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“Youth With You 3” Was Exposed Final Recording Completed, The Group Name Is NINEVER?


Updated: Youth With You 3 has formed the group IXFORM on July 25, 2021.


Because of a series of things such as dumping milk, “Youth With You 3” is in a lot of trouble. However, although the show is suspended, the group will still debut. After all, the program team can not let the fans’ money and energy in vain. But also can not let the efforts of other trainees in vain.

Recently, the news of the recording of the “Youth With You 3” final has been circulated, and the 9 members who debuted successfully have been revealed.

The netizen reveals that due to the negative events, the final of “Youth With You 3” will not b broadcast live as before, but it has been recorded in a low-key.

It is said that the group name will be “NINVER”, and the members are Lou Yizhou, Jojo Tang, Lian Huaiwei, Neil, Jerome.D, Kachine, Jun Liu, X (Duan Xingxing), Sun Yihang.

What do you think of the debut members?

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  1. why didnt liang sen debut? he always had high rankings and is one of the best. this show is def rigged

  2. Tony should have made the finals. He was wrongly suspected.Tony has his own free will, and the thing about his parents scandal does not involve him at all. And him saying that he wasn’t a from China doesn’t prove anything.

  3. Surprise Jojo and Jerome are in..Liang Sen and Krsytian are better

  4. How does jerome.d make it into the final 9. He’s one of the worst trainees i’ve ever seen. What do people see in him?

  5. I really wanted to have Chase Lee and Liang Sen Debut so im a lil disappointed. but im very happy with Kachine, Neil, and X and the others. Just a little worried about Jerome and JoJo

    1. better to have 11, else it will not be a very strong group at all

  6. My line up was Tony,Luo Yizhou,Sun Yihang,Liang Sen,Kachine,X,Lian Huaiwei,Liu Jun,Neil.But since Tony unfortunately left the show,Rimiko is also a good choice.
    -And tbh Jerome D.and Jojo are very much still lacking.In my opinion,I dont think they deserve to be one of the top 9.There are many trainees who is more deserving to be there like Liang Sen and Rimiko if not them there is also Chase Lee and Krystian and some of the others in top 20 are also good.

  7. I feel so bad for all these innocent trainees who worked so hard only to have to hide until all this blows over. They didn’t get the celebration they deserved. Fans didn’t get to see their final performances and reaction to achieving their debut. I hope that the general population in China will recognize that none of this stuff in their fault and give them the love they all deserve. Most of these kids come from humble backgrounds and have a passion for the stage. They have no control over sponsors or what fans do. They don’t even have their phones during the entire process. It seems like the wrong people are getting punished. I do think fan culture can be very toxic. I hope all this leads to a better future. Good luck boys! I can’t wait to see you guys back on my screen!

  8. It’s sad that this season had to end this way. Although I’m happy that my picks Lian Huaiwei and Lou Yizhou debuted, I’m heartbroken that they have to postpone in airing their debut