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“Youth With You 3” Announced They have Canceled The Final

Youth With You 3 Cancle Final

On May 9, “Youth With You 3” announced on the official Weibo that the program recording was terminated and the final was cancelled.


The program team issued a text that: “At present, the program team has decided to terminate the recording and cancel the final. The program team has not announced any news so far, some news about the group has debut and the so-called “official Weibo account” are untrue information.

From the evening of the 8th to the morning of the 9th, there is news that the “Youth With You 3” has formed the group NINEVER. 9 members are including Luo Yizhou, Lian Huaiwei, Jojo Tang, Neil, Jerome.D, Kachine, Jun Liu, X (Duan Xingxing), Sun Yihang. But ‘Youth With You 3 official responded, denied the news of the group.

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  1. nooo… i mean… is it because of the rumour with tony? but no matter what HE IS INDEED GOOD </3

    1. It’s not mainly because of Tony and his background, but more so of the voter’s mass dumping of the sponsor’s drink. I heard that China is strict on food wastage and that might have lead to YWY’s cancellation 🙁

  2. So is it like actually canceled? Like there’s gonna be no group at all?

  3. What ????!! This is so unfair, how about the future of those who have the chance to debut. What about our effort to vote for those we like? This is so sad 🙁

    Our poor Lian Hauiwei and other trainees.