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Rising Lady – Qin Hailu, Jin Shijia

Rising Lady is an urban female drama directed by Mou Xiaojie, led by Qin Hailu, co-starring Jin Shijia, Bai Bing, Vivienne Tien, Jeffrey Tung(Dong Youlin), and Dai Xiangyu, with special appearances by Guo Xiaoting, Liu Zi, Yin Xiaotian, and Qian Yongchen.



Rising Lady

English Title: Rising Lady
Chinese Title: 她们的名字
Genre: Urban, Life, Romance
Tag: Character Development, Female Centered Plot
Episodes: 32
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Mou Xiaojie
Writer: Gao Xiaoxian, Xu Dan
Producer: Zhang Wenli, Gao Xiaoxian, Zhang Bo, Lu Yao, Wang Huaiyu
Product Company: Alibaba Pictures
Released Date: 2022-09-05
Broadcast Website: Youku,



Lei Li is an elite woman in the workplace, Ren Duomei is a beautiful housewife, and Shen Jianan is a newcomer to society.

The three women, wearing "labels", unite together in order to escape their "shackles".

They face the difficulties along the way with optimism and embark on a journey together to find happiness.


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