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The Forensic Examiner Song Ci – Sun Zeyuan, Chen Xinyu

The Forensic Examiner Song Ci is a historical suspense comedy directed by Yan Kun, led by Sun Zeyuan, Chen Xinyu, Jurat Kutra, Yin Qin, Li Sibo, and Yan Yan, with special appearances by Li Naiwen, Dong Xuan, Hai Yitian, He Minghan, and Liu Jin.

It tells the story of Song Ci, a criminal prosecutor of the Southern Song Dynasty, who upholds fairness and justice on earth as he goes around solving cases.


The Forensic Examiner Song Ci

English Title: The Forensic Examiner Song Ci
Chinese Title: 宋慈韶华录
Other Titles: Song Ci Shao Hua Lu
Genre: Historical, Suspense, Thriller, Comedy, Drama
Tag: Investigation, Forensic Medical Examiner Male Lead, Forensic Science
Episodes: 25
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yan Kun
Released Date: 2023-12-26
Broadcast Website: Youku, 优酷, youku.tv



The drama revolves around six youths: the strategic and decisive Song Ci, the highly skilled physician Bai Xueyan, the photographic memory holder Li Zifang, the mysterious and reserved Zhao Xiaoliu, the formidable martial artist Yin Qiao, and the ingenious planner Shen Xiyue.

These six individuals come together for various reasons and, working together, solve numerous mysterious and intricate cases. After facing several life-threatening challenges, the once young and naive youths gradually mature.

United in purpose, they dispel the fog of mystery and harbor a sense of justice to protect their home and country.


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