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Produce Pandas- Plus-Size Idols In “Youth With You 3”

Youth With You Plus Size Trainee

The idol talent show is not only popular in Korea, but also in China. “Youth With You” has become a hit with new groups such as UNINE and THE9.

The third season will be aired soon, with Pan Weibo and Li Ronghao. BLACKPINK member Lisa is also returning, making it a hot topic even before it starts!


The plus-size boy band Produce Pandas also takes part in “Youth With You 3“. It is the first time “Youth With You” has plus-size trainees. It is said that all five of them have received a C in their first preliminary rating.

Produce Pandas consists of five members, namely Chen Dingding, Cui Yunfeng, Qi Ha, Shiqi Jun and Ka Si. This group debuted in July 2020 and has released several singles.

Their album “A.S.I.A” ranked 6th in the worldwide album sales chart in Japan. They also got an interview in the UK Guardian newspaper. Their songs are in upbeat and hilarious style.

The story is about five “extraordinary” boy band members who are challenging the aesthetics of the idol group industry.

Produce Pandas

There are polarization comments on Produce Pandas.

Some netizens said that these “uncles” should participate in “Where Are We Going, Dad?”;

They are obviously not in the same age group as the other trainees;

These “uncles” are in the wrong studio;

This is not “Youth With You” but “Uncle With You”;

They should at least shave their beards to participate in a teenage talent show;

This is a show to compare idol strength, not age;

These “uncles” are more or less incompatible with the other trainees, and so on.

Produce Pandas

However, some netizens said that these “uncles” are also very cute and may attract many “mommy fans”;

Why “uncles” are not qualified to follow their dreams;

Maybe The “uncles” have the strength to crush many of the trainees;

Every season has controversial contestants, which is a means for the programme team to brush up the popularity;

Maybe these “uncles” are the dark horses of this season;

Some netizens remain neutral, the program has not yet been aired and everything will be possible.

Produce Pandas

There is no denying that the definition of an idol is someone who is good at singing and dancing, which is also the definition of a talent show for creating an idol group.

This time, the “uncle” trainees are in stark contrast to the other trainees, so the acceptance of netizens is definitely not that high.

Some netizens have also blamed the program team for consuming “Produce Pandas” for the sake of the program’s popularity.

We hope that people will not be too harsh on the “uncle” trainees this time around and that there will be more kind comments and less criticism.

What’s your opinion on the special grop?

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