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Little Mad Doctor – Chen Xinyu, Wu Junyu

Little Mad Doctor (Qing Shi Xiao Kuang Yi) is a historical romantic drama directed by Wen Hongyi, led by Chen Xinyu, Wu Junyu, Gan Wangxing, and Wu Ri Li Ge, with Kang Xi in a special appearance, co-starring Li Jingze, Liang Yongni, Zhu Yiwei, Zheng Xuhang, and Long Xinyue.

It is adapted from the novel "Zhan Wang Chong Fei Zhi Qing Shi Xiao Kuang Yi / 战王宠妃之倾世小狂医". The drama tells of Doctor Chu Jinghong accidentally entering a different world and becoming the princess of the country of Bei Chu. In order to return to her original world as soon as possible, she overcomes various difficulties along the way and falls in love with Lord Zhan, Yu Longyuan, during the process.


Little Mad Doctor

English Title: Little Mad Doctor
Chinese Title: 倾世小狂医
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Tag: Transmigration, Parallel Universe, Doctor Female Lead
Episodes: 26
Duration: 10 min.
Director: Wen Hongyi
Producer: Li Ruixue, Yang Yong, Sheng Zunpeng, Wang Ying, Hu Kaili, Li Dongfeng
Product Company: Ruiyi Pictures
Released Date: 2023-03-11
Broadcast Website: WeTV, 腾讯视频



A doctor named Chu Jinghong accidentally enters a different world and becomes a princess of the Northern Chu Kingdom.

In order to return to her original world as soon as possible, she overcomes various difficulties along the way and falls in love with the King of War, Yu Longyuan.


Princess Chu Jinghong of Bei Chu was forced to marry the second prince of Da Shang, Yu Heng. Yu Heng told her that he would not return for another five times, and asked her to marry him instead. Suddenly, Yu Longyuan appeared and said that Chu Jinghong belonged to him. Excitedly, Chu Jinghong hugged Yu Longyuan, but Yu Heng suddenly stabbed her. Chu Jinghong fell into the arms of Yu Longyuan, not expecting to leave the world in this way. She felt reluctant to leave.

One hundred and twenty days ago, Chu Jinghong was a medical student. She accidentally crossed over to another world. A small elf named Xiao Jiu told Chu Jinghong that she was now a princess. Bei Chu sent Chu Jinghong to Da Shang to marry and seek protection. Chu Jinghong did not want to marry, so she purposely dressed up as ugly and was demoted to a servant. She was chosen by the second prince, Yu Heng, as a companion. Yuan Feiyu liked Yu Heng and made things difficult for Chu Jinghong.

Xiao Jiu told Chu Jinghong that she had to stay here for one hundred and twenty days, heal people and gain points to pass the assessment, otherwise she would be stuck there forever. Chu Jinghong found that she had really come to another world and felt that this place was not bad.

Yuan Feiyu deliberately found a man to frame Chu Jinghong and have an affair with someone else. The man even took out Chu Jinghong's hairpin. He also tried to hug Chu Jinghong, but was stopped by Yu Longyuan who happened to be passing by. Yu Longyuan said that Chu Jinghong had stolen his things and needed to be taken back. Chu Jinghong thought the reason was ridiculous, but she liked the feeling of dominance.

Yuan Feiyu learned that every 15th of the month, Yu Longyuan would remove the guards from the palace and not allow anyone to approach. Today is the 15th, so she had someone bring Chu Jinghong over to make her offend Yu Longyuan. Yu Longyuan couldn't move due to the blood curse, but he didn't expect Chu Jinghong to fall from the sky and help him recover. Yu Longyuan asked Chu Jinghong to hold him, but she felt he was a hooligan and ran away.

Yu Longyuan didn't know what was happening, but he didn't expect Chu Jinghong to improve his condition from the blood curse. He went to see her and found she was already asleep. He saw her true face and didn't know why she intentionally caught his attention, but he was interested in her.

Chu Jinghong was given a task to save a patient within four hours or else face punishment. She followed the map to the most closely guarded intelligence agency in the capital, the Da Nei Hang Chang, where Lord Ye Feibai was very powerful, and only Yu Longyuan was his match. Chu Jinghong claimed that she was sent by Yu Longyuan, so Ye Feibai let her in.

Ye Feibai noticed that Chu Jinghong was very familiar with the dungeon, which he found strange. After she entered, she realized that the man she had to save was the one who framed her, but as a doctor, she still saved the person. Chu Jinghong used tools in the space to save the man, and Ye Feibai noticed that they were all unfamiliar objects.

Chu Jinghong thinks Ye Feibai is quite handsome, but it's a pity that he is a eunuch. Ye Feibai also doesn't understand why Chu Jinghong looks at him with some pity. Chu Jinghong asks Ye Feibai why he wears a mask when he looks so good-looking, but Ye Feibai doesn't answer her.

Chu Jinghong returns to the Zhanwang Mansion, and the people there say that since she can leave the mansion at will, the prince said she shouldn't come back. Chu Jinghong goes to find Yu Longyuan in the study but is stopped by a guard. Yu Longyuan lets Chu Jinghong in, and she imagines herself walking in domineeringly, saying she didn't want to stay here and asking Yu Longyuan to return her things. However, the reality is that Chu Jinghong trips and falls into Yu Longyuan's arms. Chu Jinghong says she has nowhere to go and doesn't want to go back to the place where people bully her. Yu Longyuan lets her stay there for now, and Chu Jinghong agrees.

Chu Jinghong finds out that saving one person only gives her a few points, and she wonders when she can go back. Yuan Feiyu goes to find Wen Liangyu and tells him that Chu Jinghong has moved into the Zhanwang Mansion. Chu Jinghong is doing a medical consultation on the street, and Yu Heng comes over and says it's impossible for her to get his attention. Chu Jinghong says he sold her to the prince for twelve thousand silver, and they have no relationship now.

Yu Longyuan also came over. Chu Jinghong was worried that he would expose her, but Yu Longyuan hugged her in public and gave money to Yu Heng before taking Chu Jinghong away. Hua Nongying happened to see this and asked Yun Sese to prepare a "Moon Beauty" for them. Yun Sese wanted to ask more questions, but Hua Nongying stopped her.

The Emperor summoned Yu Longyuan to play chess and asked him which of the four princesses he liked. Yu Longyuan said he didn't consider those things yet and left. The Emperor felt that Yu Longyuan never cared about him and had Chu Jinghong brought out when he learned that she was brought back by Yu Longyuan.

Chu Jinghong was taken away for investigation because she was suspected of murder. The victim was the person who had framed her before and her handkerchief was found beside the body. Chu Jinghong remembered wiping her hands with the handkerchief after it was used to treat her wound and threw it away. She also mentioned that she was with Yu Longyuan the night before. Because the Emperor said that Yu Longyuan had to come and retrieve her, the person in charge locked Chu Jinghong up first.

Chu Jinghong was surprised to see Ye Feibai come to see her. She asked if he came to rescue her, but Ye Feibai denied it.

Chu Jinghong looked at Ye Feibai and realized that he was not there to rescue her. She asked him what he was there for and said that there was nothing to entertain him. Ye Feibai replied that he would release her if she cured Chen Sanbiao. At that time, although he was weak, he was still alive.

Chu Jinghong thanked him for not revealing that she had been to the Da Nei Hang Chang. Otherwise, her suspicion would have been greater. Ye Feibai wanted her to help with the investigation.

When the emperor learned that Ye Feibai had gone to question Chu Jinghong, he was surprised. The eunuch said that the recent case in the capital could not be solved by the Jingzhao Prefecture, so it was handed over to Da Nei Hang Chang. The official said that Yu Longyuan had not asked about Chu Jinghong, so he might not be interested.

Chu Jinghong came to examine the bodies and found needle marks behind their ears. She said that if the needle was hollow and coated with anticoagulant, it could cause the victim to bleed to death.

After leaving, the guards from the palace were waiting outside to take Chu Jinghong back. She said she didn't need Yu Longyuan's help since she had already escaped. However, since Yu Longyuan was not there, she had to go back with them. Chu Jinghong fell asleep in the sedan and Yu Longyuan carried her out. He said that he had saved her and asked her to repay him.

There's a scene with the fifth victim ahead, Chu Jinghong says she wants to go check it out, maybe she can find more clues. A woman's scream is heard ahead, Chu Jinghong and Ye Feibai rush over to find a black-clad man who looks exactly like Yu Longyuan.

The man shoots a hidden weapon at Chu Jinghong, but Ye Feibai pulls her away and the man gets away. Chu Jinghong thinks Ye Feibai let him go to save her, and he asks her if she doesn't trust Yu Longyuan. She's not sure, after all, this man looks exactly like him. Hua Nongying comes over and asks if Yun Sese has made the arrangements, she says everything is taken care of.

Chu Jinghong goes to find Yu Longyuan and tells him the killer looks exactly like him. He insists he's not the killer. The Empress tells the Emperor that now that everyone has seen someone who looks exactly like Yu Longyuan kill someone, they will all suspect him. Plus, Yu Longyuan is cursed, every full moon his meridians will break and blood will seep out of every pore, like a monster. The Empress says they will close in on him soon.

Yu Longyuan comes to find Chu Jinghong, she thinks he never married or had children due to poor kidney health and asks if he's seen a doctor, advising him to pay attention to his diet. He's surprised that she cares about his blood curse.

Yu Longyuan asked her where she learned medicine, and heard that her mother was a female doctor. Chu Jinghong said she learned from her mother. Unexpectedly, Yu Longyuan said that Chu Jinghong's mother died of a difficult childbirth and asked how she learned. Chu Jinghong quickly said that she learned from the medical book left by her mother.

Yu Longyuan came to find Chu Jinghong and said he had proposed to Bei Chu, and Chu Jinghong would be his future queen. Feng Wu came to find Yu Longyuan and said that she wanted to hold a banquet and invited Yu Longyuan and Chu Jinghong to attend. Chu Jinghong promised to go, and Yu Longyuan said he would also go. The emperor was happy to hear that Yu Longyuan was going to the banquet because it was a full moon night.

At the banquet, Chu Jinghong's maid accidentally bumped into Yuan Feiyu, who then slapped the maid. Yuan Feiyu continued to be aggressive, so Chu Jinghong slapped her back. Yuan Feiyu asked angrily if Chu Jinghong wanted to destroy the country, and Chu Jinghong asked if she thought that Southern Qin's strength was above the four countries and she wanted to become the Empress. Yuan Feiyu was scared into silence.

Yu Longyuan came to the banquet and said that Chu Jinghong was his future queen, and anyone who bullied her would have to answer to him. Yu Longyuan and Chu Jinghong left first, but Yu Longyuan was uncomfortable and encountered an assassin. Chu Jinghong rushed to protect Yu Longyuan, and Hua Nongying saved them.

The emperor was very angry that Yu Longyuan was not captured by so many people. Chu Jinghong asked Hua Nongying why she saved them. Hua Nongying said that if she wanted to know, she should come to Yun Yu Lou. Maybe she would tell her how to lift the blood curse. Chu Jinghong went to Yun Yu Lou to find Hua Nongying. Hua Nongying asked her to touch this pot of flowers.

Chu Jinghong touched it, and the pot of flowers immediately bloomed. Hua Nongying said that Chu Jinghong was her own sister. She was sent to Da Shang country when she was a child, and has been lurking in Da Shang country. After the birth of the royal family of Bei Chu country, they would use the medicine made by the Moon Beauty to soak and relieve the blood curse.

Hua Nongying said that Yu Longyuan had known that Chu Jinghong could relieve the blood curse long ago, so he kept Chu Jinghong by his side. Hua Nongying said that there was another way to get rid of the blood curse, which was to refine the Feather Transformation Pill. Chu Jinghong went back to find Yu Longyuan and asked if he had known it a long time ago. Yu Longyuan admitted it. Chu Jinghong asked Yu Longyuan if he would take her back to the palace if she couldn't relieve the blood curse. Yu Longyuan asked her if she would come back with him if he was not Lord Zhan. Chu Jinghong felt that she wanted to cling to the thigh of Lord Zhan, so she moved back to Suo Qing Palace.

Wen Liangyu thought that Chu Jinghong must have been driven out by Yu Longyuan, and Yuan Feiyu thought it was a good opportunity.

Yuan Feiyu gave Ling'er a package of medicine and asked her to put it in Chu Jinghong's wash water. Ling'er brought the water over and said it was dirty, so she replaced it with a new bowl. Yuan Feiyu called Ling'er over and scolded her, then gave her another package of medicine, telling her to do it right this time.

Ling'er went to Chu Jinghong and told her what happened, saying that she was sent by Yuan Feiyu to monitor her, but because Chu Jinghong had been kind to her, she didn't want to harm her. Chu Jinghong went to Yuan Feiyu and slapped her several times, saying she deserved it because she was cruel and implicated the innocent. Yuan Feiyu was stunned and didn't know what to do.

Chu Jinghong received a message from Xiao Jiu that there was a patient with soft tissue contusion who needed treatment within an hour. Chu Jinghong treated Yuan Feiyu's injury, despite having just slapped her. Yu Longyuan also came and took Chu Jinghong away. Wen Liangyu watched on, feeling angry. Yu Longyuan said they needed each other and shouldn't be separated over trivial matters. Chu Jinghong said she had found a way to lift his blood curse, and Yu Longyuan said he would protect her.

Ye Feibai came to Chu Jinghong and asked her to help save a person. Chu Jinghong followed him and treated the person's injuries.

Chu Jinghong and Ye Feibai came out, and a group of assassins came to them. Ye Feibai asked Chu Jinghong to close her eyes for a while and defeated all these assassins by himself. Chu Jinghong noticed that Ye Feibai was injured and asked him to deal with it as soon as possible, otherwise it would be more serious.

Chu Jinghong stayed here and Baoer woke up and asked Ye Feibai who this person is. Ye Feibai told Baoer that Chu Jinghong was invited by him to treat her injuries. Baoer cried and said that this person's medical skills were not good, making her suffer. Chu Jinghong thought that this person's tea skills were good.

Baoer asked Chu Jinghong if she knew who she was to Ye Feibai. Chu Jinghong said that she was only responsible for healing people and not interested in other things. Baoer said she wanted to tell her that she was Ye Feibai's fiancé. Ye Feibai sent Chu Jinghong back and said that Baoer was his cousin, inexperienced in the world, and a bit naive, which is why she acted against her. Chu Jinghong said it was nothing.

Chu Jinghong returned and found that Yu Longyuan had not yet returned, so she continued to study how to remove the blood curse from him. Chu Jinghong received a message from Xiao Jiu, saying that Ye Feibai's injury needed to be treated within an hour, otherwise she would be punished. Chu Jinghong then realized that Ye Feibai had not dealt with the injury at all, and rushed to find him. Ye Feibai was about to change Baoer's medicine when Chu Jinghong came in and saw him.


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