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Youth China in the Headlines – Zhou Dongyu, Adi Kan, Zhu Yilong

Youth China in the Headlines is a microfilm, directed by Shi Jian, and Yao Wei, starring Zhou Dongyu, Kan Qingzi, Zhu Yilong, Chen Weidong, Dong Zijian, Wan Qian, Chen Xingxu, Yuan Shanshan, and Bai Jingting.


Youth China in the Headlines

English Title: Youth China in the Headlines
Chinese Title: 头条里的青春中国
Genre: Drama, Life
Duration: 7 min.
Director: Shi Jian, Yao Wei
Released Date: 2019-09-27
Boradcast Website: -



The film selects several headlines from China Youth Daily and China Youth Magazine.

With figures such as Deng Jiaxian, Yuan Longping, Zhang Haidi, and Zhang Ruimin as the basis, it showcases the glorious journey of the Chinese people's unremitting struggle over the past 70 years."


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