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June Wu (Wu Junyu) Profile

Wu Junyu

June Wu(Wu Junyu, 吴俊余) born on March 7, 1993, in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, is a Chinese singer and actor.

In 2010, he took part in the Super Boy and won 9th place in the final. In 2012, he appeared in his first drama Banana Boy. On July 23, 2021, the drama My Queen was aired in which he played the lead role.

Basic Info

Wu Junyu

Stage Name: Wu Junyu
Chinese Name: Wu Jun Yu (吴俊余)
English Name: June Wu
Place of Birth: Chengdu, Sichuan
Nationality: China
Birthday: March 07, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 177cm (5’9″)
Weight: 56kg (123.2 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Fandom Name: Jin Yu(Goldfish)
Weibo: 吴俊余


  1. June Wu’s agency is Rumeng Culture Media.
  2. Education: he studied at the Beijing Contemporary Music School.
  3. Favorite Food: sushi.
  4. Favorite Fruit: litchi.
  5. Favorite Color: blue.
  6. Likes to swim.
  7. He jumps rope to ruduce weight.
  8. Likes to drink tea, and collects a lot of tea set.
  9. He has written fantasy novels.
  10. His pseudonym is Ikkyu.
  11. He is a homebody and can stay at home for two weeks without going out.
  12. June Wu ikes to travel to France.
  13. His idol is Wang Lee-Hong.
  14. Ideal Type Girlfriend: Kind and filial.


  • My Queen(我的女主别太萌)(Qin Han / Murong Chen)(2021)
  • Rattan(司藤)(Wang Qianqun)(2021)
  • Forward Forever(热血同行)(Yang Zen)(2020)
  • Love Better Than Immortality(天雷一部之春花秋月)(Xiao Bai)(2019)
  • A Legend of Chinese Immortal(剑侠)(Xiao Yu)(2014)
  • Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties 3(笑傲江湖)(Li Ke)(2014)
  • Swordsman(笑傲江湖)(Yue Buqun | Young)(2013)
  • In Love with Power(美人无泪)(Shun Zhi)(2012)
  • Banana Boy(成人记)(Gu Xiaochun)(2012)


  • The Frozen Hero II(冰封侠:时空行者)(Xizong Emperor)
  • 20:16(Ye Haipeng)(2021)
  • Mark of Youth(全城高考)(He Fan)()
  • Love Never Dies(堵车)(Yi Xiu)(2011)

TV Show

  • Super Nova Games: Season 2(超新星全运会第二季)(2019)
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