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Somewhere Only We Know – Zhang Chao, Li Tingting

Somewhere Only We Know is a youth school romantic drama directed by Liu Chang, starring Zhang Chao, Li Tingting, Chen Bohao, Sun Jialing, Li Jiuxiao, Zhang Zhang, Deng Yuli, Li Huan, Fang Wenqiang, Gong Rui.

Based on the novel of the same name by Mu Fusheng, the drama tells the story of a crush between Dr. Mu Cheng of the physics department and Xue Tong, a junior girl who is misunderstood for cheating on her exams.


Somewhere Only We Know

English Title: Somewhere Only We Know
Chinese Title: 独家记忆
Genre: Youth, Romance
Tag: Student-Teacher Relationship, Older Man/Younger Woman, Smart Male Lead, Strong Female Lead, University, Break up
Episodes: 24
Duration: 48 min.
Director: Liu Chang
Producer: Dai Ying, Zhu Zhenhua
Product Company: iQIYI, SUGERMAN
Released Date: 2019-01-14
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Netfilx



Xue Tong, a junior in the English Department at Donghu University, was thrown a slip of paper with answers on it during an exam, and Mu Chenghe, a doctoral student who was temporarily supervising the exam, thought she was cheating.

Xue Tong’s hatred for Mu Chenghe increased when she was called to make up missed lessons of the Russian elective.

After the interaction between them, Xue Tong and Mu Chenghe went from hating each other to having affection.

Xue Tong slowly found out that “Lao Mu” is a very charming and connotative person.

Since then, Xue has been slowly developing a crush on Mu Chenghe. Until Xue Tong graduated, growing up in the experience of some work and family things, more understanding of the past and future of Mu Chenghe, the crush was finished, and they came together happily.


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