wangxing, the pretty guy Hu Yetao, the underground singer Jing Long, and Zhang Xinyao, who became popular for his song “Do you want to be my girlfriend”.

In the first episode, the three Class A students from the first stage were Lin Mo, Oscar, and Zhou Keyu.

But in this new episode, they all lost the positions on Class A. The second batch of Class A trainees is Yu Yang, Li Jiaxiang, Santa, Rikimaru, Hu Yetao, Bo Yuan, and Yu Gengyin.


Congratulations to Santa from Japan, who won the unanimous vote for his first stage. He was recognized for his professionalism on stage and received the full support of the 89 trainees and 5 mentors!

As Zhou Shen said, “What we want to create is a boy group that others can fall in love with you through a show even if they don’t know you.”

In this season, what we expect from the trainees is no longer just excellent strength and outstanding appearance. Trainees will use their three-dimensional personalities to make people say “I want to support you” for sure just because of a stage.

Santa Liu Yu

Santa was born on 11 March 1998 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. He is a dancer, singer, and member of the Sino-Japanese boy band WARPs UP.

At the age of 17, Santa became the youngest winner of a street dance competition and won three world champions in that competition.

With a total of nine national and world dance competition titles to his name, many netizens said he should be a mentor for “CHUANG 2021”!

In addition to it, Santa is actually a relative of Oguri Shun!

Santa Liu Yu

In the end, Liu Yu and his group’s performance had a particularly strong element of Chinese style. It was a real eye-opener for many of the foreign trainees. This is the charm of Chinese culture.

The “fairy descending to the earth” impression won Liu Yu the cheers of all the trainees and the approving glances of the mentors.

Santa Liu Yu

The most exciting performance was the impromptu battle between Santa and Liu Yu, with Santa representing modern dance and Liu Yu representing classical dance.

They are not just themselves, they represent two different cultures and different cultures can intermingle. This should be the meaning that”CHUANG 2021″ is trying to convey to us.

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