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Ni Dahong (倪大红) Profile

Ni Dahong

Ni Dahong(倪大红), born April 18, 1960, in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, is a Chinese actor.

His major works include Qiao’s Grand Courtyard, The Rise of Phoenixes, All is Well, Vacation of Love 2, etc.

Basic Info

Ni Dahong

Stage Name: Ni Dahong
Chinese Name: Ni Da Hong / 倪大红
Birth Name: Ni Da Hong / 倪大宏
Nickname: Ni Jianhong, Ni Xiaohai
Place of Birth: Harbin, Heilongjiang
Nationality: China
Birthday: April 18, 1960
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB


  1. Ni Dahong’s agent is K·ARTISTS.
  2. Education: he graduated from The Central Academy Of Drama.


  • Nice To Meet You Again(Mr. Sun)(2022)
  • Simmer Down(Liao Han Qiu)(2022)
  • Vacation of Love 2(Cheng San Min)(2022)
  • Country Love 14(Lao Hu)(2022)
  • Fighting Thief(Support Role)(2022)
  • Dreams and Glory(Huang Jin Rong)(2021)
  • Octogenarian and the 90s(Guo Jiang Dong)(2021)
  • Country Love 13(Wu)(2021)
  • With You(Father Ni)(2020)
  • Kidnapping Game(Tian Peng)(2020)
  • For the Holy Guiguzi(The King of Chu)(2019)
  • My True Friend(Zhen Zhen’s father)(2019)
  • All is Well(Su Da Qiang)(2019)
  • Unbeatable You(Gao Hong Bing)(2019)
  • Ever Night(Wei Guang Ming)(2018)
  • The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 2(Cai Quan Wu)(2018)
  • The Dream And The Glory(Liu Lian Zhu)(2018)
  • The Rise of Phoenixes(Ning Shi Zheng)(2018)
  • Great Expectations(Huo Tian Hong)(2018)
  • Mr. Right(Cheng Hong Dou)(2018)
  • Tracks in the Snow Forest(Zuo Shan Diao)(2017)
  • My Kungfu Father-in-law(Main Role)(2016)
  • Anti-Japanese Hero Qi Ji Guang(Yan Song)(2015)
  • The Merchants of Qing Dynasty(Emperor Qian Long)(2014)
  • Blade(Lao Tan)(2014)
  • The Great Protector(Lu Zong Shan)(2014)
  • All Quiet in Peking(Xie Pei Dong)(2014)
  • Only Hero(Da Ba Lian)(2013)
  • A Walk to Happiness(Liu Jia Nuo’s Father)(2013)
  • Sleek Rat, the Challenger(Chen Zhen)(2013)
  • Nos Annees Francaises(Wu Zhi Hui)(2012)
  • Forever Designation(Cui Xiao Pi)(2011)
  • Confucius(Duke Xiang of Lu)(2011)
  • Three Kingdoms(Sima Yi)(2010)
  • Battlefield 1938(Gao San Bao)(2009)
  • Ming Dynasty in 1566(Yan Song)(2007)
  • I Love My Family(Hu A Da)(1993)


  • 1921(Huang Jin Rong)(2021)
  • Cliff Walkers(Gao Bin)(2021)
  • The Legend of Shaolin Temple(He Shang)(2021)
  • Bring Happiness Home(7Up ambassador)(2019)
  • Genghis Khan(Shaman wizard)(2018)
  • The Wasted Times(Boss Wang)(2016)
  • The Donor(Yang Ba)(2016)
  • The Assassin(Nie Feng)(2015)
  • Wolf Warriors(Ming Deng)(2015)
  • Singing When We’re Young(Jiu Jiu’s father)(2013)
  • Bring Happiness Home(Butler)(2013)
  • The Assassins(Fu Wan)(2012)
  • Lethal Hostage(Annie’s dad)(2012)
  • Together(Lao Jing Wang)(2011)
  • Wind Blast(He Jian Zhong)(2010)
  • A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop(Wang)(2009)
  • The Message(Headquarters janitor)(2009)
  • Judge(Main Role)(2009)
  • Curse of the Golden Flower(Imperial physician Jiang)(2006)
  • To Live(Long Er)(1994)
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