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Dong Xuan (董璇) Profile

Dong Xuan

Dong Xuan(董璇) was born on November 5, 1979, in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, and is a Chinese actress.

In 2003, she started her acting career by starring in the martial arts drama Snowflower. In 2009, she gained more attention by starring in the legendary drama The Romance of the Condor Heroes, in which she played the role of Lin Chaoying.

His main works include Secret of Three Kingdoms, Legend of Fei, Love in Flames of War, etc.

Basic Info

Dong Xuan

Stage Name: Dong Xuan
Chinese Name: 董璇
Nickname: Dong Huanhuan, Xuan Meiren
Place of Birth: Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang
Nationality: China
Birthday: November 05, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 168cm (5’6″)
Weight: 52kg (114.4 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Fandom Name: Xuan Feng / 璇风
Weibo: 董璇


  1. Dong Xuan’s agent is Huayi Brothers.
  2. Education: Dong Xuan studied at Shenyang Conservatory of Music and Beijing Film Academy.
  3. She is good at Dancing.
  4. She is a foodie.
  5. Favorite food: Fried Pork in Scoop.
  6. Likes to shop online.
  7. Wanna travel to African Savannah.
  8. Dong Xuan’s ex-husband is Gavin Gao Yunxiang.
  9. In 2009, Dong Xuan sang a song with Gao Yunxiang at Jiangsu TV’s Tanabata party, after which they started dating.
  10. On August 21, 2011, Dong Xuan and Gao Yunxiang were married in Beijing.
  11. On June 2, 2016, Dong Xuan gave birth to her daughter in Beijing.
  12. On July 16, 2019, Dong Xuan and her husband Gao Yunxiang completed divorce proceedings in court, Gao did not appear in court.


  • Legacy(Mrs. Zhou)(2022)
  • Love in Flames of War(Lady Qi)(2022)
  • Novoland: Pearl Eclipse(Lang Huan)(2021)
  • Faith Makes Great(Zhao Xin Hua)(2021)
  • Good Life(Chief Ping)(2021)
  • The Case Solver(Che Su Wei)(2020)
  • Legend of Fei(Duan Jiu Niang)(2020)
  • With You(Wang Man Li)(2020)
  • Miss S(Liu Ru Qing)(2020)
  • Secret of Three Kingdoms(Ren Hong Chang /Diao Chan)(2018)
  • The Romance of the Condor Heroes(Lin Chaoying)(2014)
  • Beijing Love Story(Beauty talking to Cheng Feng)(2012)
  • Unbeatable(Feng Lu Fei)(2011)
  • Take What To Save You My Love(Zhu Si Ping)(2011)
  • Met as Strangers, Once Acquainted(Li Qiu Ling)(2011)
  • The Legend of Crazy Monk Season 1(Ming Zhu)(2010)
  • Unbeatable(Ma Jia Li “Kelly”)(2010)
  • Detective Dee 3(Yun Gu / Ge Ya Qing)(2008)
  • The Young Lawyer Ji Xiao Lan(Qing’er)(2008)
  • Jun Zi Hao Qiu(Shui Bing Xin)(2007)
  • Spring of the Cottonwood Flowers(Fang Ru Han)(2007)
  • Struggle for Imperial Power(Li Yu)(2005)
  • Eight Heroes(Bian Su Wen)(2005)
  • Snowflower(Shangguan Yan / Nu Shen Long)(2003)
  • Yu Guan Yin(Female College Student)(2003)


  • Unstoppable(Tana)(2021)
  • Forging Sword and Sacrificing Soul(Liu Sheng)(2020)
  • Ladies In Beijing 4(Chen Yuan Yuan)(2020)
  • Ladies in Beijing(Chen Yuanyuan)(2019)
  • Wild Desert(Tong Ge)(2015)
  • Breaking the Waves(Zhang Yao Yao)(2014)
  • Kingdom of Conquerors(Lao Bao)(2013)
  • Great Wall, My Love(Mu Tong)(2011)
  • Beginning of the Great Revival(Xiang Jing Yu)(2011)
  • The Founding of a Republic(One of the female representatives)(2009)
  • And the Spring Comes(Xiao Zhang)(2007)

TV Show

  • Wonderland 2(2022)
  • Sisters Who Make Waves Season 2(2021)
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