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“Youth With You 3” PK “CHUANG 2021”, Which One Will Be The Winner Of This Year

“CHUANG” and “Youth With You” from the first season to now, have already 4 years. How is the popularity of the groups debuted by these two shows? Let’s have a comparison.

Produce 101 Idol Producer

The “Idol Producer” compared to “Produce 101”, in this boy group and girl group’s competition, they both gain a lot of attention, but in terms of winning and losing, it is obvious that “Idol Producer” achieved a higher point. Cai XuKun also became a popular star after the show finished.

Produce Camp 2019 Youth With You 1

“Youth with you 1” Compared to “Produce Camp 2019″, in the second season’s boy group battle, the popularity is much lower than the first season. Till UNINE disbanded, many members weren’t recognized by people. But it can not say the ” Produce Camp 2019″ is hit. R1se is only a little better than the former.

CHUANG 2020 Youth With You 2

“Youth With You 2” compared to “CHUANG 2020”, the third season is a competition between girl groups, each with a more attractive mentor. “YWY2” invited Lisa as mentor first, and “Chuang 2021” have Lu Han, Z.Tao, Kris Wu. But according to the strength. The9 is much better than Bonbon Girls 303. The playback amount of “YWY2” is 2 times higher than “Chuang 2020”.


The fourth season is now, “CHUANG 2021” started on February 17, while “Youth With You 3” started on February 18. This year, they were aired at the same time, so which show will you be more interested in. Leave a comment in the comment section.

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  1. I watched Chuang 2021 because I saw Zhou shen, he’s one of my idol. This was my first chinese competition show and I really love the show, It’s so funny. There’s alot of capable trainees and the battles were fun. I do not have to explain those guys who stood out with thier visual and talent in Chuang. I could remember them all my life. Meanwhile, ywy s3 is kinda boring to me. There’s not much trainees who really stood out as chuang and I dropped it after the first elimination round because it seems boring to me. Luo Yizhou is the only one who captured me.

  2. i usually prefer ywy over chuang, but this year, ywy just doesn’t seem at par. chuang 2021 in terms of trainees, editing, and production def stood out. this year the show just seems so light-hearted and easy to watch. *cough* ywy has better original song choices though imo *cough*

  3. if you have not watched youth with you s3 you are missing out big time. i just think everything is well organized and the battles are fun!. this year i was not gonna watch it but the first episode is already so funny and although the show runs a bit slower than chuang i think we get to see every one of the contestants and their talents and the side shows are a bonus for me!! fighting to liang sen, wei hongyu and ayu oh myy.

    1. But the battle and song selection is not as attractive as chuang.
      The production is very biased as well, many good scene is cut out, seems they cut it on purpose

  4. And also I want to add that Chuang 2021 has Lelush. The reluctant trainee. The editing they did with him is absolutly hillarious. People keep voting for him and I anderstand that it is not fair on other trainees who wants to be here regardless of how talented they are or not. But this show also rely on how entertaining it is. As soon as Lelush is on screen I have a feeling of trepidation. What is he gonna do, say or is he just gonna stand still emotionless like a statut? I swear that guy is worth becoming a meme. I’m looking forward to see him on the show and though I resisted voting for him so far (because beleive me I was extremely tempted), if my favorites do not make the 22 for the last part of the show, I WILL vote for Lelush during the 3rd round. So at least I will have something interesting to watch and laught about until the end 😈. I am looking forward his next Saturday performance: in a preview he said that he will work hard for now one. Are they baiting us? How can it be true?😅

  5. I haven’t watched “Youth With You” before. I was on the Wetv FB page when I watched a clip of Chuang and it makes me LMFAO. I knew the show existed because there where always clips about it on that page but I was never interested to watch yet another survival show. Last one I watched was the “I-Land” on Viki. But Chuang editing style is Soooo hillarious. No one can escape it. So I decided to tune for in Chuang 2021 and watch the first 2 episodes in a row. My throat was hurting after laughting for at list 4 hours. I was hooked. And in withdrawal so in 2 weeks I watch all the previous 3 seasons. When it was done I searched more infos about the show and ended up on Wikipedia and learn it is actually a franshise that started in Korea with Produce 101. I learned all about the voting cheating scam, people got arrested etc… Here I wanted to watched the Korean version to quenched my thurst but it spoiled it for me. So a few days ago I started watching the Japonese version and something very cleared came to my mind. It was like watching yet another survivival show. I wasn’t enjoying as much as Chuang. Why? The editing. It wasn’t funny. They relied on the 2 MCs for comic relief. But it wasn’t doing anything to me. Chuang power lies on the fact as it is funny as f. What I am getting at is, I haven’t watched YWY but if it is not funny as Chuang forget it. I will give it a go today because people here praising it. I need at least to find a comparason points. See you later 🤞

    1. Chuang is much enjoyable than ywy. Idk. Kinda tired seeing lisa and esther both acting cute and childlike.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. I love K-pop, been a fan since 2014 and I love blackpink. So I was excited to watch ywy3 with Lisa in it. DREADFUL, DREADFUL I tell you. I watched till the second episode, I don’t know about production but when it comes to talent and skill, none of them even come close to Santa’s dancing, Mika’s voice, Rikimaru’s choreography, AK’s rap skills. I didn’t find anyone worth watching on ywy3. I can’t even remember anyone except for the mentors and that bald headed guy. Oh! Also lelush’s hilarious misery, Nine’s cuteness, Patrick’s gorgeousness, ( note : before coming on chuang, patrick and nine only trained for three months, I mean how do you get so good so soon if you are not born with it!!) And letting the trainees the chance to show their unique talents and art and so many things.
      I would choose chuang over ywy any day. I am really torn about Lisa’a appearance with ywy though but as much as I love her, ywy is not worth it.

      1. I agree. Tho Lisa is my bias I can’t watch ywy3 idk why. Last year, i watched both chuang2020 and ywy2. Maybe chuang2021 is more funny and it hook my interest. AK is one of the reason why I’m attach to the show tho originally I watched because of Nine and Patrick.

        1. YWY3 is so boring. No one really stood out in terms of talent and visual. Chuang, however, almost all of them are talented and aesthetically pleasing, adding to the fact that they are naturally funny.

      2. I think you have mixed ip the youthwithu S3 with chuang2021 and Chuang all four seasons are better then youthwithu. I am also a kpoper for 16 years.

    3. Chuang may have spent less money on production but the main thing we watch these shows are for the talents and skills. Chuang has far better talent than ywy and it is not boring to watch. I watched two episodes of ywy and I stopped. I definitely don’t want to watch that again while I can watch chuang over and over. I love Lisa but ywy is not worth it.

  6. Youth with You 3. Solid lineup and interesting trainees like Lian Huaiwei and Neil Liu Guanyou.

  7. Let’s be honest, Youth With You is a part of China’s pride. Chuang is only trying to copy their style in hopes of doing better than them, but ywy3 will always remain higher in rank.

    1. Who told you that? Chuang is doing better this year domestically.

      1. I agree with you that chuang2021 is better and even before INTO1 was formed all the trainees started getting the recognition from public and media. If you compare the views of the clip of only youthwithu S3 & chuang 2021 . Ofcourse chuang 2021 have more clips

    2. who said that chuang is trying to copy ywy. ywy is having the same system as last year while chuang is trying more harder to change it. the rules in chuang are changing every year which gives you great suprises while the one in ywy is same .now who said that chuang is tying to copy their style to do better than them

      1. I watch chuang 2021 idk ywy not make me have not interest for them.
        And i think chuang is much better. Idk how to type mandarin so women yi qi chuang

    3. now why is ywy pride of china and how. chuang is not tying to copy ywy. every year chuang is changing their rule so that they wont have similarities between ywy.

    4. I love Lisa and at first I thought ywy was better so I watched that first. After watching two first episodes I stopped. Didn’t bother continuing. I thought chuang would be worse so I didn’t watch it until recently after a clip of chuang on facebook and thought I’d give it a try. Man! Was I wrong? Chuang is so fun. I watched it two times and I cannot wait for the next episodes. I really don’t see chuang trying to copy as you claim. But even if it is, I think chuang is doing a hundred times better job at it than ywy. Besides where are the humors and funny-ness in ywy. Watching feels like I am auditioning for the military. It feels so dark, strict, bland and the opposite of fun.

  8. both program has strong and talended trainees just let’s see who will debut hahhaha but i’m watching them both

  9. To be honest Youth With You is always better. But as for final groups it’s hit an miss. Nine Percent were better than Rocket Girls, R1se were better than unine and The9 is better than Bonbon girls (imo). The amount of foreign trainees in Chuang is definitely a factor to consider. Personally I prefer Youth With You and the YWY trainees, but i still enjoy Chuang also. YWY popularity has dropped this year due to very long episodes but it still remains one of the most popular survival shows and has beaten its own previous popularity records for ep 1. Chuang has a more stable international fanbase this year but YWY i feel will always remain one step ahead.

    1. I prefer youth with you cause I like their trainees more than chuang 2021, but the one problem youth with you has is that with eng sub isn’t free and I had hard time finding videos of it