2023 Chinese Drama List

Shui Long Yin – Luo Yunxi, Bao Shang'en

Shui Long Yin is a fantasy martial arts drama directed by Chen Zhoufei, led by Luo Yunxi, Bao Shangen, Xiao Shunyao, Chen Yao, Sun Zhenni, Lin Yun and Yu Chengen.

This drama is adapted from Teng Ping's novel "千劫眉/Qian Jie Mei", tells the story of Tang Lici, the adopted son of Imperial father-in-law, investigating the Jianghu murder and unveiling the Jianghu black curtain.


Shui Long Yin

English Title: Shui Long Yin
Chinese Title: 水龙吟
Other Titles: 千劫眉
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Wuxia, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Chen Zhoufei
Producer: Wang Yirong
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: MGTV



The leader of the notorious Ji Le Sect, Ye Mo, who had brought calamity to the martial world for many years, is finally defeated by a coalition of martial heroes. However, ten years later, the shadow of evil forces has not dissipated, and what appears to be a tranquil martial world is, in fact, seething with hidden currents.

Tang Lici, who had originally withdrawn from the world, finds herself drawn back into martial world conflicts due to her involvement in a case of wiping out case. The mastermind behind the schemes is none other than her former martial brother, Liu Yan. Tang Lici exposes a conspiracy involving the Suosheng Hall, founded by Liu Yan, which is using a special poison to control the martial world. Together with righteous martial artists, they unite to eliminate the Suosheng Hall. Throughout this process, Tang Lici's sharpness and loneliness are gradually eased by her companions, and figures like Shao Yanping inspire in him a selfless spirit willing to sacrifice for the protection of the people. Choosing to shoulder the mission of the martial world's future, he collaborates with fellow martial heroes to repeatedly overcome crises, uphold justice, and ultimately unravel the evil forces' plot to subvert the martial world.


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