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“Youth With You 3” Tony Yu Jingtian Parents KTV Illegal Operation? Agency Statement: Yu Jingtian Did Not Participate

Tony Yu

”Youth With You 3“ is coming to an end, with the grand finale on May 8. As a popular trainee for C-position, Tony Yu Jingtian was reported to have been involved in the controversy that his parents’ company was suspected of pornography and even drugs. It caused a lot of discussions as soon as the news was released.


It revealed that Tony Yu Jingtian’s parents have a number of properties under their roof, including bars, KTVs, restaurants, and culture. Yu Jingtian’s own trademark “Yu Jingtian” and “Yu Jingtian Tony” were registered by his mother’s company.

Yu Jingtian’s mother’s business, “Jingli KTV”, was found to have been involved in illegal activities. It was reported on the news website back then that the KTV had been shut down due to unlawful dealings in the middle echelons.

Subsequently, a judgement directly confirmed that the KTV had been involved in illegal activities. The verdict showed that a man named Li Fenghua had purchased prohibited items from escort girls at the KTV.


On April 30, to calm the storm, Tony Yu Jingtian’s agency released a statement: Tony Yu Jingtian, had not done anything negative related to the net rumors or participated in activities that negatively impacted society.

People were warned to stop posting malicious personal attacks on Yu Jingtian. The company said it has commissioned a team of lawyers to deal with the matter, reserving the right to pursue legal responsibility and defend Yu Jingtian’s legitimate rights.

If the news is true, it will undoubtedly have an impact on Yu Jingtian himself, with some fans even saying they hope he will withdraw from the competition if the revelations are true.

Although the parents’ actions have nothing to do with Yu Jingtian himself, idols are influential public figures, if their parents really do violate the moral laws and regulations, then the artist carrying out activities is undoubtedly harmful to the public and also bring bad influence.

Tony Yu

Tony Yu Jingtian’s goal in the “Youth With You 3” is always debuting in the C-position as a group. He has been firmly in the first place. Both Yu Jingtian and Luo Yizhou were the favorites to win the C-position, and most viewers thought that the C place would definitely belong to one of them.

As it approaches the crucial period of the final, Yu Jingtian’s parents have been exposed to such an incident, We wonder if it will have a bad impact on Yu Jingtian’s debut and directly affect his debut. So, in your opinion, is there a possibility of this?

What do you think? Should artists pay the price for their parents’ actions?

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  1. Unbelievable! How can a young boy be responsible for what his parents have done? If this turns into something that hurts Tony he can come to the USA and be a star all by himself. SM should snatch him up, have him join their LA team and Tony can be a HUGE star without the petty BS promoted by a pack of immature “Mean Girls”.

    The finale should be interesting as the BS continues to roll down hill. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the boys stood their ground and protected Tony and the other trainees from this type of slander. Grow up and quit believing everything you read.

  2. They are making scandal about Tony just to make his vote/rank drop. These ANTIs are pathetic.

  3. I’m not a fan. But, I believe that Tony is innocent. His parents have also spoke up, denying these allegations. And these kind of negative and malicious rumor about popular trainee situations always happens every time before the final night. Even I as a netizens can see the meaning behind these kind of rumors. But, I have to thank the rumor spreader. I started an iQIYI account just to show my support. Jiayou, Tony. I cannot help in refuting the rumors, but I can certainly help you by voting. Don’t lose yourself and be kind to the world. Be your own self. Jiayou!

  4. I’m a yizhou fan but I have to defend Tony here. His parents have made a statement to deny these allegations. Even if they were true, he was just a child when all this happened. Why should he pay the price for something he had no say over? Just because the parents are bad, their children should be punished? People should be held accountable for their own actions, not their parents, especially at an age where he has no ability to influence them. Seems a bit unfair.

    1. The debute group will represent many of product brands. Even Tony not involve with this issue but people may question.So we should think about the rest of 8 members that they doesn’t involve this issue and be affectd.

      1. This is all speculation. Why is the general population persecuting not based on facts but rumors? Even if his parents did do those things, why is it his fault? I think the boys would choose to keep Tony if they had a say. What happens if all this turns out to be false? We’ve gone and destroyed a young boy’s career. Not to mention he has nothing to do with his parents’ actions! If it was the other way around, where he did a bad job raising his parents, I get it… but he was (and kind of still is) just a child! Don’t people feel bad for picking on a kid?

        1. You know when he’s more popular, the more fans and the more antis and if he has some dirt from the past, netizens have to bring it to light. There are trustworthy resources like Cpop home, SCMP that you can learn about his case, it is not the first day he left anymore when international fans are lack of information from Douban and weibo which weren’t translated for lowkey ppl like us to read.

        2. Why are you being so offensive just because you don’t know what happend on douban and weibo, chinese fans know everything and they don’t comment fail information like international fans, im so disappointed with u guys now. Sometimes the truth hurt. Tony can’t even debut as 9th members because the group will be boycotted in China. What about other 8 members, are’t they innocent? Jojo, Yizhou, Huaiwei, yihang, jun liu, x, neil… have clean background and they don’t need to debut with Tony to be boycotted with him.