2022 Chinese Drama List

The Top Vote Getter Of “CHUANG 2021” First Public Performance Was Released

CHUANG 2021 First Public Performance

Although “CHUANG 2021” is not yet launched, news about its recording is never-ending. In recent days, all the trainees of “CHUANG 2021” have completed their first public performance stage, and the 7 Top-Vote-Getters have been revealed.


“Butterfly” Group- Fu Sichao

Fu Sichao

“莲” Group- Yi Han and Ren Yinpeng

Yi Han
Ren Yinpeng

“作为怪物” Group – Hu Yetao

Hu Yetao

“女孩” Group-Wu Yuheng

Wu Yuheng

“破茧” Group- Yu Yang

Yu Yang

“Loverboy 88” Group- IKUMI HIROTO


“爱 you ready 爱我 ready” Group- Wang Xiaochen

Wang Xiaochen
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  1. It is so funny how ren yinpeng got higher votes than rikimaru and liu yu.

    Are they trying to debut someone who ain’t suitable enough.

    Well we all know money can make everyone win. Just saying 😁