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Yi Wu Zhi Cheng – Wallace Chung, Qin Lan

Yi Wu Zhi Cheng is a romantic drama directed by Liu Junjie and Ma Weiwei, led by Wallace Chung and Qin Lan, co-starring Michelle Bai, Lawrence Wong, Wang Yizhou, and Zhang Yunqi, with a special appearance by Chen Jin and Wang Zhen'er.

Based on the novel "Shui Zai Shi Jian De Bi An / 谁在时间的彼岸", the drama tells the story of Feng Rui and Tan Siting, who regretfully break up due to a misunderstanding, and then accidentally reunite many years later, eventually breaking the ice after many twists and turns.


Yi Wu Zhi Cheng

English Title: Yi Wu Zhi Cheng
Chinese Title: 亦舞之城
Other Titles: 谁在时间的彼岸
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 30
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Liu Junjie, Ma Weiwei
Writer: Chen Yan, Chen Shu
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



Renowned international ballet artist Tan Siting, after achieving great success, returned to her home country to teach. Her greatest wish is to impart her ballet skills, allowing more children the opportunity to experience and understand art, while also discovering more talents, helping them step onto the world stage.

During this time, Tan Siting unexpectedly met ballet prodigy Zheng Yufan, who was facing a technical bottleneck. Under Tan Siting's careful guidance, Zheng Yufan won a gold medal in an international competition, making a stunning debut. The story of Tan Siting's perseverance in pursuing her dreams despite pain and hardship spread widely and was highly acclaimed.

Through a fortunate coincidence, Tan Siting unexpectedly reunited with her former husband, Feng Rui. The calm waters of their hearts were once again stirred. Feng Rui was moved by Tan Siting's pursuit of her dreams, her passion for art, and her unwavering feelings for him. In the end, Feng Rui let go of his reservations and bravely pursued love once more. The two lovers finally became a family, and Tan Siting's ballet career was also passed on, ensuring its legacy.


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