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About love, we never give up

2023-07-23 14:24:08

In the plot of "Stand or Fall," there are indeed some of the common exaggerations found in Chinese dramas. However, the main storylines of the three girls with distinct personalities have thought-provoking aspects: any relationship will encounter differences, misunderstandings, and conflicts, even if they are resolved in the present, new problems will continue to emerge in the future. There is no perfection or one-time solution; instead, it requires continuous listening, understanding, communication, and adjustment to move forward together.

"As long as your life is filled with love, you will never lose."

"I will keep an appropriate distance and wait for you. No matter what happens, I will always be here."

"The richness of this world lies in our differences. Individual variations can better perfect the composition of DNA. In statistics, there is a significance of differences. If the difference between two pieces of data exceeds a certain standard, the hypothesis test is conducted around the content of the null hypothesis. If we accept the null hypothesis or reject it because it is wrong, it means we have made the right decision."

"We are beyond the age of frivolous romances. If we can support each other and become better versions of ourselves, wouldn't that be wonderful?"

"The purpose of work is to have a better life. If she is no longer part of my life, then everything has lost its color."

I used to think that watching dramas was a waste of time, but now, observing from a bystander's perspective with clearer, calmer, and more cautious thinking, there are indeed many different insights and inspirations.

Life takes on various forms, and human nature is ever-changing. When it comes to love, we never give up.

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