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The Latest Ranking Of The Most Popular Trainee In “Youth With You 3”, The Top Three Are Them, Have You Guessed It?

Youth With You 3 Rimiko

The premiere of “Youth With You 3” is over and those of you who have watched it must have already picked a trainee.


The supporting access is now opened and viewers can support their favorite contestants by increase the energy value. As of 19 February, the top 3 are as follows.

Youth With You 3 Rimiko

Ranked #1: Rimiko Li (Li Junhao)

Rimiko Li is the oldest of the three, born in 1997. He is 175cm tall and is an artist of Time Fengjun Entertainment. He has already appeared in a few dramas before participating in “Youth With You 3”.

He co-starred with TFBOYS in the TV series “Boys Hood”. He is quite good friends with Jackson Yee.

During the first media interview, he was given the title of “human sewing machine”. Because he was so nervous that his hands and legs were shaking throughout the interview.

Tony Yu

Ranked #2: Tony Yu(Yu Jingtian)

The youngest of the three, Tony Yu was born in 2002 and is 185cm tall. He was a trainee of Hongyi Culture and appeared in 2019 through the Korean talent show “Produce X 101”.

With chiseled features and big eyes and thin lips, he attracted a large number of fans before the show even aired.

Sun Yihang

Ranked #3: Sun Yihang

Sun Yihang, a 175cm tall singer, was born in 2001. He joined the TF family in 2012 as a trainee and became the leader.

He made his debut in 2017 as a member of the inter-dimensional boy group Yi An Musical. He has released a single and starred in a web drama.

These three trainees are currently the most popular. They are quite impressive in the show.

Of course, there are many more great contestants in “Youth With You 3”, which one is your favorite? See you in the comments section!

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