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The Double – Wu Jinyan, Wang Xingyue

The Double is a historical romantic drama directed by Lu Hao Ji Ji, led by Wu Jinyan, Wang Xingyue, and Chen Xinhai, co-starring Li Meng, Su Ke, Joe Chen, and Liu Xiening, with Yang Chaoyue, He Hongshan, and Zhang Yuqi in special appearances.

Adapted from author Qianshan Chake's novel "Di Jia Qian Jin / 嫡嫁千金", it tells the story of a love-hate relationship that spans three lifetimes.


The Double

English Title: The Double
Chinese Title: 墨雨云间
Other Titles: 嫡嫁千金
Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Lu Hao Ji Ji, Bai Yunmo, Ma Shige
Writer: Qian Shan Cha Ke
Producer: Yu Zheng
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



Xue Li, the daughter of a well-off and content county magistrate, loses everything after a major upheaval. Saved by her benefactor, Jiang Ruoyu, the daughter of the Minister of Rites, she returns to the capital city in Jiang Ruoyu's identity.

With the help of people like Xiao Heng, the Duke of Suguo, she overcomes numerous challenges, continually fights against injustice, and ultimately rescues her father, who was unjustly imprisoned.

She also aids Xiao Heng in upholding justice and protecting the common people, leading to the eventual restoration of a better life.


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