“CHUANG 2021” Caelan’s House Collapsed, What’s His Reaction After He Heard Jennie and G-Dragon’s News

The recent breaking news is nothing more than the exposure of the suspected romance between famous Korean star Jennie and G-DRAGON.

Then some netizens scoffed that “Caelan’s House Collapsed”. It turns out that Caelan has not yet realized the wish to marrying Jennie, his favorite idol Jennie has broken out the romance rumor.

It is said that Caelan took Jennie’s photo with him to CHUANG 2021. He thought that through this work, in the future, he can be married to Jennie.

Caelan jennie 2

Although his “first love” has not yet begun and has come to an end. But how many fans can do the same thing as their idols boldly, just so they can possibly get married to their idols one day?

Hope that this sunny boy will not give up the achievements he has accumulated so far because of his unrealizable love.

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