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Michelle Bai (Bai Bing) Profile

Michelle Bai

Michelle Bai(Bai Bing, 白冰), born on May 2, 1986, in Xi’an, Shanxi Province, is a Chinese actress.

In 2006, she signed a contract with Emperor Entertainment Group Limited, after participating in the CCTV talent show 梦想中国, and made her debut in the romantic film Call for Love in 2007. In 2010, Bai Bing’s popularity rose with the costume romantic drama The Myth.

Her main works include War of Desire, Mr. and Mrs. Single, Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties, Master of My Own, etc.

Basic Info

Michelle Bai

Stage Name: Michelle Bai
Chinese Name: Bai Bing / 白冰
Birth Name: Chen Dong / 陈东
Nickname: Bai Xiaobing, Bingbing, Er Gongzhu, Bing Jie
Place of Birth: Xi'an, Shanxi
Nationality: China
Birthday: May 02, 1986
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 165cm (5’4″)
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Fandom Name: 纯冰糖
Weibo: 白冰


  1. Michelle Bai’s agent is Emperor Entertainment Group.
  2. Education: he graduated from Northwest University of Political Science and Law and majored in International Law.
  3. She learned piano from a young age.
  4. Michelle Bai’s ex-husband is Chinese actor Dusting Ding Yi.
  5. In 2012, Bai Bing and Ding Yi met by chance through friends in Hong Kong and eventually accepted Ding Yi’s marriage proposal on the Empire State Building in New York.
  6. On December 10, 2013, Bai Bing and Ding Yi held a wedding ceremony at Shangqiu Huachu Yuehai Hotel.
  7. On April 22, 2014, she gave birth to a daughter, whose nickname is Yi Yi.
  8. On June 12, 2020, Bai Bing revealed herself to be divorced from Ding Yi in the variety show Sisters Who Make Waves.


  • Master of My Own(Han Yi Meng)(2022)
  • Liu Yong Pursues the Case(Jin Wan’er)(2021)
  • Court Lady(Consort Qiao)(2021)
  • Winter Begonia(Jiang Meng Ping)(2020)
  • The Galloped Era(Liao Yi Mei)(2019)
  • Original Sin(Wu Wen Xuan)(2018)
  • The Evolution of Our Love(He Xin)(2018)
  • Only Side by Side with You(Wen Di)(2018)
  • Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors(Gao Yan)(2017)
  • Detective Dee(Aunt Wang)(2017)
  • Taichi Master(Liang Si Luo)(2017)
  • The Legend of Flying Daggers(Shang Guan Xian / Young)(2016)
  • Ice Fantasy(Lian Ji / young)(2016)
  • Marshal Peng Dehuai(Qi Xin)(2016)
  • You Are My Sisters(An Jing)(2015)
  • Prenuptial Agreement(Chu Zheng)(2015)
  • The Four(Jiu Wei Hu)(2015)
  • I Want to Become a Stewardess(Yu Mei Mei)(2013)
  • Past Days of Shanghai(Xiu He)(2013)
  • Painted Skin II – Hua Pi(Xiao Wei, a Fox Spirit)(2013)
  • Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties(Empress Xiao of Sui)(2013)
  • The Palace 2: The Lock Pearl Screen(Geng Shuwan)(2012)
  • War of Desire(Miao Feng Yan)(2011)
  • Cafe(Shen Li)(2010)
  • The Dream of Red Mansions(Xue Bao Chai / Adult)(2010)
  • The Myth(Princess Yu Shu)(2010)


  • Love After Love(Mrs. Xin)(2020)
  • Goddesses in the Flames of War(Miss Zhang Jia Da)(2018)
  • Love Only(Song Wei)(2018)
  • Operation Red Sea(Teng Mei)(2018)
  • Cook Up A Storm(Mayo)(2017)
  • The Big Lie Bang(Li Qing)(2016)
  • Great Changes(Main Role)(2015)
  • Kung Fu Jungle(Shan Ying)(2014)
  • As The Light Goes Out(Yang Lin)(2014)
  • Chinese Zodiac(Lily)(2012)
  • The Viral Factor(Ice)(2012)
  • Beginning of the Great Revival(Lu Yin)(2011)
  • Shaolin(Tian Er)(2011)
  • Crossed Lines(Ouyang Li Li)(2007)
  • Call for Love(Zhou Xin Rui)(2007)

TV Show

  • A Journey For Love(2021)
  • Sisters Who Make Waves(2020)
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