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A Paper Marriage – Zhang Hui, Liu Xiyang

A Paper Marriage is a romantic drama directed by Zhang Hui, starring Zhang Hui, Liu Xiyang, Zhang Yishan, Yang Zi, and Guan Xiaotong.

The film tells the story of Ye Zi, who starts a fake marriage with a university professor, Wang Feng, but suffers a breakup with her boyfriend. Then they find their respective spiritual homes.


A Paper Marriage

English Title: A Paper Marriage
Chinese Title: 一纸婚约
Genre: Romance
Duration: 93 min.
Director: Zhang Hui
Writer: Li Zhiying, Zhang Hui
Producer: Yi Cai
Product Company: Youth Film Studio
Released Date: 2017-04-29
Broadcast Website: 优酷



Ye Zi has just graduated from a design college in Shanghai and is planning to buy a house with her boyfriend Li Chao to get married.

However, they are not qualified to buy a house, so Ye decides to fakely marry Wang Feng, a divorced university professor who is more than twenty years older than her.

While Ye Zi is renovating her new house, Li Chao falls in love with Yezi's best friend Lin Lin.

Ye feels hopeless of life, but Wang Feng's caring moves Ye, who is from a divorced and insecure family.

Just when they have affections for each other, the "fire" is doused by the appearance of Wang Feng's daughter, Wang Xiaoxiang.

As Ye and Wang Feng prepare for a divorce, a sudden accident also puts Ye in a difficult situation...


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