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“Youth With You 3” Luo Yizhou Takes The Central Role For The Theme Song. His Weibo Super Topic Fans Rose to 12,000 In One Night

Youth With You 3 Luo Yizhou

Youth With You 3” has completed its first public performance stage. In this period, some trainees have successfully turned into popular trainees. And some popular trainees have fallen from the high position because of their poor strength.


Tony Yu (Yu Jingtian), who once was expected to debut in the C-position became precarious because he fell out of the C-position for the theme song.

Another trainee, who hadn’t attracted much attention before, won the central role for the theme song. And his popularity even skyrocketed, threatening the status of popular trainees like Tony Yu.

This trainee is Luo Yizhou.

Luo Yizhou

Before the theme song rating, Luo Yizhou has not been noticed by the viewers. His initial performance was not bad, but not too bright. The first public performance was also overshadowed by a few popular trainees.

Although his strength and appearance are still good, netizens never thought that he would be the boy who is in the Central position.

Luo Yizhou

Tony Yu, who was originally the “favorite”, lost the C-position by only two votes to Luo Yizhou. While taking the theme song C position may be the turning point in the fate of Luo Yizhou.

It’s because there has always been a tradition in “Youth With You”. That is, those who sing the theme song in the central position will definitely end up in the C-position.

From the Cai Xukun to Li Wenhan, to Liu Yuxin, this is especially true since Liu Yuxin won the Central role for the theme song and then debut in the TOP 1.

Luo Yizhou

After it was confirmed that Luo Yizhou takes the C-position of the theme song, the number of Luo Yizhou’s Weibo topic followers also pass 10,000 in one night’s time. So perhaps this dark horse can really make a debut in C-Position.

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  1. Luo yizhou I’m always hope I can see you but I can’t because im leave in putrajaya that I hope you can give me your phone I’m really your fans ( special fans )

  2. Both Yizhou and Tony are good .
    There are reasons why people like them both.
    So I just support they both.

  3. Yzhou’s fan keep increasing, those Tony fan should be trembling now. Please do remember even Tony was in Kick it Yizhou still have many vote. Tony did not give LUO YIZHOU a HUGA BUMP BUT LUO YIZHOU DID. I DO THINK ALL MENTORS AND IQIYI AGREE

  4. Yizhou is underrated and Tony is overrated. Yizhou can rap and dance well than Tony. Tony just happen to have big fan base, that bias. Vote center that qualified and have more effort. Yizhou congratulations win against Tony. Show him what real center need.

  5. I was captivated on his “Kick it” performance, since then I asked “Why does this boy does not get the hyped that he deserves? He obviously slayed it more than the center, just because he does not appeared to any previous shows? (I’m not bias – I look at the present) I’m glad that he is getting more recognition, and attention by many, now that he become the center of the theme song. LUO YIZHOU all the way. I’m even more determined to always vote for him everyday. He deserves more. He’s a rising star everyday! SOAR HIGH!

  6. From what I’m seeing Tony made it has a strategy, Yizhou’s fans will be more determined to vote for him to get to the Top 9 and debut. However, to those who aren’t fans of Tony will seem to understand Tony’s words as cocky and arrogant. He’s young and he worked hard to get to this rank, he have a lot of supporters not only in this show but ever since he was a trainee in PDx101. You can see in Tony’s eyes that he seems bothered bc of this issue regarding the first center will be the final center, yes it will make him pressured bc the show is not over the rank 1 can be stolen from him so he made a goal for him to break the curse, that’s why he said “This year I will break the rules with tears” which made some trainees blown out and excited, Luo Yizhou accepted the challenge and said “Let our performances do the talking to themselves”. He both deserve to win and debut, and I support both of them just saying.

    1. I think so. Tony strategy is to pull a “rival story” in order to get more spotlights on Yizhou since ppl will start talking about it. I hope ppl don’t hate them and support them equally

      1. I agree! I thought this was a great way to shine the spotlight on Yizhou. Yizhou is super talented but had zero exposure before this show, whereas many trainees came from being internet celebrities, hosting shows, or tv dramas. Yizhou is easily one of the most talented/well rounded trainees on the show and deserves to be in top 9. I’m glad Tony said what he said because now people will pay even more attention to Yizhou!

        1. I AGREE. its Tony lose because of his too confidence and rudeness. Anyhow Yzhou’s deserves the spotlight.

  7. Yizhou fan base and votes are way lower than Tony. So if Yizhou failed to get into top 9 Tony got nothing to worry about and I guess he getting a bit cocky in his words. This would only fire fan’s determination to put Yizhou in top 9 baby!!!!

    1. No please don’t think Tony is cocky. He got a huge fanbase because he’s talented. He won’t say the last line in his speech if he knows that it’ll affect his overall popularity and image. This is coming from a Tony + Yizhou fan.

    2. Aku tidak perduli siapa Canter nya tapi Tony dan Yinzhou seta semua Perseta mereka bersaing secara sehat
      jadi dari pada berdebat jadi dari pada kita berbeda pendapat yang bisa memunculkan konflik sebaiknya kita dukung sesuai Idol yang kalian suka

  8. I think mostly are Yizhou and Tony fans are against each other. No matter who the center in the end, fans will always look out for their favourite one. Tony and Yizhou are having a healthy competition as Tony acknowledged Yizhou as his rival, which is how men’s relationship works. So don’t hate and vote for your favourite trainees

  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the hype around Rimiko and Jerome D? I just think that there are others who deserve to be in the top 9.

    1. You are not the only one. Rimiko at least has potential with singing and dancing. Jerome D. probably should consider a different profession, maybe modeling or acting. He has a beautiful face, but is severely lacking in singing and dancing department. I don’t think even Liu Jun can train him into an above average dancer.

  10. I support both of them but later I found Tony kinda annoying in his last speech for being number 1 in voting but not the centre. Am I right?
    The show it self not yet finish, he still can catch up with massive voting from his supporter and being centre in the end, why so salty….

    1. Everyone is good, not that Tony is good. He got number 1 cos he got alot of supporter.

    2. Cuz if Yizhou cant make it into top 9, there will be no one to threaten Tony debut position as Center lmao. In current top 9 ranking, there is no doubt Tony is the only one with enough charisma and fitting image to become a Center. I guess that make him a bit cocky. Luo Yizhou fan fighting!!! We must get him into top 9 first!!!!!!

    3. Uhm okay but hate Tony bc of his speech. The edit just made it look like evil but if you are going to watch the whole episode you’ll know the story. Don’t say that Tony got the rank just bc of his massive supporter, did you ask why did he have a lot of fans? Do you know the reason why, it’s because of his determination and passion. He made the speech bc he wants to make a goal for himself. It’s true that ever since YWY started, the first center from the theme song will be the final center. It also became a strategy for Luo Yizhou to gained voters and supporter bc he don’t deserve to be in Top 14, Yizhou deserve more. Both of them are deserving but Tony is still my Top 1 ever since PDx101, anyway just my 2 cents. Why so salty?

    4. No. He’s not directing the sentence “Who said the theme song center will be the final center” to Yizhou. He said that to motivate himself yk. Because there’s a joke/curse that the person who got the center place in the theme song will be the center of the final group. And he wants to be the first to break that. Please don’t fall for the evil editing. Tony and Yizhou are friends. They even helped each other. If you watch the show, you’ll know. He won’t say the last line in his speech if he know it’ll affect his popularity and image. There might be another hidden reason. But I have no rights to assume and overanalyze.

  11. luo yizhou se merece el centro al principio no fue unos de mis favoritos, pero a medida que pasa los episodios yizhou a demostrado que debe ser el centro es un chico completo, es un chico seguro.

  12. I think Luo Yizhou being voted as center is a good thing, as it will boost his chance of making it to the final Top 9. Tony being voted 2nd will helped him gained some self confidence back too as it was a bit lacking. So I think the trainees did vote wisely.

  13. I don’t know if it’s me but this the author seems a bit disappointed with the results? Like bro Luo Yizhou got an A for his first ranking, got more votes than Tony in the first performance, and now can get center for the theme song. I like both of them but I’m tired of some Tony fans being toxic. And some Liu Jun fans. Obviously there is a reason to everything and it’s not that Luo Yizhou is worse than Tony. Actually I hope both of them would debut and Tony be the maknae and Luo Yizhou be the leader. Ah, ideal group!

    1. I totally agree with you but some Yizhou fans too are toxic in Youtube comments.

  14. I like him. Very much!
    He is very skilled and his performances are very captivating.

    1. kalau menurut saya sih
      semua orng berhak di posisi tengah,soal bukan siapa yang hebat memang sejak awal mereka belum bisa menonjolkan diri mereka dan kemapuan tapi seiring berjalannya waktu mereka mengasah kemampuan mereka menonjolkan kemampuan mereka maka sebener nya kalau soal pedebatan siapa yang hebat itu gak ada artinya soal mereka juga nih ya berusaha keras mereka bersaing secara sehat dengan cara mengasah kemampuan

      jadi kita sebagai fans mending terus dukung saja dari pada berdebat karna hal-hal yang kecil cukup dukung,masing mereka semangat, dan jangan lupa beri dukungan untuk mereka Tampa melakukan hal toksik

  15. I honestly feel that his position was well deserved. Even tho he didn’t really got my attention form the beginning (i bias Tony), for me he stood out a lot during the rest of the episodes and he is actually so sooo talented. His last performance (i think was the i want performance) was amazing. My opinion both of them deserve it, they are both really talented and strong guys.

  16. Proud of you Yi Zhuo! You worked hard and you deserved it! No one should ever degrade someone just because their bias didn’t get the C position, everyone worked as hard. Would you like it if it’s the other way around? Everyone has feelings, don’t be so childish.

  17. i actually dont get the hype within Luo Yizhou, Rimiko and JOJO. it seems like fans are too biased by them. The center role would actually be very fitting to Tony ( Yu Jingtian ) instead. Honestly, I dont really think he catches most of the viewers attentions

    1. and you are bias to tony? so your whole point is? Tony obviously lost his C position because his lack in strength, yeah go cry about it, it’s the sad truth.

      1. Tony isn’t quite 100% yet from the injury. I watched the cam focus and it’s obvious he’s still in pain. That’s why his dancing hasn’t been as smooth prior and leading up to the theme song. While Tony and Yizhou are both great performers, they should have given Tony the position of Center. I say this not because Tony is popular but he is the better performer of the two. If Tony and Yizhou had to combine singing, dancing, and rapping in a song, Tony is the better overall pick.

        Now, this in no way means that Yizhou is bad. I think after Tony, he’s the next best performer. He would be better as the Leader of the group. He already demonstrates that quality by taking care of his team. He helps them prepare mentally and physically for the next performances. I definitely want both to debut, but Tony at 1 and Center, while Yizhou should be at 2 and Leader of the group.

        1. I agree with you Mark, as imagining Yizhou to be the Center in all their shows in the future I don’t see it quite boom to the audience. Tony however, has charisma in singing and dancing he is crowd’s favorite. Yizhou is trainee’s favorite and Tony is loved by IQIYI fans that’s why he got a lot of supporters. Both of them are good and I support them.

    2. The hype? Yizhou is actually underrated, he’s not very popular, but he’s proving himself showing off his multiple talents, as a rapper, dancer and singer too.

      1. Yizhou will gain more fan don’t worry. Trow shade he will shine brighter. Tony will fall from his position after the competition. Yzhou’s win 4.0 against Tony.

    3. I started out with Tony as my favorite, but as time pass I also really like Yizhou. His talent is very effortless, and well rounded. He sang very well even while dancing. His vocals are decent compared to the other strong dancers on the show. I was disappointed in Kachine’s singing (still love him though!). Yizhou is a very supportive team member too. I actually think he carried the center position very well in the theme song.

  18. Even though Yizhou won 1 vote against Tony in the theme song, Tony can still be the center in the finals if he will rank 1 in the finals. The tradition of YWY won’t happen if a lot of fans will vote for him. You can do it Tony! Jiayou!

    1. I really hope so Elle. IQIYI, the producers, and all the other trainees really messed up picking Yizhou as Center over Tony. As I have said in a previous post here, they’re both great performers. Just that Tony is the better overall pick for Center. Put singing, rapping, and dancing in a song/performance and no one can touch Tony. He showcased that with his song Uranus. Yizhou would actually be the better pick for Leader as he’s shown throughout the episodes taking good care of his teammates. So here’s hoping that they both debut together, but Tony at 1 and Center, Yizhou at 2 and Leader.