2023 Chinese Drama List

Don’t Leave After School – Li Tingting, Yao Chi

Don't Leave After School is a youth campus comedy directed by Huang Yuanda, starring Li Tingting, Yao Chi, Li Junting, Xu Qingya, Li Zehui, Zhang Zhang, Xiong Wenwen, Zhang Hangyu, Peng Yaqi, and Luo Ji.


Don't Leave After School

English Title: Don't Leave After School
Chinese Title: 放学别走
Genre: Youth, School, Comedy, Friendship
Tag: First Love, Nice Male Lead, High School, Student, Student-Teacher Relationship, High School to College
Episodes: 24
Duration: 32 min.
Director: Huang Yuanda
Writer: Zhong Ning, Wang Yue'er
Producer: Nei Gu, Xu Yiqing, Liang Yi
Product Company: Youku
Released Date: 2021-06-11
Broadcast Website: Viki, YoYo English Channel, youku.tv



Fang Xue the “hope of the village in the city” and Wei Lai who dropped out of key school, came to the Xiang Jiang High School.

They became friends who formed a study group to fight the college entrance exams together and cross the first hurdle of adulthood.


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