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Yaqisa Peng Yaqi

Peng Yaqi(Yaqisa, 彭雅琦), born on August 3, 1998, in Changsha, Hunan, is a Chinese singer and actress.

In 2016, she participated in the Mango TV talent show “Super Girl 2016”, thus making her official debut. On April 1, 2021, the drama “Hold On, My Lady” in which she starred was aired.


Basic Info

Yaqisa Peng Yaqi

Stage Name: Peng Yaqi
Birth Name: Peng Yaqi(彭雅琦)
English Name: Yaqisa
Birthday: August 3, 1998
Place of Birth: Changsha, Hunan
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Blood Type:
Fandom Name: Xiao Peng You
Weibo: Yakisa彭雅琦


  1. She is good at playing guitar.
  2. Education: she studied at Oberlin College.
  3. She can write the lyrics and compose.
  4. Gained 2130 scores on the SAT (out of 2400).
  5. She is a Bilibili bloger yakisa彭雅琦.

Television Series

  • Why Women Love(不会恋爱的我们)(Li Yan Ran)(TBA)
  • Don’t Leave After School(放学别走)(Qiao Mai)(TBA)
  • Hold On, My Lady(夫人,大可不必)(Bai Yunfeng/Lu Wan’er)(2021)

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