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A Moment But Forever – Tiffany Tang, Liu Xueyi

A Moment But Forever is a historical Xianxia drama directed by Guo Hu, starring Tiffany Tang and Liu Xueyi, co-starring Guo Xiaoting, Wang Hongyi, Zhou Keyu, Zhang Li, Baron Chen, Yumiko Cheng, and Bai Shu.


A Moment But Forever

English Title: A Moment But Forever
Chinese Title: 念无双
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Immortal, Drama
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Guo Hu
Writer: Zhao Na
Producer: Yang Bei, Yan Zheng
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



In a war between gods and demons, the Yuansheng God, Taihe, used the divine artifact "God's Left Hand" to seal the Demon God. However, the "God's Left Hand" was severed and fell into the mortal realm, causing Taihe and the other gods to fall into a deep slumber, leaving no divine miracles in the mortal world.

The Oni Clan rose during this chaos, leading to a great war. It was the Fox Clan's Yuan Zhong who obtained the "God's Left Hand" and defeated the Oni Clan, ushering in a prosperous era known as the Xiuming Dynasty. The Fox Clan became the new generation of deities in the mortal realm.

Under the mission of the Heavenly Realm, the divine maiden Wushuang took on a human guise and became a close servant to Yuan Zhong, a member of the Fox Clan. Her plan was to retrieve the "God's Left Hand." However, Peerless witnessed how Yuan Zhong, who could have used the "God's Left Hand" to resist, was ostracized and slandered by his own people. This broke her heart, leading Peerless to decide to protect Yuan Zhong and help him unseal the artifact, aiming to spend the remaining moments of his life in happiness.

Yet, Yuan Zhong had his own intentions – to unseal the artifact and destroy the world. The return of the Oni Clan created panic within the Fox Clan. Seizing an opportunity, Yuan Zhong attempted to unseal the artifact. However, Peerless healed him on the way, and the two finally confessed their feelings for each other and found a deep connection. Unfortunately, the male lead was manipulated by the antagonist, who severed his divine hand. Peerless also fell into the antagonist's trap.

In the end, Yuan Zhong rescued Peerless, and together, they joined forces to defeat the antagonist, Han Nu, and restore order to the world.


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