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New Exposure of “Youth With You 3”: Bullying, Stealing, Guaranteed Advancement Candidates. The Show Is Seriously Unbalanced?

Liang Sen

Two episodes of “Youth With You 3” have already released and most of the trainees have completed their initial stage ratings.


Recently, there are some rumors about trainees, including stealing, bullying, and guaranteed advancement candidates, among others. The news has sparked a lot of debate among netizens.

Youth With You 3 Exposure

From the information posted by netizens, the first one is a trainee with a particularly prominent image of bullying others.

When this feature came out, many netizens locked on to Liang Sen. Of all the contestants, Liang Sen’s look was the most special, as he was the only one with a bald head, giving people a strong impression of all of them.

And he shouted at other trainees in previous live streams. It seems he has a bad temper.

Liang Sen

However, we should not identify that the bully is Liang Sen. After all, his performance when talking to the media is very different from his appearance, so it is likely that he is just “cold on the outside but hot on the inside”.

While Liang Sen’s agency denied the rumors immediately. But whoever is found to be bullying another trainee will be condemned by public opinion.

Wang Ziao

The second trainee was the one who was caught stealing and ended up his competition straightly. It is actually quite clear who it is. There is only one trainee who has withdrawn so far, and that is Wang Ziao.

It was said that many of the trainees reported that their stuff was gone and Wang Ziao was directly withdrawn from the competition after the surveillance investigation. It’s unbelievable that such an act exists in the talent show. But whether the rumor is true or not, we should keep a clear head.

Produce Pandas

The third controversial revelation was that the program had guaranteed that Produce Pandas would be in the top 20.

We are sure that for the majority of fans of the show, the appearance of Produce Pandas on the stage of “Youth With You 3” was a very unexpected event.

Since the confirmation of Produce Pandas’ joining, there has been no shortage of discussion about them. It was clear that the show would not really let them debut, but they still have to be there to bring up the popularity of the show.

Although there is no guarantee that they will be a group, it would be unfair to the other trainees if they were guaranteed to be in the top 20.

Some of the rumors are still lacking certain evidence, so fans should not take it seriously. Keep mind clear.

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