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Be Your Own Light – Liu Tao, Liu Yuning, Qin Hailu, Chai Biyun

Be Your Own Light is a female inspirational drama directed by Yu Ding, led by Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Liu Yuning, and Chai Biyun, co-starring Zhang Duo, Liu Xu, Yu Cong, Dai Gaozheng, and Wang Haoze, with special appearances by Feng Lei, Lu Fansheng, Shao Feng and Wu Yufang, Tan Kai, Yan Nan, Chen Yiheng and Zhao Yan Guo Chang.

The drama tells the story of three women who, at different stages of their lives, face difficulties in the workplace and in life, and who brave the pressures to reinvent their industry and themselves.


Be Your Own Light

English Title: Be Your Own Light
Chinese Title: 做自己的光
Genre: Urban, Romance, Business, Life
Tag: Female Centered Plot, Multiple Couples, Workplace Setting, Hardworking Female Lead, Chasing a Dream, Slow Burn Romance
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yu Ding
Writer: Su Xiaoyuan
Producer: Wang Jin, Wu Wei, Hu Lei, Wang Yan
Product Company: Youku, SG-CULTURE MEDIA
Released Date: 2023-07-17
Broadcast Website:, 优酷, Youku



He Huan hits rock bottom when her husband runs away from home, leaves behind huge debts, suffers a career setback and her mother falls seriously ill.

With the encouragement of her friends, and after the initial experience of being at a loss, she faced all the difficulties head-on with resilience and started from scratch.

With wisdom and sincerity, she overcame the difficulties of his mother's medical treatment and the trouble given by her creditors.

And with persistence, she quickly grew from a grassroots hotline operator to a program host, returning to the peak of her career and becoming a light of her own.

After realizing her personal dream, He Huan and his colleagues began to actively explore the path of traditional media's transformation into integrated media.

With the help of online blogger Jiang Junhao, He Huan plunged into the "tide" of the times. After founding a successful self-media, she actively joined the construction of the TV station's integrated media.

While her career is getting better, He Huan faces a new decision in her emotions.

Her husband's selfishness and ruthlessness have led to He Huan's sobriety and independence.

Her relationship with Jiang Junhao has evolved from dislike, and suspicion to understanding, consideration, appreciation, and admiration. They have eventually become mutual support with tacit understanding.


He Huan is a white-collar worker in the city, leading a prosperous life with a happy and harmonious marriage, making her the object of envy for many. On the day of her wedding anniversary with her husband Ou Kaige, there was no significant change in their routine. He Huan watched as Ou Kaige went to work, and then she went to the television station for work herself. Zhao Yuanyuan's boyfriend, Zhou Jiaqi, wanted to meet He Huan and Ou Kaige to discuss business matters, but He Huan politely explained that she did not participate in any work-related matters involving Ou Kaige, so the matter was dropped. Part-time girl Liu Chunyan had her bottom touched by a staff member named Xiao Luo at the television station, and as a result, she accidentally spilled coffee on Xiao Jiang's bag. Xiao Jiang demanded compensation from Liu Chunyan, but He Huan intervened to help, and Xiao Jiang, out of respect for her, didn't pursue the matter further.

Later, He Huan helped Liu Chunyan by pouring a cup of coffee on Xiao Luo, and asked him to apologize to Liu Chunyan. Xiao Luo didn't dare to argue with He Huan and left apologetically. There were rumors at the station about canceling He Huan's program "Good Books to Read," but He Huan told her subordinates that it was just a rumor. Although the bottom-rank elimination system had been talked about for many years, it had never been implemented. In the evening, He Huan hosted a party at her home, preparing a special surprise for Ou Kaige. She invited her colleague Bai Yang to join her. However, Bai Yang had to work on the way to He Huan's house and couldn't make it. And for some reason, Ou Kaige was also late and nowhere to be seen. A young man named Jiang Junhao arrived at He Huan's house, asking to see Ou Kaige, and the bewildered crowd mistook him for Ou Kaige and cheered.

He Huan learned that Ou Kaige owed Jiang Junhao 3.5 million yuan, and Jiang Junhao had been unable to contact Ou Kaige. Later, He Huan received a call from Li Lutao, the office director of Haichuan Fund, and learned that Ou Kaige hadn't shown up for work all day. He Huan couldn't reach her husband through various channels, and she even discovered that all the cash in the house had been taken. Li Lutao handed He Huan a handwritten resignation letter from Ou Kaige, stating that everything was normal with the company and the business sector Ou Kaige was responsible for. He Huan reviewed the surveillance footage and decided to report to the police to find her husband, but Li Lutao said that Ou Kaige seemed to be hiding in the surveillance footage. He not only advised against reporting to the police but also said that it shouldn't be made public, as long as Ou Kaige returned within fifteen days, things could be resolved in a big or small way.

In the dressing room, Bai Yang overheard someone saying that He Huan's husband Ou Kaige had disappeared, and He Huan wasn't in good shape today. He Huan went to the nursing home to visit Ou Kaige's father and discovered that Ou Kaige had prepaid two years' worth of fees for his father at the nursing home a few days ago. The people at the television station couldn't reach He Huan, so Bai Yang went directly to He Huan's house to find her. He Huan forgot to pick up her son and had to call her father. Her father had no idea what had happened to her and suggested that Ou Zimo stay with them over the weekend. Bai Yang met He Huan and learned about the situation.

There are only two possibilities: either Ou Kaige is having an affair or there are internal issues at Haichuan Fund. He Huan firmly believed that there was no problem with her relationship with Ou Kaige, so she decided to set up an investigation team within Haichuan Fund to investigate the matter. Li Lutao refused to show her the self-investigation report, and setting up an investigation team required reporting to the board of directors, which would take at least a week. Jiang Junhao transformed into a security guard in the residential area and blocked He Huan's path into the community, but unexpectedly, she was abducted by two masked men. Jiang Junhao drove her car to intercept them and saved He Huan, and the police arrived as well. Both parties were taken to the police station, and He Huan saw a promissory note, only then realizing that Ou Kaige had borrowed two million yuan from those three people, and both they and Jiang Junhao had promissory notes with Ou Kaige's fingerprint on them.

Because they are all creditors of Ou Kaige, Jiang Junhao and the three of them formed a debt collection alliance. He Huan received a threatening phone call and immediately blocked the caller's number. Jiang Junhao waited at the door for He Huan to finish work and relentlessly asked about Ou Kaige's whereabouts, but He Huan explained that she didn't know. Jiang Junhao persisted, and coincidentally, Zhao Yuanyuan drove by. He Huan quickly got into her car and escaped. Zhao Yuanyuan drove He Huan back to the entrance of the residential area, and as soon as He Huan got out of the car, she saw the two men from yesterday at the entrance of the community. In a panic, she hurriedly got back into Zhao Yuanyuan's car and hastily asked her to turn around and leave. He Huan originally wanted to go to her parents' house, but she was worried about being followed and suddenly didn't know where to go. Zhao Yuanyuan brought her back to her own home.

Due to a lack of money, Jiang Junhao's restaurant couldn't stay open, and Kang Ge sent people to remove all the valuable items from the restaurant. He Huan went to pick up her son but witnessed a fight between Ou Zimo and his classmate. The classmate insulted Ou Kaige's father as a deadbeat who owed money to their family. Ou Zimo couldn't bear the insult and immediately got into a scuffle. Pan Xiaoxing's father arrived to break up the fight, apologized to He Huan, and publicly asked her to repay the money in front of everyone. He Huan felt embarrassed and said that she would discuss the matter privately, then quickly took her son and got into the car. Ou Zimo didn't know what was going on and questioned his own father if he was a deadbeat and scum. He Huan denied the accusation, stating that she would repay the money, and Ou Zimo mustn't let his grandparents know about this matter.

Zhou Jiaqi was anxious to know Ou Kaige's situation, so Zhao Yuanyuan pretended that her car had broken down and urgently needed to deal with the matter. Zhou Jiaqi went along with her and said he would buy her a new car, and he also promised to talk to his parents about their marriage in a couple of days. He Huan called the real estate agency and learned that the current value of the villa was ten million yuan, but if she chose to sell it through a time-limited entrusted agency, she could only sell it for eight million yuan. However, even if she was willing to sell it through a time-limited entrusted agency, without Ou Kaige present for notarization, the house couldn't be sold. Zhou Jiaqi took Zhao Yuanyuan to buy a new car, but he was stingy and not only didn't buy her the latest model but also planned to make her repay over five thousand yuan in monthly loan payments. Zhao Yuanyuan was very angry and after arguing with him for a few moments, she left.

Back in the residential area, He Huan happened to see someone inspecting her car, and they only offered her six hundred thousand yuan for it, even though she had originally spent over one million yuan on it. The other party took advantage of He Huan's lack of knowledge about cars and aggressively bargained. Seeing this, Zhao Yuanyuan decided to add an additional fifty thousand yuan and bought He Huan's car herself. Later, Zhao Yuanyuan gave He Huan an extra one hundred and fifty thousand yuan. She knew that He Huan was short of money recently, so she considered the additional amount as a loan to He Huan. Jiang Junhao, Chen Hong, and Tang Shaohuai were singing in a KTV when they received a text message from He Huan, inviting them to her home to discuss the debt issue. Pan Xiaoxing's father cried, and He Huan felt distressed herself. In the end, she was prevented from committing suicide by inhaling gas.

Although Jiang Junhao and the others went to the court, they weren't informed that due to Ou Kaige's disappearance, the case would take a long time. Furthermore, if He Huan could prove that this was Ou Kaige's personal debt and that the money wasn't used for their married life, then He Huan wouldn't have to bear the debt. He Huan briefly explained this, which led to the three of them arguing amongst themselves. He Huan expressed that she could repay the money to them; the villa was worth exactly ten million yuan. However, without Ou Kaige present, the house couldn't be sold.

Even if the court gets involved, the house can only be sealed and not auctioned, so these people won't get any money. He Huan's solution is to wait for Ou Kaige to return within two years. If he doesn't come back after two years, she can apply for a missing person declaration, and then the house can be sold. The part of the house that appreciates within two years will be considered as their interest. The four of them don't believe it and think that He Huan is playing a delaying tactic. He Huan helplessly says that she can leave the property certificate in their hands, which is the greatest sincerity she can offer. A new 22-year-old host named Qiao Qiao joins the real estate online program at Jiangdu TV. At this time, Jiangdu TV is planning to shut down programs with fewer viewers and unclear positioning. Bai Yang states that in the next comprehensive evaluation, her program "News in Progress" will return to first place.

Each person signs and seals a repayment agreement. He Huan asks about the reasons Ou Kaige borrowed money from them half a year ago and discovers that Ou Kaige gave them similar reasons. Because Ou Kaige handles millions of dollars every day, and he is generous and willing to use the villa as collateral, these people lent him money. The property certificate is taken away, and the repayment agreements are signed. He Huan enters the room and starts crying. On her way to work, people gossip about He Huan in the elevator. She immediately asks them who they are talking about, and the two women feel very embarrassed. The director tells Bai Yang that she no longer needs to report news for Lepard Company. This is a notice from the editorial board, stating that as a local company, they need to push and have tolerance for it.

He Huan records a program, and the recommended book for this episode is called "The Disappeared Lover." It reflects the current situation she is facing. She wants to change the book, but it has already been promoted, and all the materials are prepared based on that book, so she has to continue with it reluctantly. Qiao Qiao's cousin, named Lan Yu, is Zhou Jiaqi's ex-girlfriend. She doesn't show the same respect for Zhao Yuanyuan as the senior members do and her words indicate her lack of emotional intelligence. It's fortunate that Zhao Yuanyuan has a good temper and doesn't argue with her, as she is a newcomer. He Huan accidentally learns that the reason her program is at the bottom is because Bai Yang gave it the lowest score. She confronts Bai Yang about it, but Bai Yang says she did it for He Huan's own good. The two of them have an unpleasant argument because of this.

Bai Yang treats the members of the workgroup to a meal to boost morale. Even though their program was cancelled, their work has been effective. Bai Yang pays the bill and doesn't stay to eat with them. On the day they had just argued, He Huan's gift of tonic for Bai Yang arrives. This makes Bai Yang feel guilty, but He Huan is still angry and hasn't answered Bai Yang's calls. Bai Yang sends her a WeChat message but realizes that He Huan has already blocked her. Someone demands that the program "News in Progress" expose the fact that Ou Kaige and his wife owe debts and haven't paid them back. A reporter from the program "On the Spot" appears at the entrance of the TV station, so Bai Yang calls Ren Jie. Ren Jie promises her that he will no longer pursue this news and recalls the reporters he had sent out.

Bai Yang finds He Huan and explains the situation. She genuinely wants to help He Huan, but He Huan is still upset about Bai Yang giving her program a low score. He Huan receives a delivery, and inside the envelope is a photo of Ou Kaige with another woman. Jiang Junhao arranges jobs for the other three executives, and he himself plans to go undercover. He Huan finds the girl's residence in the photo, opens the door to room 701 with a key, and discovers Ou Kaige's belongings inside.

All the clues point to Ou Kaige's affair, and He Huan almost faints. Hindered by the presence of the landlord, she doesn't break down and calmly examines the house. By questioning the landlord, she learns that the previous tenant was the girl in the photo. On the abandoned delivery box, there is a name, Zheng Xuejian. Zheng Xuejian used to work at Biao Rong Club, and she told the landlord that she was leaving to pursue opportunities in another city. Subsequently, He Huan goes to Biao Rong Club and meets Ms. Zhu, the assistant general manager. Ms. Zhu says that Zheng Xuejian resigned last Friday without stating the reason for leaving, but it is said that she went to another city with her boyfriend. He Huan wants to ask if Ou Kaige is a member of this club, but Ms. Zhu says they cannot disclose the private information of their members.

Li Lutao calls He Huan, but at this point, she no longer needs to see Ou Kaige's self-inspection report or establish an investigation team. The owner of the club, Ye Wentian, and Li Lutao seem to be in cahoots, suggesting that He Huan's visit to the club was arranged by Ye Wentian. As for why Ou Kaige left, He Huan is convinced that he ran away with another woman, but there seems to be another possibility now. That night, He Huan drinks a lot of alcohol and mistakes Jiang Junhao for Ou Kaige, smashing a vase over his head. Jiang Junhao goes to the hospital and gets three stitches. When He Huan sobers up, she apologizes to him. However, when she finds out that he stole her key, her attitude changes dramatically. She loudly declares that she won't repay Ou Kaige's debt on his behalf anymore. It's then that Jiang Junhao realizes Ou Kaige has a mistress.

He Huan goes to see a lawyer and asks him to prepare divorce proceedings on her behalf. When she returns home, she sees Jiang Junhao sitting at her doorstep with three other executives, Yang, Pan, and Chen. Jiang Junhao pretends to be weak and beaten, making them believe that He Huan has severely assaulted him. He Huan initially intends to call the police, but doing so would let her parents know about her current situation. In the end, she refrains from calling the police and reluctantly brings Jiang Junhao into her house. She can tell that Jiang Junhao is acting, so she pours a glass of water over his face without hesitation. Jiang Junhao eavesdrops on He Huan's phone call, sneaks out, unaware that it is He Huan's scheme. She records evidence of him leaving in a hurry.

If Jiang Junhao doesn't leave, He Huan will call the police. So, shortly after he enters, he is kicked out again. He resorts to despicable tactics and sets up a tent on the lawn since He Huan won't let him in the house. He Huan follows suit and acts shamelessly. Jiang Junhao threatens to go to her parents' doorstep to cause a scene, so He Huan takes him there without hesitation, and Jiang Junhao doesn't dare to create a scene. At that moment, He Huan's mother's blood pressure rises, and she faints, requiring emergency medical attention. Worried, He Huan follows her father and boards the ambulance to the hospital. She was about to talk to her parents about Ou Kaige's situation when the doctor comes in and informs her that her mother has Asperger's syndrome. Although it's a mild case, in the current situation, He Huan can't bring herself to say anything.

When He Huan returns home, she finds that Jiang Junhao has taken all his belongings with him. Zhao Yuanyuan has been avoiding Zhou Jiaqi for several days, but he can't resist visiting her. After explaining, Zhao Yuanyuan learns that it wasn't Zhou Jiaqi who bought the car for Lan Yu, it was his father. Zhou Jiaqi sweet-talks and makes various promises, and Zhao Yuanyuan quickly calms down. He Huan finds someone to handle the villa matters, and Jiang Junhao happens to encounter her, thinking that she intends to sell the house and run away, so he snatches her ID card.

Jiang Junhao sold his house but still owed money to Lao Han. He Huan discovered that he was not a trustworthy person, and her previous persistent requests to make Ou Kaige pay the debt were out of helplessness. So He Huan relented and agreed to let Jiang Junhao stay in the guest room of the villa, and the previous repayment agreement they signed remained valid. She was not someone who lacked integrity and had principles, so she decided to continue repaying the debt.

Zhao Yuanyuan noticed that Qiao Qiao appeared on the weekly schedule frequently, so she asked and learned that the head of the platform had called Director Qiu yesterday, demanding to give new talents more opportunities on-screen. As a result, Director Qiu ordered that Qiao Qiao and Zhao Yuanyuan would take turns each week. Director Qiu also mentioned that Qiao Qiao would be the channel's key talent to be nurtured in the future, and she would be given priority in live shows and events.

Zhao Yuanyuan went to see Director Qiu and was told that Qiao Qiao came with a 10-million advertising resource. Zhao Yuanyuan made a deal with Director Qiu: if she could bring in 10 million worth of advertising by the end of the year, Director Qiu would transfer Qiao Qiao to other programs.

Bai Yang rented a handsome boyfriend to accompany her to a classmate reunion, intending to show off to Ren Jie. Unexpectedly, Ren Jie came alone, and he left early due to a sudden TV station meeting. When the teacher saw that Bai Yang was no longer single, she was relieved. Bai Yang honestly told the teacher that she had rented this boyfriend. The teacher was not angry and even said she would find her a better one. Bai Yang went to the restroom, still feeling emotional.

At work, Bai Yang received a call from her subordinate informing her about a collapse incident at a construction site in Shili Shop. She gave concise instructions and deployed the work. Before Jiang Junhao moved in, He Huan made a three-point agreement with him, and Jiang Junhao agreed to all of them. Zhao Yuanyuan was worried about the 10-million advertising resource but declined the dinner invitation from Tang Shaohuai, the general manager of Da Di Real Estate. She accidentally found out about a designer's annual gathering in the evening, managed to get an entry ticket through a friend, but the ticket was labeled for males. She lied to the security and got in anyway. Inside, she quickly sat at the table of Lin Du Home Furnishings, but unfortunately, the person she wanted to talk to was not their CEO, Liu Zong. When the real Liu Zong arrived, he appeared cold and refused to add Zhao Yuanyuan on WeChat.

Zhao Yuanyuan, resourceful as she was, acted and managed to get Liu Zong's contact from others at the event. Jiang Junhao kindly helped He Huan by throwing away expired food from the fridge and cleaning the range hood, but He Huan didn't thank him and even told him to leave. Jiang Junhao had a good temper and knew that He Huan was cold on the surface but kind-hearted, so he voluntarily made her a bowl of noodles. He Huan was delighted and allowed him to use the kitchen on the first floor. She also offered to let him take care of her son, and in return, she would grant him full access to the first floor, including the courtyard and garden. Jiang Junhao found this deal very beneficial and agreed readily.

The news coverage was not timely this time, so Bai Yang immediately took steps to resolve the issue of the lack of telephone operators. The editorial committee decided to close the "Good Books to Read" program on the 1st of next month, and He Huan went to inquire and confirmed that the decision was true.

In order to get close to Liu Zong, Zhao Yuanyuan made great efforts, but she still couldn't meet him. Undeterred, she used a trivial excuse to obtain the contact information of the front desk staff and found out which car belonged to Liu Zong through the security.

Zhao Yuanyuan was determined to meet General Liu today, so she waited anxiously near his exclusive parking spot. After receiving He Huan's mother's lung examination report, the doctor called He Huan over. He told He Huan that it was preliminarily diagnosed as lung cancer. He Huan's first reaction was to deny the result because her mother had never smoked, and there was no history of lung cancer in their family. However, based on the results of the CT scan, the chances of misdiagnosis were very low. The doctor advised her to take her mother to a top-tier hospital for further examination as soon as possible, as an early assessment of the severity of the condition would lead to an early treatment plan.

Seeing General Liu coming out, Zhao Yuanyuan intentionally bumped into his car, hoping to use this opportunity to add him on WeChat. However, General Liu didn't give her the chance and even refused to let her pay for the car repair.

The dual blow of family and career issues left He Huan in a daze, causing her to get into a car accident while crossing the pedestrian crossing, with her head bleeding. She didn't know whom to contact and had to seek help from Zhao Yuanyuan. Zhao Yuanyuan went to the hospital, and He Huan couldn't bear these blows, feeling that she had lost everything in a short period. Her husband, who used to make money and take care of the family, left with his mistress without a word. Her proud career also suffered a setback. Zhao Yuanyuan comforted her with her own experience, telling He Huan that in this world, it's common for men to cheat, careers to face setbacks, and parents to fall ill. Life's original state is that what we receive is not always proportional to what we give. The dream that Ou Kaige created for He Huan before was just an illusion. Now He Huan has truly entered the world of ordinary people.

Liu Chunyan saw that "News in Progress" was hiring a dispatch coordinator, so she volunteered and signed up, and she could start working today. Secretary Huang called He Huan to the office for a talk, implying that the program "Good Books to Read" is now outdated.

Without the protection of Ou Kaige's wife, He Huan faced great difficulties. She couldn't contact the doctors at Nanshan Hospital and realized what it meant to be abandoned by those who were once supportive. Nevertheless, she bore all these hardships alone and didn't tell her parents the truth. In the early morning, before the sun rose, He Huan went to Nanshan Hospital to queue for an appointment with a specialist. Jiang Junhao heard some noise and thought she was secretly going to see Ou Kaige. He followed her but didn't expect her to be queuing at the hospital. Someone was trying to scam money from an elderly person, claiming that they could get an appointment with the renowned doctor, Director Tong, for 800 yuan. He Huan saw through the lies and exposed the scammer, telling the old man that Director Tong wouldn't be available for consultations in the afternoon. The scammer got angry and wanted to hit He Huan, but she was more capable than him. It was only because Jiang Junhao pulled He Huan away in time that she didn't hurt the scammer.

Jiang Junhao met with Yang, the general manager, and a few others. He said that He Huan's current situation was indeed difficult – her husband ran away with a mistress, and her mother fell seriously ill. The other three general managers didn't witness it firsthand, so they naturally didn't believe Jiang Junhao's words. After recording the final episode of "Good Books to Read," the four editors of the program felt reluctant to part ways. He Huan thought they were right, and perhaps she should return to the news center as an anchor, so she submitted an application to the human resources department.

Director Qiu called a meeting with the heads of various departments to ask who is willing to accept He Huan. However, none of the departments are suitable for her. Although Bai Yang's program "News in Progress" lacks a female anchor, she doesn't think the current He Huan is capable of being an anchor. However, Bai Yang is willing to recommend He Huan to host a health-related program since the producer of such a program owes her a favor. Later, He Huan found out that Bai Yang had prevented her from becoming a news anchor and they had a heated argument. Bai Yang refused to let her be a news anchor simply because the current He Huan is not qualified for that position. Although He Huan's remarks were harsh, Bai Yang chose to believe her and went to talk to Director Qiu, expressing her willingness to let He Huan host the midday edition of "News in Progress."

After receiving the notice, He Huan prepared for the program overnight. The next day, when she was doing her makeup before going on air, Qiao Qiao took the lead. Once a person is down on their luck, new employees like Qiao Qiao and the young lighting technician don't take her seriously. He Huan asked the lighting technician to brighten the lights a bit, but he ignored her, claiming he didn't have time to adjust. Ten minutes before the start, the director asked the lighting technician to adjust the lights, but he said he couldn't. Live news broadcasts have a fast pace and often involve deletions and additions of news. Although He Huan is adaptable, she hasn't been on the anchor desk for over ten years, so her state is not quite right. Especially when she heard a familiar news piece, she was stunned. The director urgently asked someone to adjust the camera position to avoid major news broadcasting accidents, but Bai Yang still noticed the issue.

He Huan also realized that her state was off, so she inquired about other vacancies in the human resources department. She found out that besides the health program, there was also a vacancy for a line producer in "News in Progress." She remembered that her first job at Jiangdu TV station was as a line producer, so she decided to start from scratch and work as a hotline operator, rejuvenating her career from the grassroots level. Zhao Yuanyuan saw the script for the live show and noticed that Qiao Qiao had very few cues since she's a newcomer, and the scriptwriters were worried about her making mistakes. Tang Shaohuai invited Zhao Yuanyuan to dinner again, but she declined. Later, she received a reminder that Da Di Real Estate was launching a new project, with a promotion budget of ten million yuan. Zhao Yuanyuan changed her mind and decided to attend the dinner.

During the dinner, while hugging Tang Shaohuai, Zhao Yuanyuan was photographed by a girl delivering food. Before the dinner was over, she received a call informing her that her father had a heart attack, so she rushed to leave. He Huan reported to "News in Progress," and Bai Yang had Easton take her to the hotline operator position. Surprisingly, the first call turned out to be a tip-off about the Ocean Fund and Ou Kaige. After listening to a few words, He Huan's state instantly collapsed. Bai Yang noticed her leaving and checked the tip-off content, understanding the cause and effect. Later, Bai Yang gave He Huan fifteen minutes to adjust her emotions before she returned to work at her position. Bai Yang received a call from Teacher Yi and was introduced to a blind date.

The "Splendid World" property was launched, and Qiao Qiao didn't follow the script, repeatedly testing Min Jie's bottom line. The lighting and camera crew were kept busy by her, almost causing a live broadcast accident. Min Jie and Zhao Yuanyuan went to see the director to report the situation and suggested that Qiao Qiao be retrained until she passes the assessment before returning to work. The director didn't immediately agree but said he would seriously consider it. Bai Yang went to meet the blind date and found that the other person's photo had been excessively photoshopped, making it difficult for her to recognize him.

Bai Yang went on a blind date with Mr. Wang and was surprised that nowadays blind dates require preparation of financial products, credit reports, and personal health examination reports. Moreover, this Mr. Wang, full of confidence, lacked any sense of propriety and immediately started discussing the height of their future children. After realizing that this man was abnormal, Bai Yang no longer held back and they began arguing, effectively ruining the blind date. Bai Yang regretted why she even came on this blind date; it was just causing trouble for herself. Qiao Qiao disliked the makeup products in the studio and brought her own set of cosmetics. Zhao Yuanyuan noticed that her name was missing from the recent program schedules, so she first went to Min Jie, who advised her to talk to Director Qiu.

Before entering, Zhao Yuanyuan put eye drops in her eyes to pretend that she was crying and approached Director Qiu for sympathy. When the program "Property Online" just started, there were only her and Min Jie, and she did put in a lot of effort for the show. Director Qiu said it was the decision of the directing team since they thought the audience liked new faces, so this time the channel leaders decided to let Qiao Qiao host. Qiao Qiao argued with Director Qiu, but he was also helpless. This year, the channel gave the Advertising Center a two-billion-yuan advertising task, meaning he owed the channel 500,000 yuan in advertising quotas every day. Zhao Yuanyuan expressed understanding and promised to try her best to secure advertising, and Director Qiu agreed that if she completed the ten-million-yuan task, he would help her get transferred away from Qiao Qiao.

Zhao Yuanyuan told Min Jie what Director Qiu said, and Min Jie advised her not to compete with Qiao Qiao anymore. If she continued like this, she might even lose the opportunity to host the weekend edition, after all, Qiao Qiao had the support of her multi-billion-dollar family and the channel leaders. Zhao Yuanyuan was stubborn and refused to give in, after all, she had worked hard for so many years. By chance, He Huan learned from someone that her mother's condition was not just a nodule, it was definitely cancer, which was why the examination took so long. After work, He Huan ran into Ye Wentian and they exchanged WeChat contacts. Ye Wentian asked about Ou Kaige's recent situation, and He Huan didn't tell the truth. He Huan arrived at the hospital, and her father pulled her aside to inquire about her mother's condition. Her father had conducted an investigation, so He Huan couldn't hide it from him, and she had to admit that her mother indeed had lung cancer.

Zhao Yuanyuan successfully convinced the receptionist girl from Mr. Liu's company after learning that Mr. Liu liked the writer Haruki Murakami. Zhao Yuanyuan asked He Huan for help to transform herself into a literary young woman who understands Haruki Murakami, as she wanted to impress Mr. Liu at the design forum. Unfortunately, they only had three days, and He Huan did her best to summarize information about Haruki Murakami's works, classic quotes, and biography, but the rest would be up to Zhao Yuanyuan. He Huan brought her son home and told him that there was a guest at home. However, before she could introduce Jiang Junhao to her son, they were startled by two lizards on the floor. While Jiang Junhao was out, Ou Zimo secretly went into his room and released the two lizards back into the wild.

During the home design forum, He Huan and Zhao Yuanyuan communicated through phone calls, with He Huan acting as Zhao Yuanyuan's real-time strategist, dealing with all of Mr. Liu's questions. As expected, with He Huan's help, Mr. Liu started to appreciate Zhao Yuanyuan. Zhao Yuanyuan's eloquence on the topic of Haruki Murakami also caught Mr. Liu's attention. Zhao Yuanyuan skillfully steered the conversation towards promoting and advertising Lin Du Home during the forum.

Zhao Yuanyuan prepared an advertising proposal based on Mr. Liu's hobbies, and this time Mr. Liu agreed to take a look. Without He Huan's help, she couldn't have secured the advertising, so Zhao Yuanyuan treated her to a meal as gratitude. Tang Shaohuai called and invited her for dinner, as he planned to increase the advertising budget for the television station to two million. Zhao Yuanyuan agreed to meet him in a couple of days. After these events, He Huan changed her view of Zhao Yuanyuan. Previously, she thought Zhao Yuanyuan was a girl who only wanted to climb up the social ladder by marrying a rich second-generation man. However, now she realized that Zhao Yuanyuan was actually a generous, righteous, and principled person. Seeing that she had gotten closer to He Huan, Zhao Yuanyuan casually mentioned the collaboration between Haichuan Fund and Zhou Jiaqi's father's company, but He Huan was unaware of Ou Kaige's work.

Jiang Junhao searched the whole room but couldn't find the two lizards. When he heard movement upstairs, he thought Ou Kaige had returned and violated the agreement by going upstairs. However, Ou Zimo's words left Jiang Junhao speechless. Ou Zimo was not an ordinary child and didn't fall for Jiang Junhao's usual tactics for dealing with kids. Bai Yang had been taking care of a little bird that, like her, liked to be alone. Liu Chunyan's salary as a hotline operator was not high, and she didn't feel the need to excel at her job, so she did things half-heartedly. Senior colleagues at the television station always said that the greatest meaning of life was progress. Lin Du Home requested that Jiangdu TV's "News on Air" cover and report on their shopping festival.

However, Bai Yang couldn't meet Zhao Yuanyuan's request because she couldn't compromise the quality of the program "News on Air." Zhao Yuanyuan had to talk to Director Qiu, who then spoke to Bai Yang's immediate boss, Director Zou. That arrogant kid, Ou Zimo, made Jiang Junhao angry, and he, as an adult, couldn't help but argue with a child. He said that Ou Kaige wouldn't come back. Ou Zimo cried because of anger, and Jiang Junhao comforted him. Later, Jiang Junhao received a summons from the court as the landlord, Lao Kang, sued him. Jiang Junhao contacted Lawyer Lin, who suggested that he could file for bankruptcy. He Huan went to the hospital to visit her mother and convinced her to continue treatment at the hospital. However, she still didn't tell her parents about Ou Kaige's true situation.

Ou Zimo refused to eat the dish Jiang Junhao prepared and grabbed an instant porridge instead. When Jiang Junhao wanted to process it for him, he accidentally found a stack of red banknotes in the box, which He Huan had seen earlier. Jiang Junhao was sensible enough not to let Ou Zimo see it, so he coaxed him to eat the dish he made. After Ou Zimo fell asleep, Jiang Junhao took the box back to his room and opened each one, discovering that each box contained money. In the news center, Director Zou asked Bai Yang to cover Lin Du Home's shopping festival news, and she couldn't refuse. He Huan finished watching the live broadcast before leaving work, and after testing her, Jiang Junhao found out that she didn't know about the money in the instant porridge. She even returned three thousand yuan to each of them on the first day she received her salary.

However, the source of this money was unclear, and He Huan needed to investigate before deciding whether to use it. She asked Jiang Junhao to give her one day to find out. That night, Jiang Junhao couldn't wait to share this news in their group chat, and Yang Zong and the others found out about it. He Huan thought about it all night but still couldn't make a decision. She promised to give him a definite answer by the evening. Zhao Yuanyuan was busy following up on the editing of the news coverage for Lin Du Home's event.

The news segment exceeded the time limit, so Bai Yang asked Wu Yuanjia to shorten Lin Du Home's news to only thirty seconds and broadcast it at the end. Zhao Yuanyuan watched the live broadcast and noticed that there was no interview footage of the CEO of Lin Du Home. She hurriedly asked Wu Yuanjia what was going on. Bai Yang appeared and bluntly stated that they were the ones who decided the angle, approach, duration, and placement of the coverage for Lin Du Home. Zhao Yuanyuan was speechless, finally experiencing Bai Yang's heartlessness. Zhao Yuanyuan and He Huan joked about it, and He Huan said that based on her understanding of Bai Yang, she treated everyone the same way, not just Zhao Yuanyuan. He Huan suggested seeking help from Director Zou, and Bai Yang might listen to a few words from him in the entire news center.

He Huan called Zhao Yuanyuan and asked about why Zhou Jiaqi's father had approached Ou Kaige in the first place. Zhao Yuanyuan admitted that Zhou's father wanted to acquire shares of Kirin Company by a big corporation. To get a better price, Zhou's father asked Ou Kaige to help increase the stock price. As far as Zhao Yuanyuan knew, Ou Kaige's attitude was ambiguous. He neither agreed nor refused. To show sincerity, Zhou's father gave Ou Kaige a significant gift of sixty thousand yuan in cash, which was hidden in a box of instant porridge and delivered to Ou Kaige. He Huan now understood where the money in the instant porridge came from and asked Zhao Yuanyuan to help return the money to Zhou Jiaqi. Zhao Yuanyuan advised her to keep the money, but He Huan did not do so.

Zhao Yuanyuan called Zhou Jiaqi and heard a young woman's voice on his side, suspecting that Zhou Jiaqi's mother had arranged another blind date for him. Yang Zong and the others rushed to the villa to ask He Huan to return the money. He Huan admitted that she had already returned the bribe, but they suspected that there might still be more money left by Ou Kaige in the house. He Huan said that Jiang Junhao had already searched the house thoroughly, and it seemed like they had only a little left to dig. Zhao Yuanyuan went straight to the dining room and was led into the private room where Zhou Jiaqi was. She didn't tear her face with everyone and just said that she came to deliver the instant porridge to Zhou Jiaqi. When she said this, Zhou Jiaqi understood what was happening and hurriedly took her outside, where he saw the six hundred thousand yuan in cash in her car.

Zhou Jiaqi apologized and tried to deceive her, but this time Zhao Yuanyuan wasn't so easy to forgive him and forcibly took him away in the car. At least with the six hundred thousand yuan, his mother wouldn't scold him tonight. He Huan asked Jiang Junhao why he didn't keep the six hundred thousand yuan for himself, and she didn't expect Jiang Junhao to be a person with a conscience despite his delinquent appearance. He Huan went upstairs and accidentally overheard Jiang Junhao talking to a lawyer on the phone, only then did she learn that he also owed a lot of debt. Director Zou reminded Bai Yang that the news coverage for Lin Du Home's interview was too simplistic. Bai Yang admitted that she had shown some emotions yesterday, so Director Zou asked her to ensure that the news about Lin Du Home in the next few days would be done with quality.

As for the incident from yesterday, Zhao Yuanyuan still felt dissatisfied, wondering why the people from other programs at the advertising center didn't see eye to eye with her. Liu Chunyan wanted to improve, so she humbly sought advice from He Huan. He Huan helped her and also recommended many money-saving apps. Liu Chunyan was very angry that Mr. Liu deleted her WeChat in front of Zhao Yuanyuan during the first day of news promotion. Both Bai Yang and Ren Jie went to report on the financial product launch event, and their respective programs, "News on Air" and "On-Site Coverage," were competing against each other. Bai Yang intentionally took the best camera position. Unexpectedly, there was a riot at the event, and Ronghui Wealth quickly dispersed the troublemakers, giving Ren Jie and Bai Yang each a big red envelope.

Using the excuse of going to the bathroom, Bai Yang contacted Wu Yuanjia on the phone and asked her to find out about the troublemakers and also asked other colleagues to investigate a product called "Xin Lei."


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