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Forward Forever – Huang Zitao, Jackson Yee

Forward Forever is an inspirational drama directed by Liu Yizhi, led by Huang Zitao and Jackson Yee, co-starring Hu Bingqing, Ma Zehan, Wu Junyu, and Ning Xin.

The drama is based on the manga "艳势番 / Yan Shi Fan".


Forward Forever

English Title: Forward Forever
Chinese Title: 热血同行
Genre: Youth, War, Drama, Action, Historical
Episodes: 58
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Yizhi
Writer: Su Peng, Hu Yating, Jiang Daqiao, Huang Shanshan
Producer: Liang Zhenhua
Product Company: PERFECT WORLD PICTURES, China Wit Media, EE-MEDIA, L.TAO Entertainment
Released Date: 2020-01-20
Broadcast Website: Youku, Idol & Romance,



There was a secret organization of royalty and aristocrats, named the "Yan Shi Fan".

It has long been corrupted and decayed during the turbulent times of the late Qing Dynasty.

A group of young noblemen with new ideas, led by Chong Li Ming, and a young citizen, A Yi, work together to revive the "Yan Shi Fan", protecting the country.


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