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Sword Rose – Dilraba Dilmurat, Jin Shijia

Sword Rose is a crime drama directed by Su Wancong, led by Dilraba Dilmurat and Jin Shijia, co-starring You Yong, Li Zhi, Wang Yizhe, Feng Guoqiang, Na Zhidong, Gao Jicai, and Xia Xing.

The drama tells the story of the "six-member team" of the Anti-Trafficking Office, who fight against criminals in a complicated case.


Sword Rose

English Title: Sword Rose
Chinese Title: 利剑玫瑰
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Su Wancong, Li Jinrui
Writer: Geng Huidong
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Deng Yan, a policewoman who is determined to join the Anti-Drug Brigade and uncover the truth behind her drug enforcement officer boyfriend's death, shines brightly during an unexpected operation to rescue a baby hostage. As a result, she is transferred by the Party Committee of the Tianhai City Public Security Bureau to serve as the acting director of the Anti-Trafficking Office. In order to solve cases of child trafficking and forced prostitution of girls from other regions, Deng Yan employs meticulous reasoning, precise judgment, and courageous actions. She not only turns skeptical colleagues into admirers who firmly support her but also gradually unveils shocking secrets hidden behind each trafficking case.

Confronted with cunning and ruthless criminals, Deng Yan, along with her colleagues in the Anti-Trafficking Office, work together tirelessly. Through extensive investigations, arrests, and rescues, they overcome various obstacles such as interrupted leads, false accusations leading to suspension, and hired assassinations. Eventually, they bring each suspect of the human trafficking network, including Deng Yan's sister-in-law, to justice. Meanwhile, the truth behind her boyfriend's murder also begins to emerge.


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