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The Controversy Of Tony Yu Jingtian Continues, “Youth With You 3” Popularity raise quickly

Yu Jingtian

The upcoming ”Youth With You 3” is caught up in the heated discussion of the moment. ProducePandas is the classic type of controversy. It’s only later that we realize that they are just a small means of attracting viewers.


However, the controversy of Tony Yu has really caused the whole ”Youth With You 3″ to be hotly debated even before it has been broadcast.

Yu Jingtian

He was already popular before he took part in ”Youth With You 3″. He is a good-looking guy with single eyelids and a tall boy, a type that many girls like.

The reason for Yu Jingtian’s high popularity is that he had previously participated in the “Produce X 101” in Korea and was ranked in the top 20. Although unfortunately, he did not debut, his popularity is still very high.

Yu Jingtian

The most controversial thing about Yu Jingtian is that people suspect him to be the show’s internal choice for the debut. This is not fair to many idols.

As it was said that he was in the lead position during singing the theme song. According to the routine of talent shows, if someone is in the lead position when singing the theme song, he will definitely be able to debut.

Some netizens feel that Yu Jingtian has no strength but still took the central role. It was because that he had a “royal script” in hand. Even if the fans don’t vote for him, they can still end up with a debut position.

Yu Jingtian

In addition to the background controversy, Yu Jingtian also has a miserable persona. We also know that trainees have good company resources is also very important.

But Yu Jingtian’s popularity has nothing to do with his former company, the company also smears him when he is on the show. the guy is really too difficult.

What’s more. He is also foot injury to complete the theme song stage, but it is said that he finished very well. Now his foot injury is more serious.

Cai Xukun

Many people feel that Tony Yu is very much like Cai Xukun. He is also the kind of trainee who has controversies with his former company and then gets good results alone on his strength. But he is still a bit different from Cai Xukun, whose strength was evident to everyone at the time.

Now it is saying that Tony Yu is going to debut. Whatever, his popularity is rising. If he does debut in this show afterward, the public opinion will not dissipate so quickly.

Yu Jingtian

Do you think Tony Yu will debut in “Youth With You 3”?

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  1. You must be bored to attack a 19 year old boy relentlessly without any proof or valid arguments. Bad personality and cliquey? He literally hangs out with so many of the boys in the show and they get along well regardless of their rankings. The audacity to say he doesn’t have “strength” compared to Cai Xukun, when he trained in Korea, participated in Produce 101 at the age of 17, and made it to top 20 in a Korean show that is KNOWN to extremely difficult and moreover racist to Chinese trainees. He has also improved his vocals and dance so much since then, of course he will get the lead vocal position? like tell me who can hold that note in “If it weren’t you” if not Tony. You speak on his name but in fact known nothing.

  2. A boy of rich second generation like him should stay at home to consider how many children should be produced to please the parents and assist the country in relieving the hardship of real estate industry.

  3. As a Chinese, I must say that what the author says is very likely to be true. Recently there has been more than one source of information about the cooperation between aqiyi and the capital behind Tony Yu. Why this season’s theme song is later than before is that the program team is taking care of the Tony for his injury.

    Tony doesn’t got the C Position for the theme song, but his company advertised him as the C owner before the show started. This earned him a large number of fans, and he thus has a Title in China called Fraud C.

    And Yu Jingtian is not as kind as you think, he began to target many trainees after he lost the C position in the theme song, and engaged in a clique to exclude others. Tony’s speech in 1st elimination is also edited, and the real speech is even more aggressive than the one which was broadcast.

    What you see is what the program wants you to see, so if you don’t have enough sources of information for yourself, listen to more other voices.

    1. Are you checking on any news? Spreading false rumors can lead you to jail. Don’t judge Tony as if you know him to well. You are not his mother. Just shattap and be lowkey. Don’t just type and click without thinking. Because this is cyberbullying. Be responsible of your own action. Not all people will agree with this comments of yours. If you dont want to be in trouble just zip your mouth.

    2. I’m sorry, what??? You said Tony’s 1st elimination speech is even more aggressive than the broadcast? Yes I agree you that his speech is edited, but it is edited to make him look even worse!!! The truth isn’t that bad as the broadcast one. Iqiyi made him looks bad. And then if you judge Tony like that, I also want to say that Luo Yizhou’s speech is also edited. I don’t think that you know or notice but here the thing. IQIYi seems to hate Tony and tried to make him look bad and gave him less screentime. In the other hand, IQIYi seems to like Luo Yizhou more hahaha. You said Tony’s speech is edited, why didn’t you also say Luo Yizhou’s one? Be fair…

      And then one more thing, he gains his fans NOT because his company! I admit he is the most popular trainee, but his popularity also comes up from BIG PRICE. He has his fans, he has his popularity because of his OWN HARDWORK!!! He worked hard for it and he deserves them!!!

    3. How do you know this was edited? Were you there as a witness? How can you be so sure that you go and attack him? Sure, he has his flaws, but so does everyone else! And how do you know he went to target other people? If you don’t have this concrete evidence, don’t say anything.

    4. I’ve read what you have shared and these are my opinion to your statements:

      You have stated that, as a Chinese, what the article of this author stated about Tony is likely to be true and bluntly said that there are a LOT of sources regarding all of these to be true then please share where you received these sources or where you’ve read them for everyone to believe that what this article said is true. How can the people “What you see is what the program wants you to see, so if you don’t have enough sources of information for yourself, listen to more other voices” if said voices won’t share or say where they got these said [legit] sources that they have stated about?

      Tony’s speech can be a 50/50 where it is edited but it’s either to make him look even worse or as you’ve said, it was originally more aggressive and to make people look at him in a positive light. Now, the level of aggressiveness may vary since he was in a SURVIVAL show so it is kind of natural to survive but majority can’t calculate how aggressive the original unedited speech since there’s no source on the original of it. Though you have stated that “Tony’s speech in the 1st elimination is also edited, and the real speech is even more aggressive than the one which was broadcast” this sentence felt like or states that you’ve seen the original speech then please share the source.

      Again, you have stated that ‘if no one have enough sources of information for themselves, listen to more other voices’ then please share or cite the source of everything to make it more legit.

      I’m not targeting you nor saying whatever you have said are lies but I want to gather all legit information from legit sources before making a judgement.

      We will never know what is Tony Yu’s true personality and the situation that’s beyond what was shared online which is why staying neutral is a safe bet before an individual can choose a side.

  4. First, please make sure if your information is correct before posting because it seems like the article is ‘slandering’ Tony with the way it was written. Second, I’ve been watching Tony since his appearance of PDX101, and as far as I can see right now, he improved so much. Tony had struggled during PDX10 but that didn’t stop him from being hard working and managed to improve a lot enough for him to be one of the non-Korean trainees to make it to the Finals. Now, when he participated in Youth with You 3, Tony believed in himself so much that he didn’t want to make the same mistakes he did during PDX101, he worked 10x harder to improve and be able to deserve his high ranking spot in YWY3 in every round. Personally, the reasons why I became his fan since I saw him in PDX101 was because he has that stage presence where you can just look at him and can’t take your eyes away because you feel that he’s going to be interesting. Tony has talent, whether or not it be natural and pure talent, he mostly received it by pure hard work and training himself to the bone. If he’s struggling, he cries but stops and just continue training to be able to perfect that without giving up. He’s got charisma and despite all the qualities he has, that boy is still humble and kind. These are [some of the] points on why he’s popular and deserves that popularity. I can also say the same on why fans follow, love, and support him. You give credit when credit is due and Tony deserves credit with all of his achievements that he worked hard for.

    1. AHHHH i miss tony to all who supports tony,and explain well said(.) I MISS TONY;-;:(

  5. This author is slanderous and clearly did not do any research. He just portrayed the fans as shallow. Lol. Are you sure you are a journalist?

  6. Oh This is actually a tactic to get even more sympathy votes for him… don’t fall into the trap.

  7. This article is full of negative comments on Yu Jingtian. The boy worked so hard even Youth with you 3 producers ! He deserved to win as a center because he is the most worthy amongst them. Dont waist his talent, skills and perseverance!

    1. he is racist and needs to fix his problem before he can debut, we already have enough people like him in the industry.

      1. since tf when was he racist lmao youre clearly pulling stuff out of thin air, stay on topic. /

      2. Think before you click. And do your own research first before blabbering nonsense. You’re so immature

  8. Even though tony has many fans you can’t deny the fact that he possess all the qualities of an idol. His vocals is good, can dance well, can rap, and the undeniable charisma as a visual. He’s talented and hardworking. His fans were just his support system and not the main reason why he excelled on the survival show, it’s because of his skills and his perseverance of achieving something. This article is really biased putting some negative things about tony making him look bad.

    1. Hoping for the author to stop writing articles already. It isn’t worth to read knowing he’s just pulling other people down.

  9. Can I just say this article news is shit, what makes you think Tony got the rank bc of he only have a lot fans. Did you ask why did so many people is supporting him since PDx101? LOL this is ridiculous, Tony gained fans bc he worked hard for it ever since he joined PDx101 a lot of people are already supporting him bc of his determination and passion. I have been rooting for him since the beginning I saw a video clip he cried bc he didn’t believe he was going to get an A in the first evaluation rank you see his full of charm and strengths. It’s not just because of his looks yes he’s handsome but he also got a story to tell and talents. And one more thing this article is horrible gosh.

    1. I definitely agree with you man. He is a confident and talented man. Yes he’s good looking but is that it? BIG NO… He definitely sings and dances well.

    2. Right he is handsome and taller but not only reason why he his popular. Put he popularity beacuse his hard work ( bc he also had a ankle injury but he is adraid to risk his self by still performing wirh injury now that shows he had working young man and has big dreams to do what he wants to do ) popularity internationally because he knows how to speak English, Korean & Mandarin ( he is Chinese- Canadian ) , he also full of charm , hes a adorbale and very sweet guy . You can see that in youth of
      You and in produce x101 .

      And he very confident do really need say much more.

  10. WOW this article is very slanderous. He has no strength? I think he has alot of strengths, he performs really well. Just because he was on another show, the person that wrote this article thinks it is okay to speak about him. So because he was on another show which he didn’t win, he isn’t allowed on to another show, just because he might have a fan base and put the other trainees at a disadvantage. I AM SORRY BUT THAT SHOULD CHALLENGE THE OTHER TRAINEES TOO STAND OUT AND BUILD A FANBASE. This whole article comes across as you not liking him from the previous show he was on, so you created this article. Nothing about him is controversial. I googled his name as he stood out on youth 3 and Thanks to this article i know who my vote is going behind.

    1. This article was written before the show was aired, and it’s about the discussion on the Chinese Internet before the show started, the writer just wrote what was happening on the net.

      1. But before you post this. Do your own research first. Don’t just rely to those gossips that are not true or not really confirmed. If you want to be a writer please do this in a much more clean way. Without stepping others reputation. Because one’s action can bring big distruction. So now, see those rumors in the internet then reflect this post you’ve done. Is it align? No right? Becuase he is not the internal favorite. Be responsible next time

  11. I think that Tony deserves to be on the top spot he is in and it is not because of anything but his likeability and his talent. I am really at awe when I saw him in this show because of how much he has grown and improved. Even when he was starting out in pd101x he has already shown potential and this show is just one of his avenues to unleash it. I also think that there are also other already popular trainees in this show and so I still think it is fair for him to be in it. Lastly, I also believe that the show producers for this show are really doing a good job in highlighting each of the trainees to the best of their capabilities.

  12. I think that Tony has improved significantly since PDX101. Could he hold a centre position or debut as rank 1? I don’t really think so. He is my person favourite as I have been following him closely since PDX101. He has a huge fanbases that is voting for him which is the reason why he is ranking so high. I think he definitely has what it takes to be a debut member and he 100% deserves it. I think these conspiracy theories are a little unfounded. Yes, the production team most likely casted him knowing that he would be a debut member and bring his own fanbase to the show, it happens in every season. Cai Xukun and Li Wenhan are prime examples of this. Does that mean they didn’t deserve it? No, absolutely not. Even if he was chosen as a trainee that would definitely debut there’s no issue. He has the talent and skills for this so there is no problem really.