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Xiao Zhan Won “The Most Handsome Actor In The World 2021”!

Sean Xiao Zhan

On April 21, 2022, the “The Most Handsome Actor In The World 2021” Award was released. Xiao Zhan won the crown with the first number of votes. This also made Xiao’s fans feel very happy for him.


With a large lead of more than 660000 votes, accounting for 33.2% of votes, He is well deserved.

It is not the first time that Xiao Zhan has won such an honor in the global field, which is all a high recognition for Xiao Zhan.

Previously, Xiao Zhan has already won 4 global awards, including Asia Pacific’s 100 most handsome faces ranked 1st, the first place of the most fashionable male in the world, 2020 China No. 1 of the 100 faces with the most “face power”.

Xiao Zhan

The recent endorsement of Xiao Zhan is so eye-catching. Xiao is already the most commercially valuable A-line star after less than 5 years of his debut!

Although he started late, relying on his own efforts, in just three years, he turned into a young solid actor from an idol singer.

Xiao Zhan

The previous “Ace Troops” and “Douluo Continent” topped the rating charts many times when they were staged in Thailand and other places. Xiao Zhan’s recent hit dramas “The Oath of Love” and “Ace Troops“, have gained the love and recognition of many viewers.

His pending drama “The Longest Promise” is coming soon. “Where Dreams Begin” will soon finish shooting, the first trailer is really looking forward to!

The longest promise

Xiao Zhan is still working hard and has delivered satisfactory answers in all areas! Also, look forward to Xiao Zhan continuing to bring us surprises!


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