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Stand or Fall – Qin Lan, Wang Yang

Stand or Fall is an urban romantic drama directed by Wang Ying, led by Qin Lan and Wang Yang, co-starring Zhang Meng, Liu Yun, Wei Qianxiang, Wang Guanyi, and Zhang Duo, with special appearances by Ji Chen, Liu Mengmeng, Li Dongheng, Lei Mu, Jiang Kai, and Tong Chenjie.

The drama is adapted from Bilibili comic artist Wu Fei's comic "Ben San Na Nian / 奔三那年", which tells the story of several women with very different personalities who encounter problems and conflicts in their respective age 30 lives.


Stand or Fall

English Title: Stand or Fall
Chinese Title: 闪耀的她
Other Titles: 她只是不想输
Genre: Urban, Romance, Drama, Life
Tag: Multiple Couples, Strong Female Lead, Independent Female Lead, Adapted from a Manhua
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Wang Ying
Writer: Yu Jing
Producer: Li Eryun, Liang Fang
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Yingli Media
Released Date: 2023-06-18
Broadcast Website: WeTV, TencentVideo



Guan Wen, Jing Zhiqiu, and Chen Xuanxuan are three women with very different personalities who encounter problems and conflicts at their respective ages of 30. The mirror image reflects the painful point of the existence of women and their strong power to against the current in the face of crisis.


In a bustling metropolis, on this evening, Guan Wen changed her clothes in the restroom and prepared to discuss business. Her superior informed her that he would be returning to headquarters, so his position was likely to be hers. In the following period, Guan Wen worked hard to secure more projects. Just as she was about to leave the restroom, she was unexpectedly vomited on by a drunken Jing Zhiqiu.

Her good friend, Chen Xuanxuan, happened to witness the incident and quickly came over to apologize. However, Guan Wen's dress was already stained. The man who bumped into her offered to compensate her with a dress. Surprisingly, Guan Wen claimed to have a dinner engagement and the man kindly lent her his clothes. Guan Wen took the opportunity to ask for his business card.

In fact, Guan Wen had planned all of this; she wanted to obtain his contact information and facilitate a collaboration. Guan Wen had made thorough preparations to secure a position on the ground floor of the building, and she quickly signed a contract with the man. This incident spread within the company, and it must be said that Guan Wen was indeed very capable. Before Guan Wen arrived in the meeting room, everyone started discussing her. However, when Guan Wen presented her achievements, some people naturally had nothing more to say.

After finishing work, just as Guan Wen was about to leave, she received a message from a friend, informing her that other competitors within the company had reportedly obtained a major project and had already signed a contract. Guan Wen quickly called to inquire about the situation since she had worked hard to secure that project. Guan Wen's subordinates initially thought they could leave work early that day, but as they were preparing to leave, Guan Wen informed them that they would need to work late tonight. Guan Wen then began assigning tasks to her subordinates, as she was determined to win this project.

While Guan Wen was still working late, she unexpectedly received news that her brother, Guan Tengfei, had been hospitalized due to being beaten. When their parents arrived, they had brought food, thinking it was for their son, but to their surprise, it was for Guan Wen. Guan's parents had always shown great care for their daughter, while their son, Guan Tengfei, was always causing trouble, so their parents didn't like him very much.

Guan Wen continued working at the company, focusing on her tasks. She was determined to win back that project. The next morning, Guan Wen went to find Director Lin early in the morning. However, at that moment, her competitor, Lydia, also arrived at the company to meet with Director Lin. Lydia intended to bribe Director Lin with gifts, while Guan Wen showcased her true capabilities. Guan Wen even mentioned sending the proposal to the chairman.

In the end, Guan Wen secured the project, which meant she was likely to be promoted. Lydia and her colleagues were speaking ill of Guan Wen in the restroom, unaware that Guan Wen was also present. It can be said that Guan Wen was very capable, so she naturally wasn't afraid of Lydia. Lydia always liked to use her looks to try to obtain projects, which ultimately wouldn't be successful. Seeing that she would likely be promoted, Guan Wen invited her two good friends, Jing Zhiqiu and Chen Xuanxuan, out for a drink. That night, after having some drinks, Guan Wen arranged for a designated driver.

Unfortunately, they ended up rear-ending the car in front of them. Guan Wen was already intoxicated and believed someone had hit her car. She got out of the car to argue with the other party, only to find out that the person was her ex-boyfriend from university, Ding Ning. Since Guan Wen was drunk, she wrote the words "jerk" on Ding Ning's car using her lipstick. Ding Ning was also very angry and wrote his phone number on Guan Wen's face with the lipstick.

Early in the morning, Guan Wen was awakened by a message on her phone. When she went to wash her face, she discovered that her face was covered in smeared lipstick. Guan Wen was completely dumbfounded. Director Lin Yue once again invited Guan Wen to have dinner in the evening, but Guan Wen had already investigated and found out that he had a wife. Guan Wen even told her good friend Chen Xuanxuan that she would give Director Lin a big gift.

That night, during dinner with Director Lin, Guan Wen continued to discuss work matters. Director Lin even attempted to touch Guan Wen's hand, but unexpectedly, his wife arrived at that moment.

Director Lin never expected that the woman calling him from behind would turn out to be his wife. He quickly signaled Guan Wen to be careful with her words. When Guan Wen saw Director Lin's wife, she claimed to be discussing business with him and placed the prepared drawings on the table. Guan Wen even managed to get Director Lin's wife's WeChat number before leaving on the pretext of something else.

Just as Guan Wen was about to work overtime, she unexpectedly saw Lydia flirting with another married man from the company. This worried Guan Wen. The next morning, during the meeting preparations, Guan Wen learned that Matt had been suspended and was under investigation. She glanced at Lydia, suspecting that Lydia might have had something to do with it. Guan Wen couldn't reach Matt and grew even more anxious.

As a legal assistant, Chen Xuanxuan had lost her temper three times while discussing cases with clients at the law firm, making her superiors very angry. When Guan Wen returned home, she encountered an elevator maintenance issue and coincidentally ran into a delivery guy heading to her floor. Since the delivery guy was busy with the next order, Guan Wen volunteered to take the delivery up.

Guan Wen's mother called her and heard a man's voice in the background, assuming it was her boyfriend. In reality, Guan Wen's parents had been worried about her love life, but she had been focusing on her work and hadn't found a boyfriend all these years.

While at work, Lydia deliberately taunted Guan Wen, knowing that Matt's suspension had affected her chances of getting promoted. Guan Wen decided to involve Lydia in the same project since they both had the responsibility for it. Lydia saw this as a good opportunity and eagerly accepted. As soon as Guan Wen left the company, she messaged Lydia, warning her not to be too arrogant.

Meanwhile, Lydia made plans to have dinner with Director Lin, and Guan Wen decided to invite Director Lin's wife out as well, pretending to set up a dinner appointment via message. However, Director Lin claimed to be in a meeting when his wife asked him to join her for dinner. When his wife entered the restaurant, she was shocked to find Lydia and her husband dining together. Outraged, she confronted Lydia, and a physical fight broke out.

Upon receiving a call from Chen Xuanxuan about his trouble, Guan Wen rushed to check on the situation. Chen Xuanxuan had accidentally torn up the other party's contract, and as a result, the boss was furious and fired her.

Jing Zhiqiu and Guan Wen comforted Chen Xuanxuan, with Guan Wen criticizing Chen Xuanxuan for placing too much importance on her husband, Lin Hao, and accusing her of being blinded by love. They left together.

Returning home, Jing Zhiqiu was informed by the nanny that she had already put their child to bed. She went to the room to check on her sleeping son. Chen Xuanxuan, feeling upset, went home with swollen eyes. Seeing his wife in a bad mood, Lin Hao tried to comfort her.

Jing Zhiqiu planned to have a romantic evening with her husband, spraying on the perfume she had just bought. However, when Wang Liren smelled the fragrance, he sneezed and claimed to be busy with work. Chen Xuanxuan's mother called again, wanting to buy them a car, which Lin Hao had really wanted. However, Chen Xuanxuan refused the offer directly.

Soon, the incident where Lydia and Director Lin were caught dining together by Director Lin's wife in the restaurant spread throughout the company. Guan Wen handed Lydia a resignation letter, but Lydia angrily tore it up. Lydia had originally intended to report Guan Wen, and Guan Wen knew that Matt's situation was a result of their report, but they had no evidence, so the matter was dropped.

At this time, news of personnel changes came out, and it turned out that Lydia's lover had taken over Matt's position. Guan Wen was very dissatisfied but knew that the company would side with Lydia. Guan Wen was angry, knowing that Lydia was trying to sabotage her but couldn't do anything about it.

Guan Wen wanted to invite Director Lin out, but a headhunting company also wanted to poach her. Guan Wen didn't want to continue the discussion and decided to leave. She wasn't one to give up easily.

Guan Wen found Director Zheng and explained her intentions, providing her company's brand information. Director Zheng was impressed with Guan Wen's proposal. He visited Guan Wen's company and showed his approval of her approach.

Ding Ning celebrated his 35th birthday with his close friends. Jing Zhiqiu invited Guan Wen for a drink to celebrate her victory in the recent project. To reconcile Guan Wen and Chen Xuanxuan, Jing Zhiqiu arranged this meeting, hoping to mend their friendship.

During the conversation, Chen Xuanxuan expressed her frustration, feeling that Guan Wen looked down on her and even said she wanted to end their friendship. Chen Xuanxuan even wrote a letter of ending their friendship with lipstick on a tissue. As she was about to leave, she overheard Lydia talking bad about Guan Wen, which led to a fight between the two. Guan Wen found the situation both infuriating and amusing, trying to break up the fight.

Meanwhile, Ding Ning and his friend came to watch the spectacle, and Ding Ning was surprised to see Guan Wen. Accidentally, Guan Wen spilled her food on Ding Ning. They were old adversaries, and Guan Wen didn't expect to run into him there.

Guan Wen's success in securing the project impressed the management, but Lydia's lover, Pete, felt that Guan Wen was uncontrollable and wanted to fire her. They believed Guan Wen was too arrogant and self-centered. Guan Wen disagreed with Pete's claims and said she would submit her resignation before the end of the day.

Guan Wen shared her decision to resign with her two best friends, and they were surprised but fully supported her. They believed Guan Wen deserved a better place where her talents would be appreciated.

The next day, Guan Wen started packing her things to leave the office. Lydia came over to taunt her again, but Guan Wen warned her that one day she would settle the score.

Guan Wen managed to find the headhunting company that had approached her before. She now needed to find a better job. Soon, she went for an interview at the place recommended by the headhunting company. They gave her positive feedback, saying her performance was excellent. Now, she was waiting for their response.

Chen Xuanxuan's parents came to her home and learned that she had been dismissed. Lin Hao was surprised since Chen Xuanxuan hadn't told him about it. Before her parents left, they asked if they should help her secure another position through connections. Chen Xuanxuan directly refused their offer, making Lin Hao angry, but he held his tongue and followed her lead.

Chen Xuanxuan called her friends and told them about her plan to open her own store. Guan Wen, despite leaving her current company, had an interview with a more prestigious one. Though she didn't know the outcome yet, Guan Wen was confident.

Lydia came to taunt Guan Wen, but Guan Wen didn't care and said she would settle the score one day. Lydia mocked her as a loser. Though Guan Wen was leaving, her subordinates liked her. Even though she could be strict, they learned a lot from her.

Just then, Guan Wen received a call from the headhunter. To her surprise, she didn't pass the interview, as they had investigated her and learned about her arrogant and improper relationships with partners. The headhunter couldn't recommend her for another job, which was a significant blow to Guan Wen.

Lydia called Guan Wen to mock her again and said she could speak highly of her to Pete if Guan Wen said some good things about her. Chen Xuanxuan, on her way home, found that the lock on her door wouldn't open. It turned out that Lin Hao's cousin had come. Lin Hao's cousin raised him and treated Chen Xuanxuan harshly when they first met. Now, she scolded Chen Xuanxuan harshly, causing her to fall down the stairs. When she came to Chen Xuanxuan's home, she didn't even bother to greet her and even used Chen Xuanxuan's lipstick casually. Though Chen Xuanxuan was angry, she couldn't say anything.

Guan Wen continued to discuss with her friends about her interview being sabotaged by Lydia. Her parents called again, and she made up an excuse to hurriedly end the call. Everyone had their own troubles, and Jing Zhiqiu was also frustrated. She wanted to be close to her husband every day, but he was always busy with work and didn't have time to sleep in the same bed as her. She went to her husband's office and found him with a much younger secretary. She dismissed the secretary and tried to be intimate with her husband, but he rejected her, leaving Jing Zhiqiu feeling down as she left the office.

Chen Xuanxuan also had to deal with Lin Hao's cousin, who was now asking to borrow money again without repaying the previous loan. Chen Xuanxuan was furious when she heard about it.

Chen Xuanxuan was very angry, so she went archery to vent her emotions. Guan Wen thought she should talk to Lin Hao's cousin clearly, but Chen Xuanxuan began to consider Lin Hao's feelings and hesitated to speak up. In the evening, Jing Zhiqiu changed into nice clothes, waiting for her husband to return. She called him, but he kept saying he was in a meeting. After waiting for a long time, Jing Zhiqiu got angry and blocked her husband on WeChat.

Guan Wen took Chen Xuanxuan home, but unexpectedly, Guan Wen's mother brought a potential suitor named Liu Wei to their house and even introduced him to Guan Wen. Guan Wen made an excuse about a business trip and went back to her room to pack and leave. Just as she stepped out, Jing Zhiqiu also came to find Guan Wen. Since she was angry with her husband, she wanted to stay at Guan Wen's place for a few days. Since none of them wanted to be at home, they ended up going on a trip together. Chen Xuanxuan found a vacation spot for them to relax.

At the vacation spot, Guan Wen met Matt, who had already resigned from the company. She hoped he would find a more suitable job. Guan Wen thought about work even while on vacation, but Chen Xuanxuan hung up her call and insisted that Guan Wen experience skinny dipping since it would be her 33rd birthday tomorrow. Guan Wen stood by the pool in a bathrobe, waiting for Jing Zhiqiu and Chen Xuanxuan to join her, but unexpectedly, Ding Ning came instead, as he was here for a business meeting. Ding Ning arrived just in time to see Guan Wen naked, scaring her so much that she almost fell into the pool.

As a result, she accidentally pushed Ding Ning into the pool. The two began to bicker again, seemingly destined to meet as enemies. After returning to the room, Guan Wen saw that Jing Zhiqiu and Chen Xuanxuan were wearing swimsuits. When she learned that Chen Xuanxuan hadn't locked the door, Guan Wen "scolded" her.

Ding Ning had come for business, but accidentally ran into Guan Wen, disrupting everything. He could only call Chen Xuanxuan again. Afterward, his friend Xiao Yan Cheng called to ask if the business was settled, but Ding Ning said he couldn't make it due to some sudden developments. Later, he received a call from Cathy and went rock climbing in the afternoon, where he coincidentally met Guan Wen and Jing Zhiqiu. Jing Zhiqiu was discussing whether to have a second child with Guan Wen. Her mother-in-law wanted her to. While Guan Wen was preparing to start climbing, she found someone else took her route.

She was furious when she realized it was Ding Ning and a girl. Guan Wen had to choose another route but accidentally fell during the climb. Ding Ning rushed to catch her, but then he dropped her on the ground. In the end, Ding Ning left with his companion, Cathy. Guan Wen and her friends went to a club to dance, and Ding Ning and Cathy also came. Ding Ning was accompanying Cathy to try and secure a project and just wanted a chance to meet Chen Xuanxuan. When Ding Ning came out of the bathroom, he coincidentally encountered a drunk Guan Wen. They started bickering again, and it led to Cathy leaving.

Guan Wen was completely drunk and passed out the next day. Her friends were surprised to learn it was Ding Ning, as they knew about Guan Wen's strange ex-boyfriend from college. This time, Ding Ning's business trip ended without any achievements, but the most memorable moment was when he saw Guan Wen naked by the pool.

Guan Wen, Chen Xuanxuan, and Jing Zhiqiu had just returned. Both Jing Zhiqiu and Chen Xuanxuan had someone come to pick them up. Chen Xuanxuan was delighted when she found out that Lin Hao came to pick her up and even brought her a pair of flat shoes. They left together. Jing Zhiqiu thought her husband had sent a car to pick her up, but she was surprised to find out that it was Wang Liren's mother who came to pick her up.

She felt speechless about the situation. When she returned home, Wang Liren's mother started complaining. She said her son was working overtime at the company while Jing Zhiqiu was out having fun. She wanted them to have a second child as soon as possible. Jing Zhiqiu mentioned that Wang Liren was sleeping in the study every day. Wang Liren's mother came over to urge them to have a second child. Jing Zhiqiu also wanted to have one, but it required her husband's cooperation.

Lin Hao took Chen Xuanxuan home and informed her that the door code had been changed. He apologized for inviting his cousin over to stay without considering it properly. Chen Xuanxuan felt happier after Lin Hao's apology. In the past, Chen Xuanxuan had a miscarriage after being pushed down the stairs by Lin Hao's cousin. When Jing Zhiqiu and Guan Wen learned about this, they got very angry and scolded Lin Hao severely.

Later, Chen Xuanxuan worried that Lin Hao might mind that she lost a child. However, Lin Hao knelt down and proposed to her, and she was deeply moved and accepted, even without a ring. The next day, Chen Xuanxuan and Lin Hao got their marriage certificate. They were supposed to go for a pre-marital check-up in the afternoon, but Chen Xuanxuan had to go alone because Lin Hao had something to do at work.

Guan Wen and Jing Zhiqiu went to get their haircuts. Guan Wen got a short haircut, symbolizing a fresh start. Even though Cathy left, she still helped connect Chen Xuanxuan with the company president. This time, Ding Ning successfully secured the project, and he was very happy. Zheng Dong didn't expect Ding Ning to win the project so smoothly. He found out that Ding Ning was meeting Cathy without his knowledge.

Ding Ning tried to explain, but Zheng Dong showed pictures of Ding Ning and Cathy together in a bar. Ding Ning didn't care and said they were discussing relationship-related matters. Since there was no recording, Zheng Dong couldn't do anything.

Guan Wen found Chen Xuanxuan at the mall, but Chen Xuanxuan had already signed a contract for a shop space. Guan Wen felt that Chen Xuanxuan was hiding something from them, but Chen Xuanxuan said she didn't know how to talk about it. Ding Ning found out that Zheng Dong had gone behind his back to gather information on him and was very angry. When Chen Xuanxuan got home, Lin Hao scolded her for turning off her phone in the afternoon. Chen Xuanxuan learned from her check-up that her menstrual cycle was irregular. Lin Hao didn't say anything and just brought her a glass of water.

Chen Xuanxuan said she wanted to spend a million to open a shop, and Lin Hao felt upset that she didn't discuss such a significant matter with him. Chen Xuanxuan did talk to Lin Hao about it, but he was busy with a meeting at that time, so she decided on her own. Chen Xuanxuan knew that Lin Hao was upset about this, so she apologized to him.

Guan Wen went for an interview at Wanli Company, where she demonstrated her skills and ambition, expressing her confidence that she could do better if given the opportunity. Ding Ning was very angry because he offended Zheng Dong, and as a result, he was assigned to Wanli, which had the worst performance.

Ding Ning was unhappy but had to accept the arrangement. During this time, Chen Xuanxuan was busy with her shop, while Jing Zhiqiu's mother-in-law put up many baby pictures at home, hoping they would have a second child soon. Guan Wen cleaned up the house and felt much better seeing the tidy home. Moreover, she passed the interview at Wanli, which made her even happier. However, when she went to work on Monday, the HR department told her that her job offer was put on hold because the new general manager, who just arrived, wanted to review all the interviewees' information. To her surprise, the new general manager turned out to be Ding Ning.

The HR leader at Wanli informed Guan Wen that she couldn't start working there because the management disagreed with her hiring. As compensation, they offered her six months' salary. Guan Wen knew that Ding Ning was intentionally targeting her, so she didn't make things difficult for others. When Ding Ning finished work and saw Guan Wen near his car, they couldn't stand each other. They were like arch-enemies, not even letting each other speak.

Ding Ning refused to work with Guan Wen, so she threatened to approach Zheng Dong. Guan Wen knew that Ding Ning saw her as a rival, so she used Zheng Dong as leverage, and Ding Ning had no choice but to agree. Guan Wen shared the situation of working with Ding Ning with her close friends, but they thought she didn't have to stick to Wanli and could work elsewhere. However, Guan Wen believed that Wanli was the company she felt was more suitable for her.

Chen Xuanxuan's coffee shop had already opened, and everyone would gather and chat there. Guan Wen was always favored by her parents, and they pushed all the responsibilities onto her brother. Whenever Guan Wen returned home, her parents would prepare a table of delicious food for her.

If her brother tried to sneak a bite, he would be scolded. Guan Wen was the pampered one at home, but sometimes she would also help her brother with serving food. Jing Zhiqiu returned home and found that her brother had already come back. She complained that her mother-in-law had visited and urged them to have a second child. Wang Liren was quite speechless and didn't say much because his mind was solely focused on work.

On her first day of work, Guan Wen noticed that her office colleagues were quite lazy, which was one of the reasons why Wanli wasn't developing well. Guan Wen suggested having dinner together, but everyone refused. Unexpectedly, only one colleague agreed to have dinner with her. In the office, when secretary Lisa entered, she intentionally made her skirt very short and unbuttoned a button.

Jing Zhiqiu happened to pass by and saw the scene, so the other person had to leave. Soon after Guan Wen arrived at the company, Ding Ning called her into his office. He had prepared performance plans for her, which were quite demanding. However, Guan Wen wasn't bothered by them and was confident in handling everything.

Jing Zhiqiu had dinner with a group of wealthy ladies, and they were all comparing themselves to each other. Jing Zhiqiu also couldn't help but secretly compare her own appearance. Guan Wen learned from a new colleague that the reason they didn't want to eat with her was because they knew the general manager didn't like her and suspected that she wouldn't stay for long. Guan Wen wasn't afraid and thought that having a meal together wouldn't hurt.

This team was challenging to manage, as everyone had their own ideas. Guan Wen understood that this colleague had originally come to Wanli's headquarters as the first-ranked person, but due to special circumstances, she was downgraded to Wanli. Guan Wen wasn't afraid and her next task was to win hearts.

While helping Lin Hao tidy up his clothes, Chen Xuanxuan unexpectedly found a list of expenses for a trip to Macau in Lin Hao's pants pocket. It seemed Lin Hao had his own secrets. Guan Wen had planned for everyone to attend the meeting on time, but except for the colleague who had dinner with her yesterday, everyone else arrived late. Seeing them trickling in, Guan Wen didn't say anything and just adjourned the meeting.

Chen Xuanxuan felt disappointed as she found no one in the shop, but Guan Wen came over. Chen Xuanxuan was feeling down because of Lin Hao's matters, so Guan Wen started advising her not to focus all her energy on men, as it would be detrimental to herself. During this time, Chen Xuanxuan had also been studying the operation strategies of internet-famous cafes and wanted to make her coffee shop better.

After working late at night, Guan Wen prepared to go home, but she ran into Ding Ning at the door. The two rivals exchanged some banter, but suddenly the power went out, and Guan Wen immediately grabbed Ding Ning as she was afraid of the dark. They had to use their phone flashlights to go down the stairs, but Guan Wen found it difficult to walk with her high heels. Seeing her struggle, Ding Ning pretended to be very calm, and in the end, he had to find an excuse to leave first so that Guan Wen would take off her high heels.

In fact, Ding Ning had been observing Guan Wen from afar and shook his head helplessly as he watched her struggling with her high heels. The next day, Guan Wen held a meeting at the company and adjourned it as soon as everyone arrived, leaving everyone wondering what she was up to. Even so, Guan Wen didn't back down, and this continued for the next few days. However, there was one subordinate named Sun Fei who was late every day. Guan Wen directly mentioned letting Sun Fei resign to show everyone that she meant business. This action made everyone start to respect Guan Wen's management.

Guan Wen told Ding Ning about the incident of firing a colleague, as she wanted to make an example to encourage others to change their lazy ways. She needed to use her own methods to unite the team and get them to work wholeheartedly. Guan Wen also reprimanded a person who was grabbing coupons during working hours. Guan Wen went to Chen Xuanxuan's coffee shop and found that they had many customers today. Unexpectedly, Chen Xuanxuan used bargaining to increase sales.

As Guan Wen was going back to her office with a cup of coffee, she accidentally spilled it on Ai Zong, who demanded compensation from the company as she had signed a contract with the previous director. Guan Wen almost fell, but fortunately, Ding Ning caught her. They later talked to Ai Zong, and when the situation became a stalemate between Guan Wen and Ai Zong, Ding Ning stepped in and offered to compensate, which surprised Guan Wen. Afterward, Guan Wen asked Ding Ning why he did that since it might affect the company, but Ding Ning seemed indifferent.

Later, Guan Wen took her subordinates to a mall for research and found that there were very few visitors, and only a few stores were open. Chen Xuanxuan went to the airport to pick up Lin Hao and saw him chatting and laughing with his colleagues. Chen Xuanxuan wanted to introduce herself to them but was stopped by Lin Hao. Chen Xuanxuan felt a bit upset, but Lin Hao comforted her with a few words, and she didn't get angry. In terms of them officially getting married, Lin Hao said he was waiting for the right opportunity to tell his colleagues.

Jing Zhiqiu happened to be in a restaurant having coffee with a friend. They were talking about how men are easily tempted by seductive women when Jing Zhiqiu saw her husband, Wang Liren, with Lisa. Jing Zhiqiu used the excuse of making a call to Wang Liren and was surprised when Lisa answered. It turned out that Lisa was trying to seduce Wang Liren and wouldn't let any opportunity slip by.

Guan Wen handed her proposal to Ding Ning, and he remembered the time when they had plans to watch a movie together but Guan Wen broke the promise. Ding Ning sighed, realizing that Guan Wen hadn't changed from before. Just when Guan Wen was going to work, she received a call from her brother, Guan Tengfei, asking her to lend him 500,000 yuan. Guan Wen wanted her brother to find a proper job, but Guan Tengfei's job conditions were demanding. Guan Wen was speechless and prepared to leave, but Guan Tengfei hugged her, and this scene was seen by her colleagues.

Chen Xuanxuan was at home thinking about work when Lin Hao returned. Seeing Chen Xuanxuan had just eaten takeout, he immediately helped with cleaning. Lin Hao was doing this to improve his chances of promotion, and now it was crucial for him to get help from Chen Xuanxuan's father. On the other side, Jing Zhiqiu arrived at the hotel and saw her husband and his secretary coming.

She was very angry and rushed over, but Lisa deliberately tried to create misunderstandings to embarrass Jing Zhiqiu. Jing Zhiqiu realized she had been impulsive, so the next morning, she put on her "battle outfit" and came to the company, distributing employee welfare cards. Lisa intentionally brought up the fruit-cutting incident from the day before, but Jing Zhiqiu didn't back down; she was the legitimate one, after all, and not afraid of anything Lisa might say.

Guan Wen went to her former business partner and persuaded them not to close their store temporarily. With Guan Wen's plea, they agreed. Then she went to her previous company because she needed them to prevent Pete and his team from closing their store.

However, Pete and his team proposed very demanding conditions. Guan Tengfei had been taking care of it for Guan Wen, but she was in a meeting at the time, so she hung up the call. Guan Tengfei then sent a message using his good friend's phone, saying he was at the police station. When Guan Wen saw this, she got angry and immediately went to the police station, only to find out that her brother had lied to her. Guan Wen was furious.

Feeling tired from wearing high heels, Guan Wen took them off, and Ding Ning happened to come over. Ding Ning taunted Guan Wen, but she didn't back down and expressed her determination to handle the matter well. Jing Zhiqiu went to Chen Xuanxuan's coffee shop.

Although she had many customers every day, she was still losing 40,000 yuan. Jing Zhiqiu helped Chen Xuanxuan reprice her items. After working overtime, Ding Ning prepared to go to the meeting room to get something and saw Guan Wen asleep, exhausted from her busyness. Ding Ning remembered the time when they were still a couple, and Guan Wen had neglected his birthday due to study commitments. Despite that, they were both very happy.

Wang Liren took Lisa to socialize and drank quite a bit. Lisa saw Wang Liren drunk and deliberately leaned towards him, even leaving her lipstick mark on him, all to make Jing Zhiqiu misunderstand. After returning home, Wang Liren naturally discovered the lipstick mark, and Jing Zhiqiu quickly went to the restroom to wash it off.

Guan Wen told Ding Ning about her plans and needed his help for the next step, which required him to negotiate with the leaders while she worked behind the scenes. Guan Wen also prepared a second plan, but surprisingly, the first one was already successful. The next step of their work proceeded even more smoothly.

Pete brought Lydia, as this month's sales were very low, and Lydia wanted to use her charm to prevent Pete from blaming her. At this time, the secretary came and said that Wanshi and Hengtian were going to join forces, so they could only temporarily not close Wanshi's store. Jing Zhiqiu chatted and arranged flowers with the rich ladies, but she was starting to worry about her husband and Lisa. When Jing Zhiqiu went home to pack Wang Liren's things, she found out that Lisa was going on the business trip with him. This news made Jing Zhiqiu feel uncomfortable.

Guan Wen held a meeting at the company and shared her ideas with Ding Ning, who also gave some suggestions. Other colleagues told Guan Wen that no one had ever dared to contradict Ding Ning during a meeting. Later, Guan Wen's two subordinates were discussing whether Ding Ning had a girlfriend or not, but they didn't know that Ding Ning and Guan Wen were right behind them, blocked by a billboard. When they got out of the elevator, Ding Ning quietly told them to leave. Guan Wen thought that Ding Ning was going to fire the two, especially when Ding Ning had made a call to the office, but it turned out that Ding Ning just asked the workers to leave the elevator.

Chen Xuanxuan had dinner at home with Lin Hao and informed her parents about getting married. Chen's mother was very happy, but her father felt that Chen Xuanxuan hadn't achieved anything yet and had still gotten married. Chen's father said his daughter had no experience and opened a coffee shop. Chen Xuanxuan stuttered while speaking, but Lin Hao kept helping her. Then Chen Xuanxuan talked about Lin Hao's job, and it turned out that there was a promotion opportunity, and the leader was friends with Chen's father, so there was a good chance.

A group of friends asked Guan Tengfei to sign a partnership agreement. If he signed, they would transfer money to him. Guan Tengfei found it strange that he was the only one signing, but he signed it anyway, despite his doubts. Chen Xuanxuan decided to improve her coffee shop's popularity by buying a batch of high-quality coffee beans. However, the sales were still not good, and she began to think about finding a skilled barista.

After Ding Ning sent off a client, he saw Guan Wen writing and drawing in the office. He asked Guan Wen why she wasn't going out for business development, and she was analyzing the characteristics of each brand. Guan Wen said that Wanshi was not qualified to make choices for them, and her idea was for everyone to do their job well so they could have a better future. Chen Xuanxuan visited the school to bring fruits to her father, secretly hoping her father would introduce her to a student good at making coffee. Her father advised her not to interfere with her students' lives.

Just then, a student arrived, and Chen Xuanxuan asked who was good at making coffee. The classmate mentioned He Yifei. Chen Xuanxuan quickly found He Yifei's contact information in her father's directory and contacted him. Initially, He Yifei thought Chen Xuanxuan was from a club. When he found out she was Professor Chen's daughter, he reluctantly shook hands with her. Chen Xuanxuan said she just wanted He Yifei to help her at her coffee shop, but then she accidentally revealed that her father knew she was coming to him, and He Yifei left immediately.

Wang Liren and Lisa went on a business trip, and Jing Zhiqiu followed them. Wang Liren was surprised to see Jing Zhiqiu and asked why she was there. Just then, Lisa came over, dressed very revealingly, and didn't expect to see Jing Zhiqiu there. Wang Liren asked Lisa to rest today, and though Lisa was unwilling, she had to agree. When they left, Jing Zhiqiu deliberately declared sovereignty, which made Lisa so angry that she twisted her foot.

Jing Zhiqiu and Wang Liren were about to have a romantic time in their room, but Lisa unexpectedly showed up and said there was a work-related matter that Wang Liren needed to handle immediately. Before leaving, Jing Zhiqiu kissed Wang Liren's face, which made Lisa very uncomfortable.

Every day, Chen Xuanxuan kept pestering He Yifei, hoping he would help her, but He Yifei just entered the café. Chen Xuanxuan didn't give up and persisted in getting He Yifei's help. Finally, He Yifei reluctantly agreed to go to Chen Xuanxuan's coffee shop, which made Chen Xuanxuan very happy. Afterward, she told Lin Hao about this, and then her cousin called. Chen Xuanxuan learned from the call that Lin Hao had already told her cousin about their marriage.


  • 2023-07-23 14:24:08

    About love, we never give up

    In the plot of "Stand or Fall," there are indeed some of the common exaggerations found in Chinese dramas. However, the main storylines of the three girls with distinct personalities have thought-provoking aspects: any relationship will encounter differences, misunderstandings, and conflicts, even if they are resolved in the present, new problems will continue to emerge in the future. There is no perfection or one-time solution; instead, it requires continuous listening, understanding, communication, and adjustment to move forward together.

    "As long as your life is filled with love, you will never lose."

    "I will keep an appropriate distance and wait for you. No matter what happens, I will always be here."

    "The richness of this world lies in our differences. Individual variations can better perfect the composition of DNA. In statistics, there is a significance of differences. If the difference between two pieces of data exceeds a certain standard, the hypothesis test is conducted around the content of the null hypothesis. If we accept the null hypothesis or reject it because it is wrong, it means we have made the right decision."

    "We are beyond the age of frivolous romances. If we can support each other and become better versions of ourselves, wouldn't that be wonderful?"

    "The purpose of work is to have a better life. If she is no longer part of my life, then everything has lost its color."

    I used to think that watching dramas was a waste of time, but now, observing from a bystander's perspective with clearer, calmer, and more cautious thinking, there are indeed many different insights and inspirations.

    Life takes on various forms, and human nature is ever-changing. When it comes to love, we never give up.

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