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Wolf Warriors – Wu Jing, Yu Nan, Ni Dahong

Wolf Warriors is a modern military warfare film directed by Wu Jing and starring Wu Jing, Yu Nan, Ni Dahong, Scott Adkins, and Zhou Xiaoou.

Based on the book "Dan Hen / 弹痕" by Fen Wu Yao Ji, the film tells the legendary story of a small man who grows up to be a lone hero who saves the fate of his country and nation.


Wolf Warriors

English Title: Wolf Warriors
Chinese Title: 战狼
Genre: Action, War, Military
Duration: 96 min.
Director: Wu Jing
Writer: Wu Jing, Liu Yi, Fen Wu Yao Ji, Zui Hou De Wei Dao Zhe
Producer: Lu Jianmin
Released Date: 2015-04-02
Broadcast Website: YouTube



Leng Feng, who is full of trouble, has been labeled as a hooligan and a ruffian by some, while others consider him a hero and a legend. In an operation, Leng Feng disobeys military orders and kills a terrorist, which leads to his expulsion from the team. However, he unexpectedly receives acceptance from the mysterious special forces unit, Wolf Warriors. Intending to continue causing trouble elsewhere, he instead plunges into another abyss.

Within this abyss, he encounters the aloof deputy team leader, the seductive and enigmatic female team leader Long Xiaoyun, the cunning and treacherous drug lord, the deceased teammate, and mercenaries crossing the border to invade China. All of these circumstances trap him in trouble. Leng Feng, the troublesome member of the team, is put to the test, and he is unsure of which path to take.


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