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Wan Peng (万鹏) Profile

Wan Peng

Wan Peng(万鹏), born on August 20, 1996, in Beijing, is a Chinese actress.

In 2018, Wan Peng starred in her debut work “When We Were Young”, and thus began his acting career. On September 14, 2020, The drama “First Romance” in which she starred was aired.


Basic Info

Wan Peng

Stage Name: Wan Peng
Birth Name: Wan Peng(万鹏)
Nickname: Peng Er
Birthday: August 20, 1996
Place of Birth: Beijing
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type:
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Fandom Name: Xiao Bing Gan(Little Cookies)
Weibo: 万鹏er 


  1. Wan Peng’s agent is Easy Entertainment.
  2. Education: she studied classical dance at the Beijing Dance Academy.
  3. After graduation, she received one year of acting training at Easy Entertainment.
  4. She thinks she is cute, straightforward, and kind.
  5. She doesn’t go to bed until after 12:00.
  6. Doesn’t like to eat fat.
  7. She is afraid of ghosts and snakes.
  8. Wanna travels to Iceland and Milan.

Television Series

  • A Year Without A Job(没有工作的一年)(Xiao Yu)(TBA)
  • My Girlfriend is an Alien 2(外星女生柴小七)(Chai Xiaoqi)(TBA)
  • Crush(原来我很爱你)(Sang Wu Yan)(2021)(★★★★★)
  • Faith Makes Great(理想照耀中国)(Zhou Qi)(2021)
  • Love like White Jade(白玉思无瑕)(Shui Wu Xia)(2021)
  • First Romance(初恋了那么多年)(Xiong Yifan)(2020)(★★★★)
  • Meeting You(谢谢让我遇见你)(Xia Rui)(2020)(★★★★★)
  • Detective L(绅探)(Luo Fei’s sister)(2019)
  • My Girlfriend is an Alien(外星女生柴小七)(Chai Xiaoqi)(2019)(★★★★★)
  • Rush into Danger(极速救援)(Wei Xiaoqing)(2019)
  • When We Were Young(人不彪悍枉少年)(Yang Xi)(2018)(★★★★★)


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