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Qian Xiang – Song Weilong, Ju Jingyi

Qian Xiang is a historical fantasy romantic drama directed by Ju Jueliang, starring Song Weilong and Ju Jingyi.

Adapted from the fantasy romantic novel "千香百媚/Qian Xiang Bai Mei" by Shisi Lang, the story revolves around the fateful encounter of the male and female leads. Through various experiences and entanglements, they ultimately redeem and protect each other, thwarting evil conspiracies and bringing peace to the world.


Qian Xiang

English Title: Qian Xiang
Chinese Title: 千香
Other Titles: 千香引
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Immortal
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Ju Jueliang
Writer: Shao Sihan
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



A grand upheaval of cosmic laws unfolded, causing a retrospective journey through time and memories. Several beings from different realms were born, altering the destinies of the world. A century later, a lone girl from the Qingqiu tribe, known as Xiao Bangchui, serendipitously entered the Chufeng Academy for cultivation. The academy, her companions bound by fate, offered her initial friendships and sowed the seeds of budding emotions. Only the cunning and intelligent youth, Lei Xiuyuan, accompanied her steadfastly. Five years later, the once Xiao Bangchui underwent a profound transformation, emerging as Jiang Lifei with an ethereal demeanor of ice and snow.

Her unprecedented talent attracted the scrutiny of those shrewdly calculating, prompting investigations into her lineage and origin. Amidst the pursuit of the secrets of the foreign races, the destiny of the young couple became entwined, leading them into a misty maze. At the first meeting of the mountains and seas, the companions gathered for the first time, and a mirage of dreams plunged them into the deepest purgatory. Supreme forgetfulness, all because of love. Can those who cultivate control the power of the heavens and earth, as well as the tumult within their hearts? What is it that you seek? In the end, what I seek is only one person.


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