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CHUANG 2021 Trainees Fund Raising Ranking List

CHUANG 2021 Trainees Fund Raising Ranking(Source: Taoba)
The amount only includes Taoba data, other platforms were not be counted.



1Liu Yu24336900
5Lin Mo9890700
6Zhou Keyu9502300
8Bo Yuan9191000
12Gan Wangxing7161300
13Zhang Jiayuan7032000
14Liu Zhang5997400
15Reng Yinpeng4755600
17Zhang Xingte3676500
19Wu Yuheng2574500
20Fu Sichao2259300
21Hu Yetao1752000
22Yu Gengyin1678900
24Zhang Xinyao1392100
25Xue Bayi369900

🔥“CHUANG 2021” Final Rankings, Group Name INTO1

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  1. It looks like it is not fair to have it limited to the territory of China only. It is clear that they will prefer to donate for Chinese trainees. How about the international ones? They might get much more donations through their international base of fans. I just noticed that the number of Mika’s fans is much higher than that of the trainee before him in the rank, but the capital collected is less. Interesting to observe this. Anyways, let’s the best win and we have to keep in mind that this is will be an international boy group that should debute on an international level. What I mean is that their performances should appeal, not only to the Chinese people, but also to the international viewers and audience. Best regards from Bulgaria…

    1. First of all, the fund raising arranged by the fan club, not Wetv.

      In fact, it is not impossible if international fans want to support Mika further. Last year for the CHUANG 2020, Nene’s Thai fans organized the fund raising and work hard in voting.

      Second, although Wetv is already an international app, it has several dozen times more users in China than international.

      So even without fund rasing, the number of votes from Chinese fans is far more than the international fans.

      Thirdly, judging from the current ranking, Chinese fans have spent huge money to support the international trainees. They did not refrain from voting because Mika is a foreigner.

      Fourth, there is no absolute fairness in this world.

      So let’s just enjoy the show, and do your best to support your favorite trainees.

      1. Thanks of your elaboration on the situation. I do agree with most of it. Chinese people are good and no one is against them. The Chinese population generally speaking, is huge, so it is normal for many of them to vote. What I meant is that somehow the International base of fans could contribute to the fundraising event and may change the ranking. Many international fans may decide to donate to their Chinese fans. Best regards and once again thanks for sharing your opinion. Best regards…

        1. How does the ranking works? Is it based on the fund raising ranking or the votes on WeTv?

  2. So it means even they don’t deserved the spot, they can get debuted if they have higher funds?

    1. This fund is raised by fan club, if the trainees can get more fans during the show, he will definitely get higher funds. You can know who is really have more fans by the ranking. “Produce” is a competition that who can attract more fans, just like Yang Chaoyue, and Esther Yu, they are not good at sing and dance, but they have a huge fan base with their charm, they also debuted.

    1. It will be used for votes. According to the experience of previous years, the higher of capital raised, the higher chance of debuting.

          1. Where can we donate within China? What site?